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  • Forever in the Past and Forever in the Future
    Forever in the Past and Forever in the Future
    Neener Beener
  • The Red Wolf's Mate
    The Red Wolf's Mate
  • Sinful Mates
    Sinful Mates
  • The Alpha's Slave Mate
    The Alpha's Slave Mate
    Danielle Bush
  • Begin Again
    Begin Again
    Val Sims
  • Alpha Gray
    Alpha Gray
    C.J. Primer
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  • Mated to the Alpha Twins
    Mated to the Alpha Twins
    Jane Doe
  • Alpha Asher
    Alpha Asher
    Jane Doe
  • Fated To The Alpha
    Fated To The Alpha
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  • The Princes of Ravenwood
    The Princes of Ravenwood
  • Chosen By The Dragon Kings
    Chosen By The Dragon Kings
  • I Kissed A CEO And He Liked It!
    I Kissed A CEO And He Liked It!
Love Stories
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  • Babysitting His Baby
    Babysitting His Baby
    The story of a young woman named Melissa Brooks who has been through enough problems in her life to last her a lifetime. She applies for a job as a personal assistant but she was offered a job as nanny to the billionaire’s daughter instead. Javier Edwards was in desperate need of a nanny for his nine month old daughter, Lucy who has proven to be a handful. Fortunately for him Melissa happened to be there when his daughter was throwing one of her tantrums and she was able to calm her down when nobody else was able to. He made her an offer he knew she wouldn’t be able to refuse.What happens when they start having uncontrollable desires and feelings for each other? Will Javier be able to look past all her flaws and past?Trigger Warning: This story contains abuse.
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  • My Best Friend's Father
    My Best Friend's Father
    ++18 This one is scandalous Would you risk it all for pleasure? Brandi and Gio were never meant to happen and should not have happened, but....one fateful night, an unexpected encounter, they both experienced fire they had never felt before, and for them, there was no turning back. His daughter's best friend to the woman in his bed. Giovanni will have a hard time accepting Brandi is no longer the little girl he once knew.
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  • Black Card
    Black Card
    "Please... Please sir I'm begging you, I didn't steal the card. Please believe me" Belle begged hopelessly, fat tears streaming down her already messy face. "You will have time to reflect your action in prison...fraud!" the manager glared and exclaimed. Belle was an orphan for a young age but she kept on struggling because she has a dream, a dream of becoming a great doctor. A dream she weaved together with her late parents. Several times she had been hungry due to lack of money, she is living in a dilapidated building but never did she thought of stealing, especially the Black Card of the famous and cold CEO.
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  • Incompatible Souls : Forced into a Contract Marriage
    Incompatible Souls : Forced into a Contract Marriage
    The dominant, ruthless billionaire and a bold yet innocent girl, the opposite poles, are forced into a contract marriage of 1 year. There is only one mutual feeling between them i.e HATRED.What happens when these incompatible souls have to pretend to the outer world that they deeply love each other? Whether the love bloom or the hatred will take its toll? Whether they will realize that they are made for each other or just walk away after the contract ends? That's for you to find out :-) ---------Blurb----------"If you want me to stay away from other men then you also have to stay away from other girls" the girl declares trying to set herself free from his iron grip. "Ok" she was a little taken aback by his agreement "But" the side of his lip twitched a bit "you have to fulfill all the duties of a wife" She gasps which catch his attention. The hand that was holding her neck moves up and his thumb starts stroking her lips, gently. "BE MINE" he avowed "Completely and dutifully" His words held power and firmness which tremble the girl lying under him, under his mercy. "Every night I want someone to f**k. If not other women then for the coming year, it is going to be you" there was no tint of humor in his voice "Shall we start from tonight? Wifey!" ----------------------------(Story features Mature) Previously known as 'Incompatible Souls: Made for each other'
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  • Mr. CEO's Mistress
    Mr. CEO's Mistress
    'She was the one, He needed at night.'“ What we have between us, is just business. Your body in exchange of my money. ” He sneered while hovering above me, our lips only inches apart but I knew he wouldn't let me touch him. Slowly, I nodded my head in a painful yet hateful trance, “ Right. My body. Your money. ” ______Damien Knight Castillo,The Cold-Hearted, Powerful, Ruthless, Mysterious and Dangerously Handsome CEO of Castillo Corporation started craving only one thing in his life and that was Alice Anderson's body after she sold herself to him for only one night in a secret Auction. The problem was that, he was already married to his beloved wife, Madison Knight Castillo. But an option of a mistress is always open, right?
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  • Billionaire's Ex-wife is Mommy of Twins
    Billionaire's Ex-wife is Mommy of Twins
    (Under Edits) Their life was a maze. From highschool sweethearts to business rivals, their journey continued till they were tied into a marriage. Oh, contract marriage to be exact. It didn't stop there. They fell in love again, deeply, hardly and madly. But as time passed they got tangled more and more into the maze of fate and that led them to an ugly separation. But they both have something precious with them that the other doesn't know about. What will happen when they will meet again after years with extreme hate for each other? They are determined to destroy the opposite person. But the hell will break when they will see what the other person has with them. Soon they found themselves among questions, hates, jealousy, confusion and danger. They got tangled in the web of maze. Again. But this time they are determined to get out of this maze. Together. But is it really a maze created by fate or someone has the string of their fates...? ___ "Luke? I am going to wash myself. And if possible wash this whole office. Athaliah Williams had come here and polluted this whole place." Aaron said to his assistant while giving Athaliah one last hateful look, he turned around to leave. "One minute, Aaron Knight, listen to me for a moment and listen carefully. If you don't stop messing with my life from now on, I will pollute your whole life in such a way that there will be darkness everywhere. And that's a promise." Athaliah warned in a cold tone returning the hate in full force.
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Best Werewolf
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  • The Alpha and the Mistake
    The Alpha and the Mistake
    17-year-old Brook Grigsby's life was never the same after her father died. When her mother remarried, she thought the worst was over, but it was only beginning. Her stepdad is a werewolf, and among his people, she's known as 'Missy Mistake' because, to them, she should've never been born.Ryder Williams has taken his brother's name and place in the exchange with his uncle's pack, Black Mountain so that he can find a way to bring his uncle's cruel reign to an end. When Ryder sees Brook for the first time recognizes her as his mate. He wants to protect her from all the abuse she suffers, but Brook would rather suffer than risk her mother becoming the grief-stricken shell she was before. As a war between Ryder's pack and Black Mountain breaks out, Brook must decide just how far she will go to save the ones she cares about.
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  • Rejected By My Mate
    Rejected By My Mate
    "I, Alpha Azrael Shepherd, reject you, Alexandria Gregory as my mate," he said coldly then turned his back towards the packhouse. ****** When Alexandria Gregory turned 18, she met her mate and that is Azrael Shepherd, the Alpha of her rival pack. But Azrael rejected her when he found out she was an omega of her pack. The rejection she felt was excruciating. Once her mate rejected her, she would never find another mate again. The reason why Azrael rejected her is because the man will be married to Liza, the Alpha's daughter of her pack. Even though they aren't mates, they decided to stay together for the union of the two packs. No one knew her mate was Azrael. Rage fills her heart and she will make sure Azrael would regret ever rejecting her. She ran away from her pack and promised to herself that she would come back and take her place as the real Alpha.
