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  • The Lycan King
    The Lycan King
    Blair Cahill
  • My Alpha's Mark
    My Alpha's Mark
    JP Sina
  • The Bully's Obsession
    The Bully's Obsession
    Angela Shyna
  • No One's Luna
    No One's Luna
  • Loner to Luna
    Loner to Luna
  • Hybrid Aria
    Hybrid Aria
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  • Forever in the Past and Forever in the Future
    Forever in the Past and Forever in the Future
    Neener Beener
  • Alpha Asher
    Alpha Asher
    Jane Doe
  • Fated To The Alpha
    Fated To The Alpha
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  • Mated to the Alpha Twins
    Mated to the Alpha Twins
    Jane Doe
  • Mommy, Where Is Daddy? The Forsaken Daughter's Return
    Mommy, Where Is Daddy? The Forsaken Daughter's Return
  • Her Cold-Hearted Alpha
    Her Cold-Hearted Alpha
    Moonlight Muse
Love Stories
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  • The Agreement
    The Agreement
    .... ✧⋄⋆⋅⋆⋄✧⋄⋆⋅⋆⋄✧⋄⋆⋅⋆⋄✧⋄⋆⋅⋆⋄✧ 𝕴𝖋 𝖞𝖔𝖚 𝖎𝖓𝖋𝖑𝖎𝖈𝖙 𝖕𝖆𝖎𝖓 𝖔𝖓 𝖒𝖊, 𝕴 𝖜𝖎𝖑𝖑 𝖒𝖆𝖐𝖊 𝖘𝖚𝖗𝖊 𝖞𝖔𝖚 𝖌𝖔 𝖙𝖍𝖗𝖔𝖚𝖌𝖍 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝖘𝖆𝖒𝖊... ✧⋄⋆⋅⋆⋄✧⋄⋆⋅⋆⋄✧⋄⋆⋅⋆⋄✧⋄⋆⋅⋆⋄✧ 17 year old Valentina Smith a girl full of life. She had it all a normal girl could ask for. Good parents, good grades, friends that had her back, and a loving big brother. But one mistake of her brother leads to her walking down the aisle as the bride of the heartless Italian mafia Capo Alessandro Romano. Alessandro has been void of feelings for the past 2 decades while Valentina expresses herself. What happens when these two collide? Join the journey of Valentina as she is thrust into a new life of mafia, blood shed and illegal activities. In between all the chaos she tries to win over her heartless husband. She learns that no one could be trusted around her, maybe not even the man she has gotten used to call her husband. Will she be able to keep up the fight as she faces betrayal, pain and family secrets? Can she give up after all she is bind to him by '𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗔𝗴𝗿𝗲𝗲𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁'.
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  • The Accidental Wife
    The Accidental Wife
    Shayla Heart is a 27-year-old, fiercely independent young woman with aspirations of becoming an architect. After months of unsuccessful job interviews, her luck changes when she lands a job at Cult Designs--one of the worlds most prestigious architectural firms in London. A night out with her two best friends to celebrate her brand new job quickly gets out of hand when she finds herself in Las Vegas, hungover, with no memory and married to none other than Tristan Cole Hoult -- the dashingly handsome and charming stranger she meets at the club. The meaningless, wild, one-night-stand Shayla was hoping for turns out to be more than she ever bargained for. Voted one of the best and relatable love stories you will ever read. Shayla and Cole's fierce love will suck you in and grip you till the very end. You'll laugh with them...cry with them...and feel every heart flutter along the way. (The Accidental Wife: 151 Chapters & The sequel Love Me Again: 131 Chapters)
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  • CEO Husband's Crazy Love For His Little Wife
    CEO Husband's Crazy Love For His Little Wife
    Forced her into a marriage, in this world, he gave her everything she wished to have, except she can't look at any other man with her beautiful gaze, she can't love anyone but him, she was his, David Xiver was obsessed with Kate, one day someone asked him "why are you heartless?" He replied, "Because I do not have my heart with me, I have already given her my heart" everyone was getting jealous. People heard he had become the international magnate who had control over three realms, business, law, underworld. "You have more than enough power, why want to obtain more? " He carried her in his arms and declared, "I want to become the king of the world to make my wife the queen of the world. I want to make the world bow in front of her." People understood he had become a wife spoiling manic. They changed their target. They turned to her, "Your husband said he is a cold-hearted person because he left his heart with you. He wanted to become the king of the world to make the world bow in front of you. What is that supposed to mean? She laughed proudly "my darling's heart is the treasure of my life, God made him for me, only for me, I'm a very selfish woman, I don't want him to be soft toward anyone but me, I hate other women wandering around my husband, and his heart loves me the most. That's why his heart is ruthless for the world. What can I do? I'm the queen. Isn't this why he became the king? " She boldly proclaimed. Everybody almost vomited blood because of her words. This husband-and-wife would torture S country's people to death. Life was never easy for David and Kate, but they found each other and became each other's soul. Insta: tsi-author-official
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  • Ruthless
    ******** This book is strictly for mature audience. ********* I wish I could name this. But I can't. He is cruelly handsome, amazingly rich and undoubtedly a drug. He came into my life uninvited,forced himself into me physically and mentally. He broke every wall I built around my bruised soul. He brought the light I never asked for. Now the walls are down and love took a stroll, he left me shattered, crumbled and broken beyond repair.
