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  • His Little Wolf
    His Little Wolf
    becky j
  • Taming The Wild CEO
    Taming The Wild CEO
    Agatha Rose
  • Mated to the Dragon Twins
    Mated to the Dragon Twins
  • The Lycan King
    The Lycan King
    Blair Cahill
  • Alpha of Nightmares
    Alpha of Nightmares
  • Incompatible Souls : Forced into a Contract Marriage
    Incompatible Souls : Forced into a Contract Marriage
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  • Alpha's Regret-My Luna Has A Son
    Alpha's Regret-My Luna Has A Son
  • Alpha Asher
    Alpha Asher
    Jane Doe
  • Fated To The Alpha Series
    Fated To The Alpha Series
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  • Alpha Theo
    Alpha Theo
    C.J. Primer
  • The Alpha King's Hated Slave
    The Alpha King's Hated Slave
    Kiss Leilani
  • Mark Of The Alpha King
    Mark Of The Alpha King
Best Werewolf
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  • Her Unwanted Mate On The Throne
    Her Unwanted Mate On The Throne
    I’m a prisoned omega.A slave maid.While the prince who forced himself on me claimed me as his MATE.---------Get up, quickly! Prince William is here, he asked for all of the maids to be checked!"That woke her, she scrambled out of bed and almost tripped over herself. Doris paled at the thought of facing him. "Checked? Checked for what?""Apparently he left a mark on one of the girl's neck." Beth already looked delighted from the gossip, she started shoving clothes at Doris before she paused. "What's wrong? Are you feeling alright?""Nothing's wrong!" Doris turned away to change, "I was just wondering what he could possibly want with her. She's just a maid, after all." Doris touched the mark at her neck beneath her dress. The makeup she used would surely have rubbed off by now-she needed to reapply it before she left. If he found out it was Doris he was looking for, would be able to leave the palace?
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  • Mated to the Alpha Twins
    Mated to the Alpha Twins
    Aurora St. Claire expected the worst when she was forced to move across country in the middle of her junior year. Desperate to leave her shattered home the moment she turns eighteen, her plans are disrupted by the god-like Maddox twins. Aurora doesn't understand the deep attraction she holds for the twin's, and ignores them at every turn. Thrown into a world she knows nothing about, Aurora's demons come back to haunt her, making her question who or what she truly is. Will Aurora run from the secrets of the past? Or will she accept her role and take control of her destiny.
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  • Her Forbidden Alpha
    Her Forbidden Alpha
    "This is wrong..." She whimpered pleasure consuming her. “You want me just as much as I want you, give in to your desires sweetheart and I’ll make you feel so good, that you won't ever want another man to touch you.” He whispered huskily making her core throb. That was what she was afraid of, that when he was done with her, she would be left broken… ------ Scarlett Malone was a feisty headstrong young she-wolf, blessed by the moon goddess as the first Alpha Female. Moving to a new town with her mother to start afresh, they were welcomed into a new pack and a new family. Things became complicated when she begins to feel attracted to her smart and cocky stepbrother, the future Alpha of the Blood Moon Pack. Will she be able to overcome the illicit thoughts that consume her mind and awaken a pleasure deep within her? or would she push even her own boundaries and explore the forbidden feelings that burned within her? Elijah Westwood, the most popular boy around, and one every girl wished to have a taste of. A player who didn’t believe in love, nor mates. He was twenty-one and was in no rush to find his fated one, enjoying life as he was, with no shortages of women to. What happens when he returns home only to find that he’s begun to see his step-sister in a new light? Knowing that when the mating ceremony came, she would find her mate. Will he fight against everything for her, or would he let her go?
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  • Forever in the Past and Forever in the Future
    Forever in the Past and Forever in the Future
    *The sequel to this book will be here from now on----------Daughters of the Moon Goddess-----------All the chapters you purchased here will remain here. * Kas Latmus isn't even an omega with the Silver Moon pack. She's a slave. Her Alpha has abused her for years. On her seventeenth birthday, her wolf wakes up and insists the Moon Goddess is her mother. Kas knows it can't be true but she is too weak to argue until she starts to go through an unusual transformation and display abilities that are not normal for a werewolf. Just as Kas is ready to give up on life, the ruthless Bronx Mason, an Alpha werewolf with a reputation for killing weak wolves shows up and claims her as his mate. Will Kas be able to overcome years of abuse and learn to love the menacing Alpha that is her mate or is she too far gone to be able to accept him and become the Luna her wolf believes she should be?
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  • The 5-time Rejected Gamma & the Lycan King
    The 5-time Rejected Gamma & the Lycan King
    LUCIANNE PAW SERIES BOOK ONE: The 5-time Rejected Gamma & the Lycan King BOOK TWO: The Rogues Who Went Rogue *** BOOK ONE: After being rejected by 5 mates, Gamma Lucianne pleaded with the Moon Goddess to spare her from any further mate-bonds. To her dismay, she is being bonded for the sixth time. What’s worse is that her sixth-chance mate is the most powerful creature ruling over all werewolves and Lycans - the Lycan King himself. She is certain, dead certain, that a rejection would come sooner or later, though she hopes for it to be sooner. King Alexandar was ecstatic to meet his bonded mate, and couldn’t thank their Goddess enough for gifting him someone so perfect. However, he soon realizes that this gift is reluctant to accept him, and more than willing to sever their bond. He tries to connect with her but she seems so far away. He is desperate to get intimate with her but she seems reluctant to open up to him. He tries to tell her that he is willing to commit to her for the rest of his life but she doesn’t seem to believe him. He is pleading for a chance: a chance to get to know her; a chance to show her that he’s different; and a chance to love her. But when not-so-subtle crushes, jealous suitors, self-entitled Queen-wannabes, an old flame, a silent protector and a past wedding engagement threaten to jeopardize their relationship, will Lucianne and Xandar still choose to be together? Is their love strong enough to overcome everything and everyone? Or will Lucianne resort to enduring a sixth rejection from the one person she thought she could entrust her heart with?