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  • Timber Alpha
    Timber Alpha
    (Completed) Octavia Lennox has always looked forward to the adventure and freedom that her 18th birthday would bring. Finding a mate was never a priority, nor was discovering parts of herself that she refused to acknowledge. Being an Alpha's daughter, and then sister, however didn't come without responsibilities, and when she meets the Timber Alpha she has some choices to make. **Reading order: 1(Completed)Timber Alpha Ch 1-86, 2(Completed)Mated to Brianna, 3(Ongoing)Mylo (this book is added to the length of Timber Alpha, updates daily), 4 Alpha Heirs *Coming soon*
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  • The Alpha's Moon Princess
    The Alpha's Moon Princess
    BOOK ONE OF THE MOON PRINCESS TRILOGY: A Prophecy, spoken by the three Goddesses known as The Fates, foretold of a child born with a white wolf. The child would become the ultimate destruction or the ultimate balance. On the night of a full moon, nearly eighteen years ago, the child was born and she would be known as Kyra, the Moon Princess. Kyra spent her life as a rogue, never belonging anywhere, constantly on the run. Until one fateful event lands her just outside the borders of the Night Blaze pack. The Alpha, Hunter, learns that she is his fated mate, but she doesn't believe it. The truth of who and what she is revealed. Kyra has to decide if she will stay with the devilishly handsome Alpha, who makes her question everything or face her past alone. For the first time in her life, more is at stake than just her life. Will she become their undoing and end up being the one that brings destruction to them? Life as Kyra knew it will never be the same, she will have many obstacles to overcome to learn who she is. Though will it be enough to fulfill her destiny? What will happen when she decides to stop running and face the past that haunts her?
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  • Hybrid Aria
    Hybrid Aria
    When werewolf hybrid Aria escapes her abusive stepfather, the alpha of the Blackmoon Pack, she has no idea what kind of trouble she's gotten herself in to. With her little sister Lily by her side, she finds herself in the maw of an enemy's territory. An enemy that will surely bring about not only her demise, but that of the girl she's practically raised. Reid the Alpha of the Bloodmoon Pack was known for being cruel and merciless and had driven Hybrid's into extinction, now Aria must find a way to keep her secret from coming to light which is easier said then done when he suddenly starts showing an interest in her. But Reid has a secret to Aria is his mate. Aria tries her best to avoid him at all cost, yet she can't help but feel drawn to him putting her life at risk. So what happens when he learns the truth and she finds out she is to be his mate, will he hand her back to her stepfather and reject her or will he fight to keep her safe from those who hunt her. A tantalizing werewolf erotica, Jessica Hall’s “Hybrid Aria” is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a novel of intense romance, intriguing adventure, and feral lovemaking.
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  • Fight Between Alphas (Book 3 Hybrid Aria)
    Fight Between Alphas (Book 3 Hybrid Aria)
    “Mate” He growls, making me spin around to find he was directly behind me, his hand gripping my arm as he tugs me against him. “Dad” I scream petrified, as I struggle to get out of his grip. My father and my brother Ryker both racing out before freezing, making me look up at the man who had hold of me. “Alpha Tate let go of my daughter now” My father growls, stepping toward him, my brother included as they see the frightened look on my face. My uncle rushes out the door before stopping beside my brother. ‘Tate let her go, geez what’s gotten into you?” Damien asks him. Alpha Tate doesn’t let go though, instead yanks me closer to him and I see my sister run out a panicked look on her face. “Mine” He growls behind me, making everyone look at each other, none hiding their shock at his words. My brother seems to regain himself faster before turning to the alpha. “Let her go she is only sixteen your scaring my sister”
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  • Mine - her hazel eyes under my possession
    Mine - her hazel eyes under my possession
  • The Lovable Daughter
    The Lovable Daughter
    Peyton Iuga
  • In His Hell
    In His Hell
  • Billionaire's Bed Warmer
    Billionaire's Bed Warmer
  • Rogue Alpha
    Rogue Alpha
    Sophie Matin
  • Nathaniel's Obsession
    Nathaniel's Obsession
Mafia Romance
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  • Tied to the mafia man
    Tied to the mafia man
    Luca Vitiello is cold, aloof and the Mafia boss of the New York underworld. But he seized so many other outfits into his control, making him the Ultimate boss of half of the US. He was seen less, and talks even less. He is ruthless and emotionless. People will either freeze or shiver when they see him.He is colder than the Arctic. What happens if he was forced to protect a warm-hearted and innocent girl, who starts to melt the ice around his heart since the moment she met him?Emma Costello is the unwanted daughter of Frank Costello. He treats her like a maid and a commodity. What happens, when she was taken away from her sad life into a life of luxury. What happens when her savior starts to fall for her.He is 10 years older than her.Will she love him back?Will he be able to protect her when her father comes back for her?What will Luca do, when he finds out that her father sold Emma to a highest bidder?
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  • The Shark Mafia Boss
    The Shark Mafia Boss
    I am the Shark of NYC. I am know in the business world for being relentless and having always my way. And my hidden side, my Italian Mafia side, I am a killer, I don't care who stands in my way because I will End you.Then everything went downhill when she walked into my life. Olivia Black. I need her. She will be mine and I don't care about the consequences. I will deal with them later. She will be mine. Even if it is the last thing I'll ever do.
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  • Forced By The Mafia
    Forced By The Mafia
    “ It was not Love but a game! ” ANASTASIA ADAMS, used to live her life alone, away from the filthy business of her Mafia Father; WILLIAM ADAMS. When one day he called her back home, as an unfamiliar enemy has risen to wreck them. Not conscious of the truth of Twisted Mafia world, she fell in love with the wrong person. The man who walked down the path of vengeance, BEAST. He was Vengeful, Cold, Ruthless and the worst Mafia around. His heart was void of any variety of emotions, which turned him into a monster. What will happen when he will kidnap her and show her, his real face? What will happen when she finds out, that he was the danger, she was supposed to be conscious of? What will happen when she becomes his favourite prey? ~He leaned down, till their noses touched and whispered, “Did you think it was love?” He laughed looking away and licked his lips up, while his gaze travelled from her eyes, that had been glaring at him hatefully, to her lips, that looked as delicious and eye-catching as ever. “No, Angel!” He leaned closer and she ought to feel his hot breath hitting her face. She clenched her eyes closed and thrashed again, to get out of the chains keeping her down, which proved to be of no use. He leaned nearer and their lips slightly touched, sending the acquainted tingles down her spine. His gaze was fixed at her plump lips when he whispered, “It is Just a Game!”