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  • The Trap Of Ace
    The Trap Of Ace
    Seven years ago, Emerald Hutton had left her family and friends behind for high school in New York City, cradling her broken heart in her hands, to escape just only one person. Her brother's best friend, whom she loved from the day he'd saved her from bullies at the age of seven. Broken by the boy of her dreams and betrayed by her loved ones, Emerald had learned to bury the pieces of her heart in the deepest corner of her memories.Until seven years later, she has to come back to her hometown after finishing her college. The place where now the cold-hearted stone of a billionaire resides, whom her dead heart once used to beat for.Scarred by his past, Achilles Valencian had turned into the man everyone feared. The scorch of his life had filled his heart with bottomless darkness. And the only light that had kept him sane, was his Rosebud. A girl with freckles and turquoise eyes he'd adored all his life. His best friend's little sister.After years of distance, when the time has finally come to capture his light into his territory, Achilles Valencian will play his game. A game to claim what's his. Will Emerald be able to distinguish the flames of love and desire, and charms of the wave that had once flooded her to keep her heart safe? Or she will let the devil lure her into his trap? Because no one ever could escape from his games. He gets what he wants. And this game is called...The trap of Ace.
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  • Incompatible Souls : Forced into a Contract Marriage
    Incompatible Souls : Forced into a Contract Marriage
    The dominant, ruthless billionaire and a bold yet innocent girl, the opposite poles, are forced into a contract marriage of 1 year. There is only one mutual feeling between them i.e HATRED.What happens when these incompatible souls have to pretend to the outer world that they deeply love each other? Whether the love bloom or the hatred will take its toll? Whether they will realize that they are made for each other or just walk away after the contract ends? That's for you to find out :-) ---------Blurb----------"If you want me to stay away from other men then you also have to stay away from other girls" the girl declares trying to set herself free from his iron grip. "Ok" she was a little taken aback by his agreement "But" the side of his lip twitched a bit "you have to fulfill all the duties of a wife" She gasps which catch his attention. The hand that was holding her neck moves up and his thumb starts stroking her lips, gently. "BE MINE" he avowed "Completely and dutifully" His words held power and firmness which tremble the girl lying under him, under his mercy. "Every night I want someone to f**k. If not other women then for the coming year, it is going to be you" there was no tint of humor in his voice "Shall we start from tonight? Wifey!" ----------------------------(Story features Mature) Previously known as 'Incompatible Souls: Made for each other'
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Best Werewolf
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  • His Little Wolf
    His Little Wolf
    Bethany is 14 years old and a warrior's daughter at the moonshine pack, her life is perfect until that one night that turns her world upside down! rouges attack her pack leaving her alone to look after herself and her 6-month-old niece Bella! she manages to get away from the pack safely but for how long? there's someone that wants Bethany as his mate and he is willing to go to extreme lengths to get her! As soon as Bethany thinks she is safe, she's proven wrong time and time again! how will she get away from the darkness that is lurking? will she be forced to be someone's mate or is there anyone out there that can save her?