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  • Her Cold-Hearted Alpha
    Her Cold-Hearted Alpha
    Kiara Westwood was the 18-year-old daughter of two Alpha parents. But she was born without one of the basic abilities of a wolf. Wanting to escape from the protection and concern of her family and pack which suffocated her. She moves to the pack of the Lycan King himself. Alejandro Rossi. Fearless, ruthless and cold-hearted. Alejandro cares for nothing or no one and that’s the way he liked it. He believes his sole purpose is to contain the danger that threatens their very existence. At 34, Alejandro had not found his destined mate, nor has he taken one of choice. women was just a past time and he didn't have the heart for love nor the interest. That was until Kiara stepped into his life, like a breath of fresh air or a storm on a hot summers night. Under the blood moon, by a cruel twist of fate, they realise they are mated. Will Kiara be able to make her way into his frozen heart and revive any emotions he is capable of? Or would he destroy her completely in the process? BOOK 2 of The Alpha Series Book 1 - Her Forbidden Alpha Book 3 - Her Destined Alpha
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Love Stories
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  • Billionaire's Ex-wife is Mommy of Twins
    Billionaire's Ex-wife is Mommy of Twins
    (Under Edits) Their life was a maze. From highschool sweethearts to business rivals, their journey continued till they were tied into a marriage. Oh, contract marriage to be exact. It didn't stop there. They fell in love again, deeply, hardly and madly. But as time passed they got tangled more and more into the maze of fate and that led them to an ugly separation. But they both have something precious with them that the other doesn't know about. What will happen when they will meet again after years with extreme hate for each other? They are determined to destroy the opposite person. But the hell will break when they will see what the other person has with them. Soon they found themselves among questions, hates, jealousy, confusion and danger. They got tangled in the web of maze. Again. But this time they are determined to get out of this maze. Together. But is it really a maze created by fate or someone has the string of their fates...? ___ "Luke? I am going to wash myself. And if possible wash this whole office. Athaliah Williams had come here and polluted this whole place." Aaron said to his assistant while giving Athaliah one last hateful look, he turned around to leave. "One minute, Aaron Knight, listen to me for a moment and listen carefully. If you don't stop messing with my life from now on, I will pollute your whole life in such a way that there will be darkness everywhere. And that's a promise." Athaliah warned in a cold tone returning the hate in full force.
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    ***A Heart-breaking story of Unrequited Love*** Loving someone who doesn't love you is hard... But watching someone you love, fall in love with someone else, is harder... Serena was waiting for the moment that Liam would notice her. She was his neighbour since he'd moved into the house across from her, and she's been in love with him since he crashed his bike outside her house. What she didn't expect was that the moment Liam said the words "Hey, Neighbour", he was about to shatter her heart into pieces...
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  • Begin Again
    Begin Again
    Eden McBride spent her whole life colouring within the lines. But when her fiancé dumps her one month before their wedding, Eden is done following the rules. A hot rebound is just what the doctor recommends for her broken heart. No, not really. But it's what Eden needs. Liam Anderson, the heir to the biggest logistics company in Rock Union, is the perfect rebound guy. Dubbed the Three Months Prince by the tabloids because he's never with the same girl longer than three months, Liam's had his fair share of one night stands and doesn't expect Eden to be anything more than a hookup. When he wakes up and finds her gone along with his favourite denim shirt, Liam is irritated, but oddly intrigued. No woman has ever left his bed willingly or stole from him. Eden has done both. He needs to find her and make her account. But in a city with more than five million people, finding one person is as impossible as winning the lottery, until fate brings them together again two years later. Eden is no longer the naive girl she was when she jumped into Liam's bed; she now has a secret to protect at all costs. Liam is determined to get everything Eden stole from him, and it's not just his shirt. © 2020-2021 Val Sims. All rights reserved. No part of this novel may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the author and publishers.
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  • The Merman, My Man
    The Merman, My Man
    This is a story between a bloodthirsty merman and a kind and naive researcher. Linda, a researcher at a Japanese maritime university, found herself raped by a lewd merman in a dream. This tempted her to conduct research on this mythical creature. Together with her professor Gary, they set off to sea in search of merfolk. They successfully caught a merman, but Linda was marked as its mate…Was it a human that had caught a merman, or was it a merman who had found its prey?
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  • CEO Husband's Crazy Love For His Little Wife
    CEO Husband's Crazy Love For His Little Wife
    Forced her into a marriage, in this world, he gave her everything she wished to have, except she can't look at any other man with her beautiful gaze, she can't love anyone but him, she was his, David Xiver was obsessed with Kate, one day someone asked him "why are you heartless?" He replied, "Because I do not have my heart with me, I have already given her my heart" everyone was getting jealous. People heard he had become the international magnate who had control over three realms, business, law, underworld. "You have more than enough power, why want to obtain more? " He carried her in his arms and declared, "I want to become the king of the world to make my wife the queen of the world. I want to make the world bow in front of her." People understood he had become a wife spoiling manic. They changed their target. They turned to her, "Your husband said he is a cold-hearted person because he left his heart with you. He wanted to become the king of the world to make the world bow in front of you. What is that supposed to mean? She laughed proudly "my darling's heart is the treasure of my life, God made him for me, only for me, I'm a very selfish woman, I don't want him to be soft toward anyone but me, I hate other women wandering around my husband, and his heart loves me the most. That's why his heart is ruthless for the world. What can I do? I'm the queen. Isn't this why he became the king? " She boldly proclaimed. Everybody almost vomited blood because of her words. This husband-and-wife would torture S country's people to death. Life was never easy for David and Kate, but they found each other and became each other's soul. Insta: tsi-author-official
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  • The Accidental Wife
    The Accidental Wife
    Shayla Heart is a 27-year-old, fiercely independent young woman with aspirations of becoming an architect. After months of unsuccessful job interviews, her luck changes when she lands a job at Cult Designs--one of the worlds most prestigious architectural firms in London. A night out with her two best friends to celebrate her brand new job quickly gets out of hand when she finds herself in Las Vegas, hungover, with no memory and married to none other than Tristan Cole Hoult -- the dashingly handsome and charming stranger she meets at the club. The meaningless, wild, one-night-stand Shayla was hoping for turns out to be more than she ever bargained for. Voted one of the best and relatable love stories you will ever read. Shayla and Cole's fierce love will suck you in and grip you till the very end. You'll laugh with them...cry with them...and feel every heart flutter along the way. (The Accidental Wife: 151 Chapters & The sequel Love Me Again: 131 Chapters)
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  • Beyond Beta's Rejection
    Beyond Beta's Rejection
    Aisling Elizabeth
    Cassandra M
  • Beta's Surprise Mate
    Beta's Surprise Mate
    Cassandra M
  • Sinful Temptation
    Sinful Temptation
  • The dragons unidentified Mate
    The dragons unidentified Mate
Mafia Romance
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  • kidnapped by the mafia
    kidnapped by the mafia
    Violet Anderson, a young artist, lived in LA with her best friend, Tracy Derwin. She was living a calm life and although she studied art, she was working in a small restaurant . Vincenzo Mercanti, a 26 years old bachelor, king of the mafia in both, USA and Italy, cold hearted, merciless killer that lived a wealthy life. One night, two incidents changed both their lives, when the mafia don wanted a little brunette to be his. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Who is she?" I asked my best man, Giovanni. "I don't know. I came here with you man." He replied rolling his eyes. "I want her." I said. "What?" He turned abruptly and looked at me. "Bring her to me Gio or I'll kill you myself." I shot him a cold glare. "Okay."