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  • Sinful Obsession (#2 in The Bully's Obsession)
    Sinful Obsession (#2 in The Bully's Obsession)
    Warning : mature sexual contents, read at your own risk. "Where are you going? " his deep morning voice rumbled. There goes my plan for a quiet escape. My throat clogged up tight, I couldn't face him... I didn't want to Those intense orbs made me squirm internally, my state of undress not helping the situation. I swallowed hard and met his gaze squarely. "last night was a ..mistake ..a lustful fling .... It's over, you should leave " I said tonelessly, my face void of any of the emotions I felt inside. How he moved so swiftly I didn't know, but next I was pressed against his naked hard chest. "Is that what you think? " I didn't want to look into his gaze, but his voice compelled me to. "That's exactly what it is " I repeated. I followed the trail of his gaze down to his belt which lay carelessly the floor. The one he had used on me , in many ways so dirty and sinful. The corners of his lips twitched in a smirk that made my heart leaped at a furious pace. "You are so wrong about that, i'll fucking show you just how much! " he growled, grabbing a fist of my air, he feasted on my lips. It was supposed to be just one night, I was supposed to leave before he awoke. So how did one passionate night lead to such a consuming obsession that threatened to scorch me and scald me until there was nothing left. Find out in the story of Mel and Sebastian (this is a sequel to the bully's obsession) I recommend you read book one before this for better understanding.
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  • Tied to the Mafia Man 2 : NERO
    Tied to the Mafia Man 2 : NERO
    Nero Vitiello is the son of Luca and Emma Vitiello. He took over the outfit as soon as he turned 21. The hard life of the mafia made him colder than his father. He never thought he would hold a gun at 12 and a man. But he did. An ambush on his father when he was not expecting it, forced Nero to hold a gun a , and three people. It made him understand the world he is living in much clearly than he already does. The easy-going boy died that day, and a cold mafia boss was born. After taking over the outfit, Nero began to lead with an iron fist and he decided to infiltrate his enemies. In one of those attempts, he went undercover and began to act as a guard to his enemy's daughter, Chloe. An innocent girl, who is a victim of this world and his enemy's fiance, who was trapped in to that marriage. He killed that man before he could marry Chloe. He thought it's the last time he would see Chloe. But fate has other plans for them, one which include them falling in love.
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  • Love In The Mafia Wars
    Love In The Mafia Wars
    This book is a Standalone, you don't need to read the first book to understand what happened, though I do recommend it for small details. Book Two in the Bloodlust series. “Her passing this will be impossible Nikolay” Kiara said looking at her husband, her eyes wide as she looked at his little sister being part of this project. “She has made her choice Kiara, I tried stopping her from getting herself into trouble, time and time, she chose to contact my enemy, she will suffer the consequence” Nikolay said coldly looking down at his sister through the glass podium. It was the first day of the Bloodlust project, the day where everything starts, lives are lost from day one. Those who make it are lucky, Kiara knew that Nikolay was right. Claudia had made her choice, and it was against all odds, and not in her favor. Now all they can do is watch… ************ Coming back with Richard Bernard and his bloodlust project, will Claudia be able to pass his project, will she fail, or would Kiara and Nikolay find a magical way to save the rebellious little teenager against the man who was about to ruin everyone’s lives by creating blood-thirsty, ruthless killers. Will Kiara and Nikolay’s love grow? Or would the couple grow apart by the upcoming war?
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Forever Young
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  • The Bully's Obsession
    The Bully's Obsession
    SEQUEL OUT!! CLICK ON MY PROFILE TO CHECK IT OUT (SINFUL OBSESSION #2 IN THE BULLY'S OBSESSION) Warning:strong languages and explicit dark mature scenes such as abuse and torture . Read at your own risk "You are completely mine Gracie, your tears , fears, I'm going to completely shatter you until you know nothing else but my name"I never knew how twisted he was until this moment..."I'm n...not yours" I stutteredHis gaze darkened and harderned at my words"I dare you to say that again" he said taking a threatening step closerI opened my mouth but no words came out Next thing i was trapped between him and the wall ,both my hands pinned above my head, my knees weakened by his domineering look"You belong to me! your body and soul belongs to me, I'll mark you again and again......" He whispered nibbling at my throatHow did I get into this? Was there no way out?He'd already broken me ,what else could he expect from a broken soulThis was the guy who took everything from me, my pride ,my virginity and seven my soulShe's a quiet kind and warmhearted average nerdGraciela's only wish was to graduate highschool, go to college and get a good life and if she was ever so lucky find love, but a certain someone seems to hate everything she stood forOr does he?Hayden McAndrew Has been Graciela's tormentor for as long as she could remember but he leftAnd Gracie made the mistake to think it was forever now he was back to make her life a living hell!They say a very thing line exists between love and hate, what if after the line all she found was a dark obsession that consumed her every being ?
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  • Spin the Bottle
    Spin the Bottle
    It all started with a kiss during the game of spin the bottle.When Stephanie Valentine -- a wallflower who only focuses on getting good grades for college -- goes to her first high school party in senior year, she hopes nothing crazy happens. But then she somehow ends up in the same room with Christopher Hayes, the player and a game of 'spin the bottle' is played. When Christopher spins the bottle, it shockingly points at her. They kiss and that's all it takes for her senior year to take a wild turn.
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  • My Bully is A Psycho
    My Bully is A Psycho
    "Use your words Isabella , I want to hear that sweet voice of yours " His voice dripped with cold menace as his grip on my jaw tightened even more. My lips trembled under his harsh glare. I could barely manage to hold his gaze with my blurry teary ones . "I..I'm sorry A..Ace" I stuttered "You are always sorry, a pathetic cry baby is all you are ever going to be. " He sneered further tightening his grip on my shoulders. I couldn't stop an embarrassing tear that escaped my eyes at his words. "You are so pathetic, I will only hurt you more until you are nothing more than dust beneath my feet " My eyes widened when he inched closer , not knowing what to expect i shut my eyes tightly close . I stopped breathing when his breath fanned against my cheeks. When I opened my eyes he was gone. He used to be my crush and childhood best friend... But now he's my nightmare. He hates me, and he's vowed to make my life a living hell. Because I made a huge mistake. Staying alive when I should have died.
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  • Dangerously His
    Dangerously His
    "And the sweet little angel couldn't keep her eyes off the devil."Sophia Watson is a normal teenager, who has a good relationship with her parents. She just moved to a new town and on the first day of school she runs into Axel Jarvis, an unlikable character, with whom she gets off on the wrong foot straight from the beginning.Axel also doesn't like Sophie. He lives a simple life in which there are many girls, but no commitments. He likes it that way, especially because he has a secret he can't have anyone knowing about. Things work great, until suddenly they can't stay away from each other.brokenheartedgirl69: i literally got tingles in my bellyRecklessDemon: ily 4 starting this bookreilly_styles: OMG this is so amazing and I love it so much please please please write more
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  • My stepbrother
    My stepbrother
    Maija's mother has married the perfect man, now she has the family she has always wanted, except for one problem. She has the hots for her new stepbrother.
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  • Her Troubled Bully
    Her Troubled Bully
    Being bullied from middle school till high school by one of the popular boys in school is like living in hell for Jennifer Greene. She is quiet and just wants to get through High School without stress, but it seems fate has other plans for her. Meet Reece Morgan, the gorgeous bully. He is hell bent on breaking Jennifer in other to fight his demons. Will he succeed?or will she be able to save him from the dark hole he was stuck in?.... keep reading to find out.