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  • The Red Wolf's Mate
    The Red Wolf's Mate
    COMPLETE! After losing her family in a rogue attack, Raina is left to put her life back together. Finding a new pack with her wolf, Lela, she is hoping to finally settle down and find her mate. Raina did not understand the significance of her red wolf, Lela, until she discovers just how significant a red wolf is to the entire werewolf community. Faced with new abilities as a red wolf, Raina must navigate how to manage her abilities while also facing ongoing threats of rogues who are trying to kidnap her. When Raina finds her mate, will she be able to finally escape the rogue threat and gain control of her abilities? This is Book One of the Red Wolf's Guardian Series.
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  • Alpha Atlas
    Alpha Atlas
    Raelynn Tress had never been strong or proud like the other werewolves in her pack. Fate had different plans, pairing her with the young Alpha Atlas Andino. Tossed aside as Alpha Atlas chose another, Raelynn leaves the pack with her Mom by her side. With a new pack that accepts her, Raelynn flourishes. She hadn't a clue secrets from the past would draw her home, back into the clutches of the Alpha who once rejected her. The world is changing, just as Raelynn changed. Undiscovered enemies lurk in every corner. Will she find her place in this new world, or be devoured by enemies she never knew existed?
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  • Beta's Surprise Mate
    Beta's Surprise Mate
    John: I was supposed to be the Alpha. I was supposed to find my mate first. How did my life come to this? A mateless 33-year-old virgin, okay, that part is my choice, helping plan my little brother"s wedding. And if that's not bad enough, I think my wolf has lost his mind or sense of smell. There's no way this human florist is my mate.Sarael: Being a small business owner is never easy, even less when you're a woman of color. But I love my little flower shop. I love it even more because it's half a world away from my family. I've lived relatively peacefully till John Kinsley of THE Kinsleys walked into my store. The man is by far the sexiest man I've ever seen. But he's also driving me crazy with this hot and cold attitude.This is a sequel to Alpha Logan. You do not need to have read Alpha Logan to enjoy this book, but it is encouraged.
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  • Contract Luna
    Contract Luna
    Brooklyn Blakley was classified as an Omega. She endured countless years of torment and abuse from her pack. Even though technically she wasn't an Omega, she wasn't able to reveal her true identity. When she was five she became an orphan and was taken in by the Alpha of the Lunar Eclipse pack. He only wanted her as a slave and she had never truly been accepted by the pack. On her eighteenth birthday, she find out that her biggest tormentors were planning to kill her. But when the son of the Alpha, the future Alpha realizes she is his fated mate, he can no longer look at her. He rejects her and then leaves her to die in the woods. Alpha Tatum Gunner had lost his mate three years ago. The elders are forcing him to take a Luna or he will have to step down. There is no one in Black Fang pack he wants to make as his chosen mate. He had no problem bedding the she-wolves in his pack, but there was nothing more he wanted from another female. There is only one girl he has ever loved. When he comes across a she-wolf in the forest, he thinks he has found his answer. He offers her a place in his pack. In exchange he wants her to sign a one year contract to act as his Luna. She has to carry his mark as his mate, but will not claim her. Once the year is up, he will find another pack for her to go. Will his ruthlessness towards her push her away when he realizes she is his second chance mate? What will happen when Brooklyn's truth comes to light?
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  • The Alpha's Moon Princess
    The Alpha's Moon Princess
    BOOK ONE OF THE MOON PRINCESS TRILOGY: A Prophecy, spoken by the three Goddesses known as The Fates, foretold of a child born with a white wolf. The child would become the ultimate destruction or the ultimate balance. On the night of a full moon, nearly eighteen years ago, the child was born and she would be known as Kyra, the Moon Princess. Kyra spent her life as a rogue, never belonging anywhere, constantly on the run. Until one fateful event lands her just outside the borders of the Night Blaze pack. The Alpha, Hunter, learns that she is his fated mate, but she doesn't believe it. The truth of who and what she is revealed. Kyra has to decide if she will stay with the devilishly handsome Alpha, who makes her question everything or face her past alone. For the first time in her life, more is at stake than just her life. Will she become their undoing and end up being the one that brings destruction to them? Life as Kyra knew it will never be the same, she will have many obstacles to overcome to learn who she is. Though will it be enough to fulfill her destiny? What will happen when she decides to stop running and face the past that haunts her?