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  • Arranged To The Mafia (The Mafia's Bloodlust Series)
    Arranged To The Mafia (The Mafia's Bloodlust Series)
    The Complete Series of: The Mafia's Bloodlust Series. Arranged To The Mafia Love In The Mafia Wars The Mafia's Bloodlust Games (The Final Chapter) “Our marriage is nothing but a deal” He said looking the girl in the eye, her green eyes met his silver blue ones, both of their eyes hard as they glared at each other. “Believe me love, I don’t want this marriage any more than you do, but if it will bring peace to our families, then I will sign that stupid paper” she said glaring at him. ********************* She is the daughter of the English Mafia boss, and he is the Russian Mafia boss, and the only way to guarantee a proper, safe alliance between the two families, the Brook and the Ivanov family…
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  • The Mafia Bosses Broken Queen
    The Mafia Bosses Broken Queen
    When Kaycie moved in with her cousin Brett she was trying to escape her abusive ex-boyfriend. She just wanted a fresh start from all the mental, verbal, and physical a***e that he had given her. What she didn't expect were his hot roommates. She was not looking for romance but it found her in the form of Darryn one of her new roommates. She is instantly attracted to him but with all the verbal from her ex-boyfriend, she believes that she is not good enough for him. She tries to keep her distance but Darryn makes it impossible for her. Darryn wasn't expecting much when Brett told him his cousin was moving in. He sure as hell wasn't expecting Brett's cousin to be a woman. When he saw her for the first time he knew he was in trouble. Kaycie was sexy as hell and he knew he wanted her right away. He and Brett had a reputation as bad boys but he wasn't. What he is, is the next mafia boss. He will gain the title as soon as he turns 25. He knows with her past that he has his work cut out for him to make Kaycie see that she is the woman he has been looking for. To him, she is his queen. What will happen when Kaycie's ex-boyfriend is released from jail and comes looking for her. He wants her back and wants to make her pay for putting him in jail. He believes that if he can't have her no one can. He knows no one can stop him since his father is one of the largest gang leaders on the east coast. What will happen when one of the largest gangs goes up against the biggest mafia family in the southeast?
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  • Forced By The Mafia
    Forced By The Mafia
    “ It was not Love but a game! ” ANASTASIA ADAMS, used to live her life alone, away from the filthy business of her Mafia Father; WILLIAM ADAMS. When one day he called her back home, as an unfamiliar enemy has risen to wreck them. Not conscious of the truth of Twisted Mafia world, she fell in love with the wrong person. The man who walked down the path of vengeance, BEAST. He was Vengeful, Cold, Ruthless and the worst Mafia around. His heart was void of any variety of emotions, which turned him into a monster. What will happen when he will kidnap her and show her, his real face? What will happen when she finds out, that he was the danger, she was supposed to be conscious of? What will happen when she becomes his favourite prey? ~He leaned down, till their noses touched and whispered, “Did you think it was love?” He laughed looking away and licked his lips up, while his gaze travelled from her eyes, that had been glaring at him hatefully, to her lips, that looked as delicious and eye-catching as ever. “No, Angel!” He leaned closer and she ought to feel his hot breath hitting her face. She clenched her eyes closed and thrashed again, to get out of the chains keeping her down, which proved to be of no use. He leaned nearer and their lips slightly touched, sending the acquainted tingles down her spine. His gaze was fixed at her plump lips when he whispered, “It is Just a Game!”
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  • The Agreement
    The Agreement
    .... ✧⋄⋆⋅⋆⋄✧⋄⋆⋅⋆⋄✧⋄⋆⋅⋆⋄✧⋄⋆⋅⋆⋄✧ 𝕴𝖋 𝖞𝖔𝖚 𝖎𝖓𝖋𝖑𝖎𝖈𝖙 𝖕𝖆𝖎𝖓 𝖔𝖓 𝖒𝖊, 𝕴 𝖜𝖎𝖑𝖑 𝖒𝖆𝖐𝖊 𝖘𝖚𝖗𝖊 𝖞𝖔𝖚 𝖌𝖔 𝖙𝖍𝖗𝖔𝖚𝖌𝖍 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝖘𝖆𝖒𝖊... ✧⋄⋆⋅⋆⋄✧⋄⋆⋅⋆⋄✧⋄⋆⋅⋆⋄✧⋄⋆⋅⋆⋄✧ 17 year old Valentina Smith a girl full of life. She had it all a normal girl could ask for. Good parents, good grades, friends that had her back, and a loving big brother. But one mistake of her brother leads to her walking down the aisle as the bride of the heartless Italian mafia Capo Alessandro Romano. Alessandro has been void of feelings for the past 2 decades while Valentina expresses herself. What happens when these two collide? Join the journey of Valentina as she is thrust into a new life of mafia, blood shed and illegal activities. In between all the chaos she tries to win over her heartless husband. She learns that no one could be trusted around her, maybe not even the man she has gotten used to call her husband. Will she be able to keep up the fight as she faces betrayal, pain and family secrets? Can she give up after all she is bind to him by '𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗔𝗴𝗿𝗲𝗲𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁'.