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  • Beyond Night
    Beyond Night
    Eric S. Brown
  • His Unwanted Girlfriend
    His Unwanted Girlfriend
  • A villainess becomes the hero
    A villainess becomes the hero
  • Black Zodiac: Demons and Deceptions
    Black Zodiac: Demons and Deceptions
    Tan Jiro Alvez
  • Blackwater Val
    Blackwater Val
    William Gorman
  • Divine Passion
    Divine Passion
    adrieni latorre real
The CEO and Me
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  • Mr. CEO's Amazing Contract Wife
    Mr. CEO's Amazing Contract Wife
    Sylvester Norman, the cold unfeeling heir of Norman Holdings proposes a contract marriage to save a business partner, due to family pressures for him to get married before receiving his inheritance. Monica falls prey in the bid to save her brother's business. However, when Monica returns after separating from Sylvester for five years, she meets a totally different person. Sneak peak: Sylvester ambled close to her. His face was a few inches from hers. Monica's heart panged in her chest. His lips were close to hers, she felt she was finally going to have the kiss she craved. She closed her eyes at the feel of his hot breath on her neck. Whichever way, when Sly spoke, she felt her breath cease. "Then sign the divorce papers."
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  • The Best Friend's Contract
    The Best Friend's Contract
    Aidan, a billionaire and CEO of Empire is known for the title 'Top 5 Hottest Bachelor' for two reasons. His extremely good-looks and for not wanting to get married, at least until he reaches forty but his mother keeps on setting him with unwanted dates, leaving him frustrated. Kenna, Aidan's best friend, is a doctor who has never found the right time for love. She has always been busy with work to an extent that she forgets about her own personal life. Both of them has always been close ever since they were kids, after a single incident that happened, instantly making them inseparable. As they grew older, things began to change yet best friends are forever . . . no matter the circumstances. What happens when Aidan sets up a contract and wants Kenna to be a part of it?
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  • The Arranged Bride
    The Arranged Bride
    "I said you won't be working anymore." She smirked, "Watch me." Saying that she turned and I watched her till she walked out of the door.........................................The thirty-year-old billionaire bachelor Nicholas Carter isn't really fond of the word- love, owing to his past. What happens when he is arranged in marriage to the twenty-seven-year-old sweet and independent Sophia Jones who refuses to bow down in front of him and accept everything he throws her way unlike an usual arranged bride? Oh! Did I mention Nicholas Carter's five-year-old son?
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  • Bride for Rent
    Bride for Rent
    Felicity McCarthy and orphan young girl who was raised by her aunt after the loss of her parents and was pampered and loved by her. But due to the shock she sustained in the accident, she was like a child even at twenty four years. Raymond Baldwin, a cold, rich, self centered aloof businessman who cares about nothing but his business and anything that will give him more money. Unfortunately, things got difficult when his grandparents refused to handover their multi billion dollar company to him unless he finds a bride. Raymond decided to rent a bride for a year in order to win them over. What will happen when a cute, childish bride marries a cold aloof groom?
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  • The CEO's Second Choice
    The CEO's Second Choice
    Elena Wiltshire's dreams were coming true; she just got accepted into her dream school without the sway of the powerful Wiltshire name! But when her twin sister's engagement to Sebastian Dumont, the wealthiest CEO in the UK, falls through due to her shameful ways, Elena is forced by the familial matriarchs to take her place to avoid an upper-class scandal. Will Elena survive being married to the cold, egotistical CEO especially when he's hiding a secret of his own?
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  • Falling For You
    Falling For You
    What would you do when your Mr One Night Stand comes barging into your life and suddenly start giving you orders? Oh, did I forget to mention, he is also your new boss now. Will you put on your favourite sneakers and run as fast as you can? or you can just slip into your sexy stilettos and give him the exact taste of what he has been missing since that night.
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A Touch of Rainbow
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  • Two Parts Of One [ BxB ]
    Two Parts Of One [ BxB ]
    Brian is the eighteen year old Alpha's son and Beta to his birth pack. He meets his fated half days after his birthday. Aaron is the twenty year old Alpha to his birth pack. He is stoic and shows very little emotion. How will this seemingly mismatched pair's relationship work out? Read more to find out!
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  • Mr. Writer's Lovers Block
    Mr. Writer's Lovers Block
    [SEASON FIVE: CLASH OF LOVERS] Koli Fier Agusta is a creative writer from S&L - Story & Life. Apart from being a creative writer, his dream is to be a scriptwriter. However, many changes come to his life when he encounters an accident on his way home. That accident gives him supernatural power that can travel through his past reincarnations, which inspires him for his creative writings. However, for him to use these powers, there are also consequences that he needs to face. What could it be? "I WAKE UP WITH TWO HUSBANDS, A POSSESSIVE AND OBSESSIVE ONE! HOW DID I TURN THIS STRAIGHT GUYS GAY! HELP!!!!!" #Gay-For-You #Fluffy #Coming-Out ::::PAST SEASONS:::: [SEASON FOUR: BILLIONAIRE X'S AND Y'S] [SEASON THREE: UNCONTROLLABLE LUST] [SEASON TWO: MY HAREM] [SEASON ONE: MY POWER, PAST, AND MYSELF]
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  • Ds-professional love (book 1)
    Ds-professional love (book 1)
    A scientific mutant Jessica Carrie white whose family was murdered by Franklin moonlight during her time serving in the military, She then returns forcing her way into the Los Angeles police were she is hired as a homicide detective to solve murder cases yet her aim is to find the murderer Moonlight whose Identity is a mystery. During her work with the Los Angeles police, she meets a lady forensic Science specialist Vivana Carter whose curiosity about Jessica's plan led a bad start with there relationship and threatened any chances of getting along at all in there work together yet Jessica being assigned to work with Vivana who can hardly be kept a secret from.
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  • Keep Me Warm
    Keep Me Warm
    In a world where judgment is so easily passed, how can love be free and true? Is there a world where two people can freely express their love for one another and show their true color? How can someone so sure about himself become so conflicted about everything because of a stranger he just met?
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  • His Girlfriend's Brother
    His Girlfriend's Brother
    Michael Morris has found the perfect girl in Allison Kennemore--she is sweet, funny, beautiful, and everyone thinks they're so cute together. But Michael is lying to himself. His problem is compounded when he meets Allison's charming, handsome, and openly gay sibling Jacob. When Allison discovers that Michael is more interested in Jacob than he is in her, she is devastated. To get back at him, she pretends to be ignorant of his secret and ramps up her seduction to make him squirm. Michael spent most of his teens denying his true self and has learned to hide it well. When Jacob proves to be too much of a temptation, Allison tells him she wants to take their relationship to the next level. Unfortunately, being Allison's perfect boyfriend is the only way Michael can get closer to the one he really wants. If he tells Alison the truth, he might lose his only link to Jacob. When Jacob starts to notice him as Allison pushes for more, Michael will have to decide if he is ready to embrace his true self or lose his opportunity to make a true connection with someone who wants him as himself.