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  • A Lycan and his Omega
    A Lycan and his Omega
  • Call Me Alpha
    Call Me Alpha
  • Cold Showers
    Cold Showers
  • Billionaire's Ex-wife is Mommy of Twins
    Billionaire's Ex-wife is Mommy of Twins
  • The Beast's Slave
    The Beast's Slave
  • Sinful Temptation
    Sinful Temptation
Mafia Romance
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  • The Shark Mafia Boss
    The Shark Mafia Boss
    I am the Shark of NYC. I am know in the business world for being relentless and having always my way. And my hidden side, my Italian Mafia side, I am a killer, I don't care who stands in my way because I will End you.Then everything went downhill when she walked into my life. Olivia Black. I need her. She will be mine and I don't care about the consequences. I will deal with them later. She will be mine. Even if it is the last thing I'll ever do.
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  • kidnapped by the mafia
    kidnapped by the mafia
    Violet Anderson, a young artist, lived in LA with her best friend, Tracy Derwin. She was living a calm life and although she studied art, she was working in a small restaurant . Vincenzo Mercanti, a 26 years old bachelor, king of the mafia in both, USA and Italy, cold hearted, merciless killer that lived a wealthy life. One night, two incidents changed both their lives, when the mafia don wanted a little brunette to be his. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Who is she?" I asked my best man, Giovanni. "I don't know. I came here with you man." He replied rolling his eyes. "I want her." I said. "What?" He turned abruptly and looked at me. "Bring her to me Gio or I'll kill you myself." I shot him a cold glare. "Okay."
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  • The Debt Collector
    The Debt Collector
    Alexander Wolf is a notorious and ruthless leader for the Mafia. He only cared about two things in life: Money and Power which he had both. He wasn't afraid to eliminate anything or anyone that gets in the way.But everything changed when he saw her. The innocent and naive daughter of the man who he almost killed for not repaying his debt. She was a sweet little thing who could be the perfect toy to play with until her father's debts were paid. Will he use her and throw her away just like every other girl or is she one who will finally melt his heart made of ice?Find my interview with Goodnovel: https://tinyurl.com/yxmz84q2
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  • Tied to the Mafia Man 2 : NERO
    Tied to the Mafia Man 2 : NERO
    Nero Vitiello is the son of Luca and Emma Vitiello. He took over the outfit as soon as he turned 21. The hard life of the mafia made him colder than his father. He never thought he would hold a gun at 12 and a man. But he did. An ambush on his father when he was not expecting it, forced Nero to hold a gun a , and three people. It made him understand the world he is living in much clearly than he already does. The easy-going boy died that day, and a cold mafia boss was born. After taking over the outfit, Nero began to lead with an iron fist and he decided to infiltrate his enemies. In one of those attempts, he went undercover and began to act as a guard to his enemy's daughter, Chloe. An innocent girl, who is a victim of this world and his enemy's fiance, who was trapped in to that marriage. He killed that man before he could marry Chloe. He thought it's the last time he would see Chloe. But fate has other plans for them, one which include them falling in love.
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  • Tied to the mafia man
    Tied to the mafia man
    Luca Vitiello is cold, aloof and the Mafia boss of the New York underworld. But he seized so many other outfits into his control, making him the Ultimate boss of half of the US. He was seen less, and talks even less. He is ruthless and emotionless. People will either freeze or shiver when they see him.He is colder than the Arctic. What happens if he was forced to protect a warm-hearted and innocent girl, who starts to melt the ice around his heart since the moment she met him?Emma Costello is the unwanted daughter of Frank Costello. He treats her like a maid and a commodity. What happens, when she was taken away from her sad life into a life of luxury. What happens when her savior starts to fall for her.He is 10 years older than her.Will she love him back?Will he be able to protect her when her father comes back for her?What will Luca do, when he finds out that her father sold Emma to a highest bidder?