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    PART1&2 OF LOLA AND NIKO'S STORY. . . .Wives are for children and whores are for fucking. Learn to be both and you'll do just fine. . . ~Page 2 of the mafia rules as written by Eva Camilla Salvatore, wife of the previous capo dei capo of la Italian famiglia~ Lola is not your normal average teenage girl. She has always known that her family is part of the Mafia. A few days after her eighteenth birthday, she comes back from school and hear the most shocking news that leaves her frightened to the bone. She had been promised to the most ruthless man in the New York Family, the underboss and soon to be Boss, Dominicko Salvatore. And he is coming to collect what is His.
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Forever Young
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  • My stepbrother
    My stepbrother
    Maija's mother has married the perfect man, now she has the family she has always wanted, except for one problem. She has the hots for her new stepbrother.
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  • Dangerously His
    Dangerously His
    "And the sweet little angel couldn't keep her eyes off the devil."Sophia Watson is a normal teenager, who has a good relationship with her parents. She just moved to a new town and on the first day of school she runs into Axel Jarvis, an unlikable character, with whom she gets off on the wrong foot straight from the beginning.Axel also doesn't like Sophie. He lives a simple life in which there are many girls, but no commitments. He likes it that way, especially because he has a secret he can't have anyone knowing about. Things work great, until suddenly they can't stay away from each other.brokenheartedgirl69: i literally got tingles in my bellyRecklessDemon: ily 4 starting this bookreilly_styles: OMG this is so amazing and I love it so much please please please write more
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  • Secret Obsession
    Secret Obsession
    "It was a mistake! I apologized already," feeling so terrified as I moved backward."You should have known me better than this, little sparrow," He chuckled deeply, his gaze fixed on me."Lucas please!" I cried, now stopped by the wall as my heart beats faintly."Don't worry it's just a little game, you and I will play, you'll love it, little sparrow," He smirked.I knew this was a trick, Ben lied when he said he wouldn't hurt me and I stupidly fell into the trap.Now, I was alone with him and in his room.I think this is the time for me to announce my funeral..."Strip!" His cold voice snapped me out,as he stared at me with a deadpan expression while I gazed at him in ultra shock.******************Camilla Evans is a gentle nerd in her finals at Watermark Highschool. As a nerd, the stereotypical notion of her wearing thick rimmed glasses, out-of-vogue clothes and shoes which were eighty percent of the time, twice her size still stands. Having been at the bottom of the food chain in Watermark Highschool, Camilla was liable to predators and the most annoying one of them all went by the name, Lucas Liam.Camilla had no idea why the hottest guy in school would even spare her a glance not to mention actually spending the whole day bullying and teasing her to no end.Could there be something else to these false acts of bully and teases from Lucas?Find out what happens when the Cheerleader, Jenny Layton put Camilla's life at stake?Will she be able to handle all the torments she's passing through especially when her mum died and her sister left her behind?CONTAINS EXPLICIT CHAPTERS!!!
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  • Badboy  Asher
    Badboy Asher
    Lily Collins is what you could consider as a girl with a purpose. By purpose, I mean to avoid trouble and to stay away from a certain blue eyed boy, with the means to torment her. A boy she can't help have undying feelings for...Asher Grey has everything, girls,money, people kissing at his feet so what more could he ask for? Other than the girl he finds pleasure in bullying, a girl he's in love with. At some point he won't be able to hold in his feelings any longer, it'll start to peek out.______________________________"You look like you just got banged!" He teased as he glanced at my state."What, no I don't?" I said, well more like asked uncertainly as I passed my hand through my unruly hair. I felt the disheveled strands as my finger tugged at some knots.Niall chuckled "Your hair is a mess and your shirt is inside out." He pointed out. My hand automatically went to my shirt as I tugged it and looked around at the prying eyes of the other students."Oh shit!" I muttered once I realized that indeed it was inside out. Gosh this is embarrassing. I pulled down my skirt suddenly feeling self conscious and pulled my shirt higher as I saw a little bit of my boobs peeking out."You also have a lot of love bites." He pointed out again louder than needed, making me give him a lethal look. If looks could kill he would have been dead right now. Maybe I can arrange that."Shut up don't point it out!" I hissed. I'm gonna kill Asher.
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  • Bullied By The Badboy
    Bullied By The Badboy
    Tessa is the picture perfect student with good grades, flawless attendance and a charming smile. With one year left to graduate high school and a bucket list imposed by her best friend, her goal is pretty much the same with an extra addition—tick off every item on the cursed bucket list. But trouble comes knocking in the form of blue eyes, muscled body and an ego the size of her head. What happens when the school's badboy, Benjamin notices her in a boxing ring?
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  • Private Lessons
    Private Lessons
    Riley Adams, is a regular High school teenage girl who is constantly made fun of by guys for being a nerd or for the way she dresses in baggy clothes but she pays them no mind and tries her best to be invisible. All she needs right now is money so she decides to do the one thing she is good at.Teaching! She puts up an ad in the school newspaper for tutoring, hoping to earn some extra bucks besides her part time job at the library. Tristan Harris, is the exact opposite of her, captain of the football team and literally the hottest guy in the entire school. Well, basically he is kinda like the so called 'Popular guy' that we all have seen in the teen movies.What happens when Riley and Tristan's path cross each other unexpectedly?Oh and did I mention? They despise each other so much that neither can stand each other's presence in the same room.