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  • A Page of Love: Author-sama Loves Me
    A Page of Love: Author-sama Loves Me
    Love is something to never be ashamed of, it's okay to fall in love even if that person is someone of the same sex. That's the way I feel towards the person who showed me how to love. I love him, I want him and I want to hold him but the problem is... His married. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Leslie Campbell is a young omega who is married to a beta. He is a book enthusiast who became an editor for a successful publishing company and he is assigned to his favorite editor, Azrael Mitsuki Bethan, a Japanese American. However, there is one serious problem... Azrael hates omegas especially male omegas. Leslie is determined to be Azrael's editor but their relationship becomes complicated when forbidden emotions start to develop leaving Leslie in a state to choose between his marriage and his soulmate while Azrael battles with his heart and his conscience.
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New Arrivals
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  • Doll Crimes
    Doll Crimes
    Karen Runge
  • 324 Abercorn
    324 Abercorn
    Mark Allan Gunnells
  • The Cursed Alpha's Witch
    The Cursed Alpha's Witch
  • The Undead Alpha
    The Undead Alpha
  • Beauty and the Beast
    Beauty and the Beast
  • House of Sighs
    House of Sighs
    Aaron Dries
Fantasy World
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  • Rise of the Phoenix
    Rise of the Phoenix
    Disclaimer: Rise of the Phoenix is the spin off/sequel of Dragon's mate. It can be read as a stand alone book Sarah Johnson is a girl whose life is anything but ordinary. At a young age she was adopted by an extraordinary couple of dragon shifters. Living with them and learning about the supernatural world gave her perfect insight into how a relationship between two people should look like, and she knew she won't ever be able to settle for anything less than true love. That's why she secretly dreamed of finding her own prince from a fairytale… the one that will love her just as much as she would love him. But what will happen when Sarah's sweet and bubbly nature clashes with always frowned and gloomy prince that was anything but what she had imagined? What will happen when the one that was meant for her refuses to accept her? With an unknown danger looming over Sarah's head, worries and troubles from the past, will they be able to set their differences aside and be what they are supposed to be… soulmates… or will they drift apart so that nothing can hold them together?
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  • Magnus: Dragon Prince
    Magnus: Dragon Prince
    A Fantasy Novel that brings Rex Magnus's struggle to life. After he was left by his birth parents, given to his grandmother, Iris who tries her best to shield Rex and bring him up to be the best he can be, he is constantly getting beaten down during his 17 years, soon he will be 18 and before he knows it, will unlock secrets he didn’t think could exist, he was part of a royal family of people who had mastered the skill of fusing their souls with dragons! This brings certain perks and power and he soon finds out, brings just as many negatives with it. He will meet new friends on his journey to claiming his birthright, some helpful and some with their own agendas and he hopefully can form a normal family after 18 years of separation. It isn’t long before he is challenged by creatures of shadow, beasts of legend and races of people that possess great power who want his for their own. Using his new found abilities and friends he will carve a path that will be remembered for centuries, being next in line for emperor over the land of Dracoterrum possessing the power of dragon should make it an easy task, right?
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  • Mated to the Dragon Twins
    Mated to the Dragon Twins
    A girl lost without her Dragon, Two Alpha twins, A crazed brother trying to kill her, Brother's girlfriend who's jealous as sin. All in a normal life huh? Aria's tale is full of pain, hurt and love but is she strong enough to weather the storm to find her happy ending with her mates, or will it be too much to break her?This is a fantasy romance novel with explicit scenes of sex and hard language so would recommend for readers 18+ This is the first novel written by the author so please don't expect perfection, helpful criticism is always welcome but hate will not be tolerated so please be mindful of the words you use and the effect they have on others!x.DanahLouise.x
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  • Avalon City
    Avalon City
    Their death Haunts me, it is one thing to lose someone, but it's another when you not only witness it but you felt it. Felt the life being sucked from them, the fear she felt, the sadness of her own loss, the helplessness. The pain and betrayal. They say grief has stages denial, anger, depression, forgiveness then acceptance. Maybe after I'm done, I can accept their deaths. Maybe even forgive myself for my part, but first I need to find the truth, my truth. They died for me, died because they wanted to protect me. Leaving me to figure out the secrets of a past, I never knew was mine. My own coven betrayed them and by doing so destroyed me. Leaving nothing but the hunger and drive to destroy those that killed them, but unfortunately with betrayal it doesn't come from enemies. It comes from those you trust, those you thought you knew. They will never understand the damage they have caused until they themselves feel it, even if it kills me in the process and I lose myself to the darkness. In the end it will be worth it, to see the same fear on their faces that my mother felt. To watch the life drain from their eyes, their soul's being taken to the pits of hell. No one will stand in my way. I know what I'm capable of now. I know who I am, and I don't care if I have to kill those who I thought I loved and trusted. Revenge will be mine, even if it comes with the price of my own heart.
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  • Traveller Of Two Worlds
    Traveller Of Two Worlds
    What will you do if you somehow were able to travel between two world?. Harem? Wealth? Power? Adventure?... Sai Mies was able to travel between two worlds Earth and Fantasma, With that ability he swore to changed his mundane life to the better. Each steps he take will bring him closer to his aim, to become the most wealthiest and powerful man in both worldsP/s The image wasn't mine, i wil take it down if asked to. :) tq. also i was invited by the GoodNovel Team to post my works here, so i guess why not. I'm not an english speaker, jusy a heads up.
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  • Dragon's Misplaced Mate
    Dragon's Misplaced Mate
    Blaze is the black dragon, who is the king of the dark realm. The unknown realm in the Fairy. Only a few Fae know about the existence of the biggest realm in Fairy.Blaze is powerful, fierce, domineering, minds his own business and his word is a rule in the dark realm. He is intelligent and prefers to be alone. He doesn't lack the attention of a woman, but no one ever captured his attention for more than an hour.Isabella is a human girl, who was kidnapped from her home to replace her look-alike, Arabella.Arabella belongs to a rich family in fairy, whose mother is a fae and father is a human man. Her father forced her to participate in the bridal run, where a dragon claims a woman as his bride.Isabella wakes up in fairy, all disoriented. Before she could understand what is happening around her, she is being claimed by Blaze, who usually never participates in these runs, as his bride.Will Blaze find out that the girl he claimed is not who he thinks she is?Can Isabella go back home?Will Isabella's hate for dragons become a hinder to their love?What are the reasons behind her occasionally glowing palms?Where is Koni?Or, is it someone else from his family?Will he be successful in killing Bela?
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Vampire Diaries
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  • The Demon Queen's Duty
    The Demon Queen's Duty
    Second Book of The Vasilia Series. First read The Demon Queen's Desire (please). Madison Coto, Vasilia, vigilante, and chosen mate of the werewolf king, Duncan Stanford, has been living with the Vasili, Anders Damon, for one month under the guise of being bound by his order. She has turned her harem into the eyes and ears of the Helvegr, the supernatural resistance. She has been working to bring him and those loyal to him to her side. Madison offered a deal to Anders. If she doesn't fall in love with him, he will release her and her harem. If she does fall in love with him, she will tell him her demon name and agree to be his mate. In the meantime, he has given in to her demands. New clothes, equal treatment, consideration for her and her harem, and locating the doctor who killed her mother. The day finally arrives when she will face the man who destroyed her family. The day she will finally finish the vengeance she vowed at fifteen on all those involved. When the Vasili takes her to the camp her mother died in, she finds so much more than the death, despair, and demented doctor she'd expected. Madison finds a piece of her heart.