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  • The Heir Mafia Boss
    The Heir Mafia Boss
    My name is Gabriel Lockwood, I am the sole heir of the Italian mafia in New York. You might know my father. The shark. Raphael Lockwood. He is getting old and soft, so I am taking over. I don’t pretend to be a businessman. I am The Heir and people respect me knowing exactly who I am and what I do. I can say I control most of my surroundings. But no King should rule without a Queen. My father’s reign became a lot more successful when he found his wife and partner in crime. I have been looking for my Queen, but what can I say? I am a player. And I haven’t found the right woman, the woman that will make me realise I only need her in my bed, and in my life... until now. She is the most enigmatic woman I’ve ever met. Even her name... She’s not afraid of me. And she dares to talk back. Intriguing. Does she even know who I am? If she doesn’t I will show her soon. Once I get her in my bed. This is Book three of The Shark Mafia boss. You don’t have to read the previous two to understand this book but it would give you a better perspective on the characters lives. This book contains violence and sexual content. Read at your own risk.
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Forever Young
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  • The Princes of Ravenwood
    The Princes of Ravenwood
    Riko: Another relocation, another private school. I'm used to it by now. At least this is the last time my dad's job can make me move and change schools. I just need to keep my head down and finish high school. I figured Ravenwood couldn't be any different than every other private school I've been set to. Oh, how wrong I was. No other school I've attended had guys like the Frost triplets. That's right, TRIPLETS! And I don't know why they've sent their icy sights on me, but they've ruined my plans of just going unnoticed and finishing senior year. Frost Triplets: Ravenwood has been a never-ending bore. Because we are Frosts, people kiss our ass from students to staff. They treat us like royalty. But, of course, we aren't, just from a very old and extremely rich family. None of them know us. Hell, they can't even tell us apart. Which usually suits us fine as we swap with each other for classes we don't like or even when dealing with girls. But it still pisses us off. It's been a long time since there was a new student at Ravenwood and who could blame us for deciding to tease her.
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  • Im -perfect
    Im -perfect
    Warning : Includes strong language . Jacob Knight is one hell of gorgeous Quarterback and he has it all , perfect face , perfect smile, perfect everything . Every girl that I knew of would have died to have a chance with him. But not me .. because I knew what laid behind his gorgeous facade . His first words " you are dead " spiralled my life out of control in highschool . And I hated him for that . Atleast I thought I did until I realised his true self . Devil as he was , even he deserved someone by his side . Bella Hamilton is the new school punch bag because I was the one who made her that. Everyone pegged her to be chubby , goodie two shoes and I did too until I kissed her as a dare and saw the rebellion that she pulled against my rein . Sometimes even Angels needs a trip to hell , after all what's so good about a perfect heaven ? Or was it even perfect ? If it was perfect ,why was it cruel to my little bible princess? loving her was dangerous but losing her was lethal . What happens when the devil knocks on your door what will you do? Maybe if you're the smartest of the lot , you will shut your door up and chant bible. But I wasn't , instead I let him inside my head , my heart and my soul. And what does a devil does the best ? He ruins . Just like he ruined me , with his imperfect , perfections. Cover pic is not mine - comment if you want to get it removed or email at somilsingh8400@gmail.com
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  • Secret Obsession
    Secret Obsession
    "It was a mistake! I apologized already," feeling so terrified as I moved backward. "You should have known me better than this, little sparrow," He chuckled deeply, his gaze fixed on me. "Lucas please!" I cried, now stopped by the wall as my heart beats faintly. "Don't worry it's just a little game, you and I will play, you'll love it, little sparrow," He smirked. I knew this was a trick, Ben lied when he said he wouldn't hurt me and I stupidly fell into the trap. Now, I was alone with him and in his room. I think this is the time for me to announce my funeral... "Strip!" His cold voice snapped me out,as he stared at me with a deadpan expression while I gazed at him in ultra shock. ****************** Camilla Evans is a gentle nerd in her finals at Watermark Highschool. As a nerd, the stereotypical notion of her wearing thick rimmed glasses, out-of-vogue clothes and shoes which were eighty percent of the time, twice her size still stands. Having been at the bottom of the food chain in Watermark Highschool, Camilla was liable to predators and the most annoying one of them all went by the name, Lucas Liam. Camilla had no idea why the hottest guy in school would even spare her a glance not to mention actually spending the whole day bullying and teasing her to no end. Could there be something else to these false acts of bully and teases from Lucas? Find out what happens when the Cheerleader, Jenny Layton put Camilla's life at stake? Will she be able to handle all the torments she's passing through especially when her mum died and her sister left her behind? CONTAINS EXPLICIT CHAPTERS!!! Follow me on my social media handle: Instagram: seunpeace_writes