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New Arrivals
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  • My CEO, My Temptation
    My CEO, My Temptation
    Cassandra Davy
  • Love Beyond The Past
    Love Beyond The Past
    Priyanka Reddy
  • Ours To Love
    Ours To Love
    Mariah Sheen
  • The Baron's Cold Proposal
    The Baron's Cold Proposal
  • The Perfect Lie
    The Perfect Lie
  • The Billionaire Playboy (The Hudson Brothers Series 2)
    The Billionaire Playboy (The Hudson Brothers Series 2)
    Olivia Saxton
Fantasy World
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  • His Caged Princess
    His Caged Princess
    Princess Layana's birth was a mystery and her heritage a secret. Despite the luxurious life of a royal, she simply wished for a life away from the cage-like palace.Declan of House Storm was the sole survivor of a massacred clan, an event that gave birth to the darkness within him. Fuelled by hate, rage and betrayal he wants nothing but to get revenge on the royals that slaughtered his family. What will happen when the shielded princess with a heart as pure as the first ray of dawn meets the heir whose soul is shrouded in a blanket of darkness. Will he set her free from her shackles? Will she be able to lead him to the light before it’s too late? When the first whispers of darkness spread from the borders, they are brought together to protect the kingdom.Beware the prophecy decreed a long time passed for it may hold their world in its balance.--------“It seems Lord Declan holds more ignorance than he is aware, we are women with emotions, wishes and hopes that we put behind us for the betterment of the kingdom,” Layana said her eyes flashing“Do enlighten me, what exactly can the precious jewels of the kingdom do for its people?” Declan mocked arrogantly“Jewels? You compare us to items devoid of emotions, but yes, like jewels, we will be given away to the highest bidder. So before assuming princesses are simply there to play dress up and have tea parties, remember our lives are not simply fun and games!” (Currently being edited)
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  • Hunters: The Prequel
    Hunters: The Prequel
    "My heritage is a strange one, my destiny even stranger. My journey is not for the faint hearted, and even my friends cannot truly be trusted. Yet I will come out on top, for I am the Supreme"Our story starts on the planet of Zandor, as a young boy realizes that his path isn't as simple as it seems. Follow Mane as he strives to understand what it means to be a Supreme, and uncover the reason why so many gods want him dead.
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  • Called by the Dragon
    Called by the Dragon
    The Empire rules on the wings of dragons. Riders are hand-selected for training from childhood, and Anzi is one of the rare few who wait to hatch theirs this year. Until she discovers the terrible truth that the dragon riders are not partners with their dragons: they're slavers. The dragons are bred in captivity and enslaved from within the egg, and they are nothing but mindless shadows of what their once-noble species used to be. After two hundred years, the surviving dragons in the wild are coming back to rescue their brethren. How they survived the Purge, no one knows, but they are angry and they are coming, in fire and in storm. And as she struggles to come to terms with the realization that the nation she loves so much that she would give her life for it may be nothing more than propaganda and illusion, she discovers something else: The dragons who survived the Purge are shifters, able to hide in human form. And Anzi has met one of them already. Her mate.
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  • The Last Thunder
    The Last Thunder
    There is other life beyond earth. Jai was pushed into the river by his ex-girlfriend's boyfriend and thought that it was the time of his death. Miraculously, Jai survived, but he woke up in strange world with twin moons. At night, a spirit popped up in Jai’s dream and told him to kill White Dragon who was murdering people in the past. Not only that, Jai suddenly received the ability to control thunder. When Miria, the beauty girl from Letush who let him stayed in her house, suddenly became ill, Jai joined a tournament in Aeronvein Kingdom to win her cure. Can he win the tournament and get the medicine for her? How can Jai survive in his new world afterwards?
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  • Kingsman Return
    Kingsman Return
    Bearing the destruction of their home, Arran and his parents were exiled to a foreign land. As a newborn, Arran grew up living a life filled with strife and danger before experiencing a short 3 years of normal life filled with peace after the disappearance of his parents. Unfortunately, peace was never meant for him as a series of unreal circumstances leads to him returning to his homeland and finding out that the life he knew was not all that he thought it to be. This discovery leads him to even more danger as he is forced to uncover the truth of an ancient conspiracy and the cause of his exile and the disappearance of his parents.
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  • Demon's Evolution
    Demon's Evolution
    A new world with nearly unlimited possibilities. A system, classes, magic, skills and monsters. Sounds exciting? But for Jin it didn't go quite as he expected nor was there a princess or a Goddess to welcome him to this new world, his only hope was the system he received. Left alone in the darkness of the Great Dungeon will Jin survive or perish?
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Vampire Diaries
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  • The Luna's Sacrifice
    The Luna's Sacrifice
    Estelle grew up being surrounded by werewolves. The Alpha and the future Alpha always considered her as being one of the wolf despite not being part of the pack. She was a human. However, her reflexes were much faster than any human's, as well as her senses. Sometimes, she is considered as a wolf because her resistance was equal to some of them. Werewolves have mates, the women who are capable of taming those beast. It is assured that when a wolf turn sixteen, they can percieved the essence of their mate and there were no exception to the rule. Estelle didn't know if it was her idea or her hallucination but ever since she was a child, she already know who her mate is. The problem? He's a and she's a human. That would be impossible. The other problem? That guy is her best friend. The biggest problem? He already swore to know his mate and it is not Estelle.
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  • Vampire Ruler's strong Bride
    Vampire Ruler's strong Bride
    He is charming , powerful , a prince and above all a vampire . She is a strong and naive girl. His charm is indifferent in her eyes. Her indifference breaks into his cold character and catches his interest . She is independent yet he wants to turn her into his pretty doll .Everything remains quiet at the beginning but many secrets from the past will emerge and Kiara's life will change dramatically . She'll have to face a lot of dangers and while solving the mysteries of her origin . The result of these changes will lead her towards a path with a lot of questions about the unknown .An ancient ceremony took place in the royal palace, in Sky's honor where he would be selected as the next Vampire leader and chose his fiancée between the three most powerful clans . This was a secret meeting that was known only by the leaders and close friends . The ceremony seemed to be going well but an accident occurred. The ceiling broke and Kiara fell into the magic circle of bloody moonlight power and was chosen as the fiancée of prince Eskylrious . She desperately tried to leave but there was no way to escape the claws of the crown prince of the Vampires . At the beginning she thought that as long as she could break this magical connection that bounded them , she would regain her freedom but after the magic was broken , the prince wouldn't let go of her .A bride who is hard to temper and a prince who is hard to deal with . How will they live together , as a married couple ? A story five hundred years old between the most powerful clans , a love that was supposed to have withered is transmitted to the heirs . Full of passion mixed with comedy and heir's love .