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  • The Ancient Vampire and His She-Wolf (bk 2 of triplet warriors)
    The Ancient Vampire and His She-Wolf (bk 2 of triplet warriors)
    Godfrey, an ancient vampire and head councilor, of the Shadow Warriors is in pursuit of a powerful scent he cannot turn away from. He hunts it down, and finds a beautiful she-wolf who believes they are fated mates. Will Godfrey accept her as his intended and give in to his desires? Will he be able to be around a human, so intimately and possibly for the next few centuries and not hurt her, not drag her into his messy life? Many foes wish to get their revenge against Godfrey. He makes new enemies every day that he passes judgment in court. Will the witch Fiona come back to haunt him? Will his sister who has been out of the picture for centuries be a friend or foe? Godfrey gets a taste of love, of what it means to have feelings and happiness. To care for someone other than himself. But nothing lasts forever, and no one knows that better than an ancient vampire. Will the Shadows be able to keep their enemies at bay so love has a chance? Find out in the next book of the Shadow Warrior series, The Ancient Vampire and His She-Wolf.
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  • Vampire Ruler's strong Bride
    Vampire Ruler's strong Bride
    He is charming , powerful , a prince and above all a vampire . She is a strong and naive girl. His charm is indifferent in her eyes. Her indifference breaks into his cold character and catches his interest . She is independent yet he wants to turn her into his pretty doll .Everything remains quiet at the beginning but many secrets from the past will emerge and Kiara's life will change dramatically . She'll have to face a lot of dangers and while solving the mysteries of her origin . The result of these changes will lead her towards a path with a lot of questions about the unknown .An ancient ceremony took place in the royal palace, in Sky's honor where he would be selected as the next Vampire leader and chose his fiancée between the three most powerful clans . This was a secret meeting that was known only by the leaders and close friends . The ceremony seemed to be going well but an accident occurred. The ceiling broke and Kiara fell into the magic circle of bloody moonlight power and was chosen as the fiancée of prince Eskylrious . She desperately tried to leave but there was no way to escape the claws of the crown prince of the Vampires . At the beginning she thought that as long as she could break this magical connection that bounded them , she would regain her freedom but after the magic was broken , the prince wouldn't let go of her .A bride who is hard to temper and a prince who is hard to deal with . How will they live together , as a married couple ? A story five hundred years old between the most powerful clans , a love that was supposed to have withered is transmitted to the heirs . Full of passion mixed with comedy and heir's love .
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  • Acrasia
    A sadistic being develops an ominous obsession with an anxiety ridden young woman. Feasting himself on her fears, and devouring her body and mind. Noxodius knows that he has gone too far, but he can he stop himself? Can he let the little human go? Will he cut her loose after he gets his fill, or will he swallow her whole? When he realizes things might not be as they seem, will he have biten off more than he can chew?
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  • Freya Rose Book Three ~ Honored By A Hunter
    Freya Rose Book Three ~ Honored By A Hunter
    This is book three in the Freya Rose series. We pick up right where we left off in Abandoned By An Alpha.Mason had picked up Freya's wolf after being stabbed by her jealous and vindictive cousin Carmen. He's flown her back to the hunter's mansion, and is now trying his best to save her.What will await Freya when she wakes? Will Tristan and his pack still be there, eager to rip her to shreds? Or will the site of her being injured, awaken the love that Tristan once had gor Freya?Find out now...
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  • Vampire's Pet
    Vampire's Pet
    I was one of the lucky ones.Was.It all ended for me when I was 12, when I was taken away from the last bit of hope and family that I had left.Now, this is my life. Destined to rot away in a cage until a vampire comes to take me as theirs.Destined to be nothing but a pet.
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  • Why did she " Divorce Me "
    Why did she " Divorce Me "
    Two unknown people tide in an unwanted bond .. marriage bond . It's an arrange marriage , both got married .. Amoli the female lead .. she took vows of marriage with her heart that she will be loyal and always give her everything to make this marriage work although she was against this relationship . On the other hands Varun the male lead ... He vowed that he will go any extent to make this marriage broken .. After the marriage Varun struggle to take divorce from his wife while Amoli never give any ears to her husband's divorce demand , At last Varun kissed the victory by getting divorce papers in his hands but there is a confusion in his head that what made his wife to change her hard skull mind not to give divorce to give divorce ... With this one question arise in his head ' why did she " Divorce Me " .. ' .
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  • Draco (The Last Dragon Prince)
    Draco (The Last Dragon Prince)
    "How dare you to run away from me?” he said in his cold dark tone, his voice seemed very angry, his hand kept tightening around Jasmine neck that she could hardly breath. She struggled and begged "Plee.. Please let me go… yo.. you are mistaken wit.. With me, I.. I.. am not who you think” "Is that so, huh? Are you trying to tell me that you don’t know me?” he said in dangerous tone "Nooo.. Noooo.. I don’t know you, please leave me” Jasmine lied and her dragon wing rune on her wrist started burning. "Then let me remind you who I am…” He said and in smashed his lips on her and before jasmine could struggle or push him away he released her neck and pulled her both hands above her head. His kiss was full on anger and dominance, he bit hard on Jasmine lower lip which made her open her mouth a little, taking that as opportunity he slid his warm tongue inside and started exploiting her mouth in every way possible. Couple of minutes later when he felt jasmine fainting because of lack of oxygen he pulled back "Now do you remember me?” He questioned her breathing hot air on her swollen lips. "Wh..o.. who are you?” Jasmine questioned him in her low voice trembling voice. He kept fanning hot breaths on her lips until “Draco” he said in his deep magnetic voice. -CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT (18+), STRONG ABUSE AND WHOLE LOT OF TORTURE ACTS. KINDLY READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.
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  • CAGED: In the dark embrace of my Saviour
    CAGED: In the dark embrace of my Saviour
    What would happen when an innocent girl is sold to a brothel without her consent? Would her saviour provide her the freedom she wants or would she just tumble into another hell? Let's find out (Recommended for 18+)
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  • The Nanny Affair
    The Nanny Affair
    Falling in love with her boss was not part of her plan and neither was killing him... Natalie Tyson has a lot to deal with most of which includes getting money to prevent her brother from dying from leukemia and dealing with a doctor that is obsessed with her. Despite all she's gone through, she's not a woman easily swayed by men. The experience made her that way. That's why she finds it strange when strange feelings begin to creep up on her threatening to bring her walls of protection down. Finally, she succumbs to the traitorous feelings that leave her defenseless as the universe deals her with a whole load of secrets. Secrets that make her question her entire existence and force her to do the unthinkable. Dante Rodrigo is an arrogant man trying to run the family business and prove himself to his grandfather. He falls in love with his child's nanny, which was not part of his plans. Things spiral out of control when his past returns to haunt not just his present but his future as well. How strong is the bond of love? Can they overcome all odds?