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  • My Bully is A Psycho
    My Bully is A Psycho
    "Use your words Isabella , I want to hear that sweet voice of yours " His voice dripped with cold menace as his grip on my jaw tightened even more. My lips trembled under his harsh glare. I could barely manage to hold his gaze with my blurry teary ones . "I..I'm sorry A..Ace" I stuttered "You are always sorry, a pathetic cry baby is all you are ever going to be. " He sneered further tightening his grip on my shoulders. I couldn't stop an embarrassing tear that escaped my eyes at his words. "You are so pathetic, I will only hurt you more until you are nothing more than dust beneath my feet " My eyes widened when he inched closer , not knowing what to expect i shut my eyes tightly close . I stopped breathing when his breath fanned against my cheeks. When I opened my eyes he was gone. He used to be my crush and childhood best friend... But now he's my nightmare. He hates me, and he's vowed to make my life a living hell. Because I made a huge mistake. Staying alive when I should have died.
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  • Bestfriends Shouldn't Know How You Taste
    Bestfriends Shouldn't Know How You Taste
    Ashley Grey knows better than to get involved with her bestfriend that's in a relationship. She has been keeping her feelings for him a secret for years. Until one day they are dared to kiss each other. Then everything is flipped between them. Stolen kisses, touches and a whole lot of tension. These two go on a journey that will either drift them apart or pull them even closer. “ I can’t be your friend Ley when I know how you taste.”
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  • Rejected By My Best Friend, Accepted By The Bad-Boy
    Rejected By My Best Friend, Accepted By The Bad-Boy
    Four years ago, a 13 year old blackmailed me into friendship by holding my doughnut captive. We've been close ever since. But then, I noticed that I wanted to be more than just friends. I was in love with my best friend. Sadly, he didn't feel the same way. I thought my world was over. I was crushed. But to my utmost yet most delighted surprise, I just happened to fall into the arms of a certain bad-boy. Literally. He didn't just save me from what could've been a hell of a concussion that night. He saved my heart too. But hey, let's not get in over our heads now. It wasn't that easy. Not even close. After all, when two opposing worlds clash for the very first time, we cant just expect it to be all rainbows and sunshine. Now do we?
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The CEO and Me
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  • The Abandoned Bride: My Baby's Daddy Is In Love With Us
    The Abandoned Bride: My Baby's Daddy Is In Love With Us
    "Stop the car!" Shouted Albert "Boss!" "I said stop the car or you are fired!" Albert said coldly. 'Screeeeeeech' the driver stepped on the emergency break. Before he could react, his boss had already flung the door and was running towards a certain direction... .... "Let's go home." Hearing the word home, Velma looked at the man before her dumbly. "Let's go home..." Albert repeated himself. Before waiting for Velma to reply, he took her hand and led her to the car.
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  • You Can Run But You Can't Hide My Contractual Wife
    You Can Run But You Can't Hide My Contractual Wife
    "Let me borrow your husband for one night and I spare your dad's life." Trishia Meyer, the daughter of the Senator said. Arabella Jones was dumbfounded. She had to make a choice. To saved her father's company, Arabella had agreed to marry the evil billionaire, Bill Sky. They were bound to meet again after their coincidental kissed that night. They agreed to sign a non-disclosure contract and they swore not to love each other. Sacrificing herself to be with the domineering cold man and turning a blind eye to his sexual affairs with other women were some of the things she needed to endure everyday. Marriage with no love. Now that she conceived his baby, he wanted it to be aborted instantly. She thought that the baby inside her tummy would bring them closer together but he accused her on deceiving him. He looked at her as a two-timer and the worst gold digger. Arabella Jones then made a promise to herself that she would do everything to live a happy life with her baby away from him. Little did she knew, it's not for her to decide, that if the billionaire's wrath would allow her.