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  • Trapped Between Two Alphas
    Trapped Between Two Alphas
    "What's that?" I whispered to myself as I felt something moved very fast behind me. It was very dark at night and a dim-lighted lamp was the only source of light I had to see my way home! "Oh my God!! What could that be?" I whispered to myself again as it moved again, this time, I felt it getting closer to me. Suddenly, I heard a soft whisper close to my left ear "she's back and will spare no one". I became more terrified and decided to run. As I was running, I felt that something was running after me, something I couldn't see. Suddenly, my foot hit a stone on the ground and I fell down with a loud thud, shattering the only source of light I had to pieces! And as I was trying slowly to get back to my feet, I was startled by what I perceived in my nostrils. It was as if what was chasing me was right before my face but yet, I couldn't see it, I could only perceive the smell of warm human blood!
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  • Married To The Alpha Werewolf
    Married To The Alpha Werewolf
    Time to say your vows. For better or for worst, and in sickness and in health until death rip us apart. Not because it is your wedding day means that you have to be happy, not when you are being forced to marry a man you don't know.
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  • Mystic Wolf
    Mystic Wolf
    I Drew Kizmet, Future Alpha of the Crescent Blood Peak Pack here-by reject you Jewel Stuart as my Mate and future Luna of this pack... (He smirked and looked down and me).... I stared directly into his eyes and said.... "I Jewel Stuart of the Crescent Blood Peak Pack here-by accept your rejection... Am I free to go now Drew? I'll be late for Chemistry".... I turn and head to class and I can feel his eyes as well as other students eyes on me as I make my way through the halls and into class... **Jade I know you took the blow of the rejection for me are you okay?...** Yes Jewel I'm fine, just need to rest for a bit..** Okay, thank you for doing that, take your time and rest, I'll check in on you later..**...okay! Later!Jewel was a warrior, the first daughter of Laura and Jaxon Stuart who where 20th generation warriors in their pack. Jewel naturally grew up tough and rough as a fighter which made her a bit of a tom boy but her family loved her and she them.Drew Kizmet the first son and next in line for the Alpha Title of Crescent Blood Peak Pack, His parents Alpha Dustin and Luna Kristen Kizmet are just, fair and strong leaders who intend to pass down their titles once their son finds his mate and go traveling, do things they where unable to do during the years.Lets find out how things play out for Jewel and for Drew.
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  • The Alpha's Surprised Mate (Book #1 of Silver Moon Series)
    The Alpha's Surprised Mate (Book #1 of Silver Moon Series)
    Mykayla believed she was a normal human even if she lived in a world with supernatural beings. After moving to a new state and city for a fresh start with her younger sister she is into the supernatural world even more than before. After her new boss turns out to be her mate she finds she is the target of a revenge plot. However, what she doesn't know is that a much higher power is going to help her pack protect their luna. Soon family secrets are revealed and she finds out that she and her sister are the daughters of a god. Soon the pack has goddesses assisting to protect and the beta of the pack happens to be the mate of one of the goddesses. New allies join the pack and even more secrets and powers are revealed. While this alpha thought that he found his mate in an ordinary human woman, never did he in his wildest dreams know what surprises his mate had for him.
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  • Her Bidder (Savior or Villain) Book-I
    Her Bidder (Savior or Villain) Book-I
    A girl named "Swara" spending her life, by doing a job in one cafe in the city of "London." She was happy in her small world created by herself. However, her life changed when she got kidnapped one day while returning from her job at night. Later, when she opened her eyes, she found herself tied with a pole. And in front of her were standing the people, who were having the sight of vultures. "No...," she murmured in fear.
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  • Remember to forget you
    Remember to forget you
    Twelve years ago, Alita's parents got involved with the most powerful mafia don in Italy and got executed on a Christmas eve. She and her one day old brother were left to escape by the killer's son, whose blue eyes and dove tattoo seems to haunt Alita when ever she tries to sleep. Another killing took place and she happen to be the only witness. Not just that, the second killer eventually turns out to be the killer of her parents. Unfortunately, she had fallen in love him! If you happen to be in Alita's shoes, will you let love blind the urge or avenge your parents death?
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  • The gang leader and I
    The gang leader and I
    " I can be your angel saving you from nightmares and I can also be the monster under your bed, clawing at you when you sleep", Leo whispered drawing her closer to him. " I am ruthless, don't try to change me", he smiled gripping her neck. "You are a monster", Elizabeth spat to which he laughed. Elizabeth, a nineteen years old orphan found herself in the street of America after escaping from the orphanage. Stealing and pickpocketing has been her means of survival. She found herself in the most dangerous situation when she stole an important item from the most powerful American mobster. Will he take interest in her or will she become one of his pawns?
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    Luciano Knight'Analise James'. A woman who owns my heart. She is not my only love but also light in my dark world. She is special and beautiful. When I first saw her in my club working as a waitress, I was mesmerized by her beauty. For once in my life I felt my heart was alive.I watched her everyday stopping myself from claiming her because she is too pure for my dark world. But one day when I saw someone trying to rape her.I lost it and claimed my beautiful angel. Now she is only mine to love and to possess...................................He gave her everything but stole her freedom and broke her soul.
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  • His Doll
    His Doll
    I am standing in front of the mirror only on my red skirt and blouse.He is wearing me a red saree.Tears are flowing from my eyes like nigra falls.After wearing me the saree,he sat me down in front of the mirror and started wearing me jewellery. He applied red lipstick on my lips and said seductively, "you look very fuckable in red colour."I replied crying, "please.Let me see my brother.He is very sick.Let me go to the hospital for once".Hearing me, he slapped very hard on my face and fisted my hair tightly.He said anger dripping from his voice,"you dare to talk back.Did you just forget your place in front of me.Tell me who you are?Tell me whom you belong? I hissed in pain and replied," I am your doll. I only belong to you. I am only yours" . . . Devika, A 20-year-old college-going girl was married to the mafia leader Abhinav. After her marriage, her husband started torturing her for some reason which she doesn't know. Will she ever come to know why she is being tortured?Join Abhinav and Devika's, bittersweet love journey and be a part of their journey.. . . Warning- Disturbing scene ahead like violence, rape and mental abuse. Read at your own risk. It's a work of fiction. So, kindly take it as fiction. English isn't my first language so apologizing in advance for grammatical errors.