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  • The Girl Who Refuses an Alpha
    The Girl Who Refuses an Alpha
    There's nothing certain in this world. When two people were supposed to be together, are they what really is called soulmates? The moment Mirabella accidentally stumbled upon the famous Alpha, Jason Langton in the library, the first words he was spouting was about rejecting her. What did she do? "Well, I reject you too." Mirabella said playfully, not the slightest bit bothered. Her words and reaction caused him to be stunned. He was caught in a trance for a moment. When he looked up again, she was no longer standing before him. He found her figure trying to reach for a book in one of the shelves. It seemed that the book is more important than the matters of him rejecting her? Rejected by an Alpha? For her, wasn't it just mutual rejection? He rejected her, she was just returning the favor!
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  • Love me, Hate me!
    Love me, Hate me!
    "I heard she's turning seventeen today! When I see her I'll reject her right away! There's no way I'd accept a weak and ugly woman as my mate!" The guy said. I clenched my fist. I didn't leave nor cry I stood there with my head held high, though I can't deny the pain and disappointment in my heart. " I better be there when that happens.... I want to see your mate's pathetic face after you reject her..!!!" The woman said. When a guy went out of the corner with the woman I came to realize who my mate actually is. He is the soon-to-be alpha, Alexander Moon of the Dark moon pack. When our eyes met Alexander chuckled "Good timing! Save's me the trouble of looking for you." He said boringly, the girl who he's with laughed at me mockingly! Alexander's about to say something when I raised my hand to make him stop. "I Vanessa Hudgens, hereby reject you Alexander Moon as my mate!" Even before Alexander can say anything I looked at him with disgust and left. I am not someone who will ever beg anyone to love me, mate or not. Alexander on the other hand was left dumbfounded, he felt humiliated and hurt at the same time. He never expected to be rejected, especially from a hideous woman at that.
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Chick Lit
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    She's given him a baby... An IVF clinic mix-up means eternally single Michaela 'Misha' Roberts is now carrying the child - no, the ROYAL heir - of Massimiliano ‘Maxim’ Federico Arturo di Montbéliard, Prince of Carpathia! Now he'll take her for his wife! Maxim gave up on the hope of fatherhood a long time ago, but now the ruthless ruler will seize this surprise second chance. However, tradition is high on the Prince's agenda, and he'll never stand for an illegitimate heir... Michaela is about to find out that royal marriage is a command, not a choice! Maxim placed his hand over her belly again. His expression was pretty intense. “This is my baby that you carry, Michaela. Our baby. I couldn’t feel it more if you had conceived in my .” His accent was thicker than she’d ever heard it, and his voice had a husky rasp that made her pulse pound. “The attraction between us is very… convenient.” “Convenient?” Michaela's felt thick and clumsy, her mind still clouded by passion. “Of course. How could it not be convenient for me to feel desire for my future wife?”
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    They've never stopped being married... Alessandro ‘Alex’ Baroni doesn't accept that Ariana is his daughter. He believes Hailee, his wife, cheated on him with another man, and Ariana is the result of that betrayal. So, Hailee and Alessandro are separated, until the silence between them is forcibly broken. Ariana has been kidnapped! Alessandro knows he is the only one who can secure the little girl's safe return, but it means he must go back to Hailee. He will find that, even after three long years, she still wears his ring...
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  • Girlfriend By Accident
    Girlfriend By Accident
    Henry Payne has everything, the looks, the money, the name, the good grades in Oxford university and always a beautiful girl wrapped up around his arms. He thinks he has it all until he sees the new girl at a party. She is unattainable, wild, and doesn’t care for his attempts to conquer her. Abbey Hardy arrived like a hurricane into Henry’s life, and she turns his head upside down. She becomes his little obsession when she turns him down. Henry makes a bet with his friends, and Abbey is the ultimate prize. Abbey could cost Henry more than just his sanity, and she can cost him his relationship with his father. Will Henry be willing to give it all up for Abbey, or will he chose money and family?
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    He wanted a family... at any price! Brody McLean was a wildly successful businessman who had it all. His one remaining ambition was to find the right woman to become his wife and to start his own family... Alanis ‘Lanie’ Roswell's dreams of marriage and babies had been shattered by tragedy. She had to live with the knowledge that she'd never experience the joy of holding her own child. Her career was now her life, and she couldn't allow herself to get close to Brody. If he married her, he'd forget his dreams of fatherhood. Surely that was too heavy a price for any man to pay?
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  • New Year's Eve Baby
    New Year's Eve Baby
    When Elena Thunder finds the most perfect man to kiss at midnight on New Year’s Eve, she thinks its fate. But little does she know that Knight Blaze isn’t as simple as he seems and that the only reason he spends the night with her is because he has something entirely different on his mind. Come morning, Knight leaves Elena feeling hurt and betrayed and with something she’d have never anticipated from a one-night stand with a stranger, a baby conceived on New Year’s Eve. But Elena isn’t weak and she doesn’t let heartbreak bring her down. She decides to raise her child without a father. But fate has other plans for her as she accidentally bumps into Blaze once more during a fashion show and this time, he’s determined to make her stay.
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    Sexy and mysterious Mexican aristocrat Diego Francisco Martinez del Río, Duque de Altamira, saw Jacqueline ‘Jackie’ Maxwell as a gypsy, a wanderer, a weirdo. She was raising his orphaned baby niece in… a trailer! He disapproved of this and thought that a marriage arrangement on his terms was the answer to get her out of his system… The fact that she was quite a beauty played in her favor. However, Diego didn't appreciate that though she might not be a lady, this fiery woman had plenty of love to give. Jacqueline Maxwell knew Diego and his kind all too well. He was as beautiful and charming as the devil himself, but twice as ruthless and heartless. He was just a playboy interested in one thing and one thing only. And it had nothing to do with little Azura. Still, accepting his proposal of a marriage of convenience might be the end to all her worries regarding the little girl left in her care by Alyssa, her sister...
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  • My Mate Outside of Sun Moon Pack
    My Mate Outside of Sun Moon Pack
    When Theo lost his mate and their son in a terrible car accident, his world came crashing down. The things that he used to enjoy doing with his family became only terrible reminders of what he has lost. He couldn't even sit in the pack house and eat with the other pack members, because it would remind Theo of the glorious times when his mate and son were there with him. When he couldn't handle the pain any longer, a glimmer of hope for a possible solution arises. Alpa Wyatt needs someone to work at another university outside the pack to help be the eyes and ears for the pack within the human world. Theo doesn't think twice and jumps at the opportunity, but will he be able to get the new life that he so desperately wants. Can he handle living outside the pack for the first time in his whole life? Only time will tell.... ** This is a companion story with "The Male Omega's Awaking". **
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  • The Cold Prince's Frozen Omega
    The Cold Prince's Frozen Omega
    Kari had nothing to lose but his life. Being an Omega born with a gift, he decided to die along with those he killed. That was the plan, at least. But what happens when he woke up alive behind enemy lines and being given to a man who could change his life forever? ***** Ryedir planned to live his life in solitude. Being an Alpha and a Prince, he had decided to dedicate his life to governing his province. That was his plan, at least. But what happens when an unknown omega with a dark past was gifted to him? Will they unravel the fire underlying their cold facade? Or will they both stay forever frozen?
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    Lucian is the crown prince of the kingdom of Virtus. His father, King Ayaan the Second is on the deathbed, and his only wish before dying is that his son finds a wife or a husband as soon as possible. For this purpose, starts selection among all the young singles of the kingdom. Axel is a poor peasant, living only with his mother, who suffers from an illness. To help her get cured, he leaves his lover and his work to himself to the selection, hoping to be among the royal family. Once Lucian chooses him to be his husband, his life changes as well as his feelings. Will their marriage be successful? And what happens once Axel's lover gets involved?
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  • You Are My Secret
    You Are My Secret
    #ATouchofRainbow #mxb #boyslove Once upon a time... He did something to survive university. He became a sugar baby to a wealthy sugar daddy. Several years later, he fell instantly in love with a boy... who happens to have a very hot and gorgeous father. Will he win the boy's heart or his intimidating father? Or can he be selfish and have them both? Will his shameful past prevent him from his happy ending?
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  • My Alpha
    My Alpha
    Ash just wants to feel love, as an omega, he never feels true love. So what happens when he meets a pureblood Alpha.Alex, a name which sends shiver in everyone spin, he usually doesn't trust anyone because of his past, he also has a limited number of friends. But what happens when he meets most beautiful and innocent omega, will he take a risk again. Will he protect the omega at any cost.This story mostly focus on Alpha and Omega dynamic and how society threat the ones whom they find weak and worthless.
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  • My Healing Love (Omegaverse)
    My Healing Love (Omegaverse)
    Because your love heals me, I will give you all my life. Trevor: "I can't stand men touches." Trevor looks sadly at the man in front of him, then added "and it seems that my body doesn't like women's pheromone either... So I guess I'm bound to be alone." Soon I realise that I was special because I was the only man who could manage to touch him, and he was the only one whose pheromones could drive me crazy like that. Then I thought maybe we were made for each other. So I decided to help him with my love"- Max "He is the only man I can feel and touch, He is the first one who can make me smile like that." So I thought maybe he is my healing. - Trevor Max is an alpha, future CEO of the most powerful company in town. He is looking for the person who will make his boring life more pleasant. Trevor is an omega. An orphan after losing his mother and grandfather, he thought he would live a lonely and painful life until he met Max. Watch as Max and Trevor heal each other with their love, trust and respect. Follow our two protagonists in this love story full of unexpected twists and turns
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Science Fiction
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    This is the age of exotics and technology. Due to the discovery of the wonder mineral resource referred to as exotics, humanity was plunged into an era of war. A vicious circle of killing each other for this rare resource began as technology improved tremendously due to it. Your neighbor country of yesterday is now your rival for exotics. This led to the great battle of supremacy as the world became submerged in war heralding the 3rd world war. After the great battle, the world changed tremendously as the big 5 organizations came to power. The Mercenary Alliance, The Apocalypse Military Organization, The Sea Farers Alliance, Araga, and Oakland came into power as the tyrants of this era. Clark Pendragon was born into this cruel era where the ones with the biggest fist speak. After his parent's death, he enrolled in a cadet training course, where he graduated to become an exceptional Spartan soldier; the best in his batch. With the help of his country Sparta, his wife Sonia, and a lot of other factors Clark gradually fought his way to the peak of power as an elite grade soldier. Join me as we witness Clark's legendary and meteoric rise to power, and how he'll conspire against and overthrow the rule of the big 5 to stabilize the world again.
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  • My Shattered World
    My Shattered World
    I see Grandfather, and he knows I see him. The people surround me, their faces red with anger. Grandfather raises his hands, eventually quieting them. "Toby... what have you done?" The colony world of Horus was a blissful utopia... until a curious little boy made one mistake and sent the world into a downward spiral of self-destruction. The world's gods were revealed to be nothing more than computers... and those computers are now failing. To pay for his mistake, Toby Spafford, now a man, must travel the deadly, ruined streets to find three missing keys that can activate a backup system created by his grandfather, Professor Jonathan Spafford. Dogging his every move are various factions that have grown to like the taste of power over the helpless citizens, and they'll do anything to stop him. In his favor, he is determined, intelligent, bitterly stubborn, and resourceful. Unfortunately... so are his enemies.
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  • Liumira - The Awakening
    Liumira - The Awakening
    Liumira is a planet far from Earth. In the books universe, about 950 years ago, the people of Earth named Vietal, destroy a land named Golmira on Liumira a few decades after they find themselves on this planet. The history of this alien race is written in a negative way. This destruction creates a defensive mode for the other people on this planet. Soon, they become nations and in time they slowly grow. In the meantime, Vietal grows faster, because it has an advanced technology. After the destruction of Golmira, 930 years pass on that planet and many things have changed. Many nations have grown bigger and stronger and a new danger is on its way. Liumira contains a special energy that the Masters have been looking for it for over millions of years. This battle of the past is about to find its way to this planet once again. But things have changed and a new energy is awakening. This is going to be the creation of a new era or a total destruction. The battle is raging on and the enemy is ready for that. But are these people on this planet aware of what is going on?
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  • The Last Soldiers
    The Last Soldiers
    Following the war of the three countries—Crevania, Cruderia and Losnia—over Gavdos Island, the constant attacks by a terrorist group known as The Zeros leaves everyone unsettled and puts a strain on the military. At the same time, Dr Priscilla Harris—fuelled by the thirst for revenge—is sent by K9 to infiltrate the army and their aim is to overthrow the army. While gathering information, Priscilla meets the renowned Colonel Richard Brad and this leads to an unravelling romance. However, they soon discover a conspiracy in the army ranks: Someone in the army was aiding The Zeros! In the heat of this, another war breaks out. Richard and Priscilla are determined to stop the war and find out what the Zeros are after. But deep in their hearts, everyone knows that only war can save them all.
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  • My Brother Is A Zombie.
    My Brother Is A Zombie.
    "I have no more time." was the last thing Brie's brother, Adam, said to her. As he took his last breath as a human, he forced one final smile. With him now trapped as a monster, she was losing time to bring him back. She fought hard to find a cure to save her brother, and possibly humanity, and she realized that the end of the world was close on her tail. Brie fell in love, she lost close ones, she almost lost herself. Can she really save the world?
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  • Dream Love
    Dream Love
    What happens when you fall in love with the fantasy man in your dreams only to discover that he's real... but, not human? That's the question that Gertie Hitchcock faced. Not only did her hot and sexy dream man show up in the flesh, but so did a lot of unexpected situations that included alien shape shifters and crazy lovers who stalked and kidnapped her! Can her Dream Love come to her rescue and save her from some seriously bad errors in judgement?
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