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  • Animal Instinct
    Animal Instinct
    On the day of her wedding, Ariana Montenero found her husband sleeping with another woman in their newlywed bedroom. When she ran out of the room in a daze, she was caught by a mysterious man and had a gun held to her head. Before she could grasp what was happening to her, a group of gunmen ambushed her wedding and started shooting everyone on the scene. The last thing she saw before she was taken by her kidnapper was her husband turning away to save himself. Follow Ariana's journey of survival as her story unravels from past to present in my first Thriller/Suspense/Romance - Animal Instinct.
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  • Alpha Sebestian (REJECT ME)
    Alpha Sebestian (REJECT ME)
    "Don't tell me you don't want this Sebestian. How can you deny our bond?" Allen said. "We both know we are meant to be together. You can't fight it forever. We both know that we are mate...." "No, don't say it, it's not possible"Sebestian said with a wince. "You know we can't be together and I don't want this Allen. I don't want you". "I am rejecting you Allen...... Goodbye''.
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  • Stutter Boy
    Stutter Boy
    Michael Nate Clark has always been identified as the stutter boy. His previous three years of high school was a disaster where he was constantly bullied and made fun of for his stutter.Now Nate is about to have a fresh start as he got admission into a highly reputed boarding school in Texas with scholarship. He has some hope that people in this new school would leave him alone and he can finally have a prosperous school life. But he is proved wrong as he happens to stare at Ethan Vance, a guy from his Calculus class, who looks alike his late brother Alex. Ethan turns out to be a bully and starts bullying Nate along with the rest of the jocks. But does Ethan really like to bully Nate or is he doing it to keep his place in the popular crowd ? What happens when Ethan and Nate has to share a dorm room. When will the bullying stop ? Will it ever? Or will Nate learn some shocking truths regarding his birth?Follow Ethan and Nate as they explore feelings they never thought they would get to experience and maybe even more than that.
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  • Perfectly Matched
    Perfectly Matched
    Prince Sebastian, the heir to the throne has always been destined for an arranged marriage. Edward never expected that he would be the other half of the arranged marriage. The prince is happy with the match, but Edward is not. Soon enough he finds his lack of feelings for the prince is the least of his problems when the consequences of entering the royal family become clear. It seems like they will never have a perfect marriage.
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  • My Dad's Friend
    My Dad's Friend
    I stared, I gulped, my heart skipped a beat, my stomach twisted and I can feel the butterflies, a linger and a cold chill ran and travelled through my vein, flowing through my blood like lava. The man before me was heavenly, I could barely look away. From the way his dark grey orbs stared back at me to the way his jet black hair fell spikingly on his shoulder, my whole body shuddered uncontrollably from the sensation growing in my system. My eyes trailed up to his sharp jawline, his straight pointed nose, his tick, long eyebrows and eyelashes to his sinful, tempting, luscious lips. Consciously, I ran a tongue over my lips but the sound of my dad clearing his throat pulled me out from my trace as a slightly jerked, feeling electrified. "Tristan, I went you to meet my friend, Dr Sean" My dad introduced the sexy, demigod man with that sinful body of his. I quivered again. "Sean, meet my son Tristan" Dad introduced me but my eyes remained cemented on him and I could swore I saw a spark in those dark orbs but it was gone as soon as it came, making me doubt if I really saw it. I watched him run his tongue over his reddish, luring lips while his ran down my body, making my inside burn with a sudden fire I had never felt before...and then, he spoke.... "Nice to meet you kitten" And from that moment no, I knew it was over for my heart. From that moment I knew I was in love with MY FATHER'S FRIEND!
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  • Loving Ms. Winters
    Loving Ms. Winters
    WARNING CONTAINS SEXUAL CONTENT AND TRIGGERING SITUATIONS INCLUDING ABUSE, SUICIDE, AND RAPE ********************************** Blair Collins is a senior in high school with a long history of causing trouble. She is quite frankly over high school and just looking to have a fun time for her last year when an unexpected change happens at her school, a new and extremely attractive statistics teacher. Ms. Winters graduated at only sixteen and started teaching this year at the age of only twenty-two. Blair instantly takes a liking to her and accidentally wanders into her lawn drunk after a party one night. When both Blair and Ms. Winters start to develop a liking for one another will boundaries be crossed or will forbidden love prevail? It would seem that depends heavily on who finds out and how long their relationship can be kept secret. *********************************** She rolled her eyes turning me on even further "I think we both know this was bound to happen either way." "How do you figure?" I questioned slowly taking another sip of my drink She smiled confidently "Well Alice, I'd say there's been sexual tension between us from the moment I walked in for my first day of statistics, wouldn't you agree?" She was right "No." ********************************** Written By Morgan Giglio Cover designed by latteai on Fiverr
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  • The Alpha's Secret Boyfriend
    The Alpha's Secret Boyfriend
    Melanthios Souvlakis is the runt of his pack. Though he was born a wolf, he transformed into a human when he was a year old and had been unable to shift back even though he is seventeen years old and should be able to. His parents died in a battle between packs when he was only a child and ever since then, he has been living with relatives who don't treat him like family. At school, he is often the butt of jokes and the target of bullies. Just as he's about to be killed by a pack of hyenas one afternoon, Alex Townsend, a future alpha from a rival pack and the most popular boy in school, saves him and takes care of him. Alex Townsend is handsome, wealthy, powerful, and popular. He is the Big Man on Campus, and all the girls at school--even some of the guys--want him. But Alex is waiting for his True Mate. The Council of his pack wants him to marry Serenity Makepeace, the sister of the Alpha of one of the biggest packs in the state for political advantage, but Alex insists on finding love. His father, the pack's Alpha, allows it for now, provided he will approve of Alex's choice. But Alex has his eye on Theo Souvlakis, an omega from a rival pack. Alex has never been attracted to other males before, but something deep within him tells him Theo is his mate. Theo feels safe and secure with Alex, but he knows he would never go for a bottom feeder like him. He doesn't even know if Alex likes boys. Theo looks forward to turning eighteen, so he can finally find his mate and perhaps a place in the world. If he can survive that long...
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Science Fiction
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  • Max Thorne: Rise Of A Vampire-Cyborg In A Cultivation World
    Max Thorne: Rise Of A Vampire-Cyborg In A Cultivation World
    Earth in the year 30134 AD was nearing the brink of a total collapse because of the rapid depletion of minerals and metals that could be found at it core.Humans who were exceedingly frantic on how to stop this from happening, became terribly shocked when a rare mineral dropped out of a massive wormhole that unexpectedly appeared somewhere on Earth, simply signifying that another universe which they never knew about existed.Then very quickly, humans started mobilizing themselves to enter a simulated portal that would lead them to that parallel universe where the mineral fell out from.But in the end, only a boy called Max, a half-human and half-vampire hybrid was selected to go, mainly because of his astonishing, exceptional capabilities which were; countless numbers of Kron Particles endlessly supplying him with immense amounts of a catastrophic energy, a powerful reactive physiology that would enable him to easily adapt to the conditions of almost any world, then Vlessaract energy that continuously modified his body's make-up, giving him near-infinite, vast superhuman powers. Then armed with highly-destructive futuristic weapons, and equipped with high-speed bikes, vehicles and jets to cross really massive distances very quickly, Max will try to subdue every opposition that he will come across in this unprecedented world.But, would he be able to really accomplish his mission there in time? Since he was sent to a boundlessly vast world that possessed shocking numbers of mighty, ancient beings who were seen by their people as godly phenomenal entities that could unleash fearsome, seemingly magical powers that were totally capable of reducing entire massive islands, continents and even small, minor worlds to dusts.So, accompany Max as he tries to overcome all odds and obstacles that lay in his path to take astronomical quantities of that mineral back to Earth before it could implode.
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  • One In A Million
    One In A Million
    In the year 2020, the world faced Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2, and took several years to slowly recover from its immense effect. Thirty years after, another virus rose and affected the world's population in just a few weeks. The health workers couldn't determine what exactly the virus is, its type, and the way it is being passed from person to person despite the advanced and improved technology. Because of this and the sudden virus outbreak, the World Health Organization assigned Richforte Medical Team for a research mission for the virus and find a cure for it as soon as possible. Would they be able to accomplish this mission if, in the next few hours, the world would have what they called Zombie Apocalypse?
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  • The Liberal Assassin
    The Liberal Assassin
    Many galaxies away on a frigid planet called Spxtro, humans are nearly extinct. It is up to the survivors of The Great Combustion to build a new society. 800 years later, under the rule of a corrupt Parliament, humanity is once again divided. The rich lived in the Inner City while the poor lived in the Slums where supplies were scarce. Out of curiosity and mischief, Titus sneaks out of the Academy and the Inner City to visit the Slums. There he met a former hitman who taught him the way of the Slums. When Mia Elliot's body turned up in the wastelands near the Slums, Titus vows to find and punish the ones responsible for her gruesome death. Some digging revealed the Parliament's involvement and human experimentation. Can Titus bring down the corrupted Parliament and free Luna from the system? Full Book Available on Amazon, weekly updates.
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  • Submerged Land
    Submerged Land
    Year XX26 when a plane had gone missing. No one has heard from it since then. Search parties were called off and passengers were declared dead. People tried calling out to them through their phones. They hear it ring but no one answers. Nathalia Trayce's father was on that plane and she's determined to find out where or what exactly happened to him; by going to the place that her father was suppose to go. Hoping to find more clues, she boarded a plane passing through the Pacific Ocean when an unexpected thing happened; their plane crashed and they suddenly found themselves in an underwater land. The Atlantis, where they found out that they were responsible for the missing planes in order to save them from the government. At least, those who posses Atlantean genes - a superior gene that help improve their physical and mental abilities. But why can Nathalie hear the thoughts of sea creatures - an ability that is suppose to be for Byron, who's the said reincarnated demigod? Trained by an Atlantean general named Skyr, and learning that her ex-bestfriend, Trei, was actually one of the Atlantean rebels. Nathalia had to choose which side to take. Or in her case, who to believe.
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    This is the age of exotics and technology. Due to the discovery of the wonder mineral resource referred to as exotics, humanity was plunged into an era of war. A vicious circle of killing each other for this rare resource began as technology improved tremendously due to it. Your neighbor country of yesterday is now your rival for exotics. This led to the great battle of supremacy as the world became submerged in war heralding the 3rd world war. After the great battle, the world changed tremendously as the big 5 organizations came to power. The Mercenary Alliance, The Apocalypse Military Organization, The Sea Farers Alliance, Araga, and Oakland came into power as the tyrants of this era. Clark Pendragon was born into this cruel era where the ones with the biggest fist speak. After his parent's death, he enrolled in a cadet training course, where he graduated to become an exceptional Spartan soldier; the best in his batch. With the help of his country Sparta, his wife Sonia, and a lot of other factors Clark gradually fought his way to the peak of power as an elite grade soldier. Join me as we witness Clark's legendary and meteoric rise to power, and how he'll conspire against and overthrow the rule of the big 5 to stabilize the world again.
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  • Star Dust
    Star Dust
    Kristen Lambert has always been different from everyone else in the way she thought. She had long accepted that until she met him a High school teacher who was like her. He had some of the answers she needed. Gregor Bridger knew exactly what he was. He knew what she was as well the first time he saw her. While forging a friendship together they find even more about themselves out. A new life with a friend who after a long time becomes a lover and the love of each others lives they build a new future. One that it took over a hundred thousand years to make.
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