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  • The CEO's Serious Pursuit
    The CEO's Serious Pursuit
    After an unfortunate encounter at a restaurant, Ansel Adams has become obsessed with Elisa Campbell, a server at the restaurant who insults him then storms out of the restaurant in the heat of the moment, rendering him speechless. Ansel decides no matter what, he has to make her his. He even goes as far as tricking her into getting a job at his company. Elisa finally gives in to his advances which makes him even more confident and inflates his ego. However, everything is not as it seems. Elisa may not be the person he thought she was. And he may not be the only one who is good at scheming.
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  • The Escort
    The Escort
    "Say it!" He ordered "Lucas.." She whimpered at his knowing hand between her thighs. "Good girl" Jessica despised him, for ordering her around, he was almost everything she hated ..but oh his so sweet touch...
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  • Babysitting His Baby
    Babysitting His Baby
    The story of a young woman named Melissa Brooks who has been through enough problems in her life to last her a lifetime. She applies for a job as a personal assistant but she was offered a job as nanny to the billionaire’s daughter instead. Javier Edwards was in desperate need of a nanny for his nine month old daughter, Lucy who has proven to be a handful. Fortunately for him Melissa happened to be there when his daughter was throwing one of her tantrums and she was able to calm her down when nobody else was able to. He made her an offer he knew she wouldn’t be able to refuse.What happens when they start having uncontrollable desires and feelings for each other? Will Javier be able to look past all her flaws and past?Trigger Warning: This story contains abuse.
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  • Gunnar
    Quinn Harper — an eighteen year old that only wanted to live her life as a normal, everyday teenager finds herself doing her father's bidding. She goes undercover as a secretary for the CEO of a rival company so she can gain information that could possibly help her father but she soon learns that not everything is as it seems. Gunnar Astor — a twenty-eight year old CEO of Astor Architecture — is a methodical man. He has everything planned out, ready to take revenge for something that had happened to him and his family ten years ago. Those plans crumble the moment he figures out who Quinn really is. With secrets unraveling and Quinn finally finding out the truth that has been hidden from her, how will she react? Most of all, will Gunnar and her find something close to love while trying to repair the damage the past had created?
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A Touch of Rainbow
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  • Two Parts Of One [ BxB ]
    Two Parts Of One [ BxB ]
    Brian is the eighteen year old Alpha's son and Beta to his birth pack. He meets his fated half days after his birthday. Aaron is the twenty year old Alpha to his birth pack. He is stoic and shows very little emotion. How will this seemingly mismatched pair's relationship work out? Read more to find out!
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  • A Page of Love: Author-sama Loves Me
    A Page of Love: Author-sama Loves Me
    Love is something to never be ashamed of, it's okay to fall in love even if that person is someone of the same sex. That's the way I feel towards the person who showed me how to love. I love him, I want him and I want to hold him but the problem is... His married. Leslie Campbell is a young omega who is married to a beta. He is a book enthusiast who became an editor for a successful publishing company and he is assigned to his favorite author, Azrael Mitsuki Bethan, a Japanese American writer who paints the world in white and black. However, there is one serious problem... Azrael hates omegas especially male omegas. Leslie is determined to be Azrael's editor but their relationship becomes complicated when forbidden emotions start to develop leaving Leslie in a state to choose between his marriage and his soulmate while Azrael battles with his heart and his conscience. Heartwarming relationship between the alpha who desires to hate and the omega who knows only how to love.
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  • Can't See But Feel
    Can't See But Feel
    "𝒪𝓃𝓁𝓎 𝒾𝓃 𝓉𝒽𝑒 𝒹𝒶𝓇𝓀𝓃𝑒𝓈𝓈 𝒸𝒶𝓃 𝓎𝑜𝓊 𝓈𝑒𝑒 𝓉𝒽𝑒 𝓈𝓉𝒶𝓇𝓈." -Martin Luther King. Jr. What is light? I don't know... Maybe will never know... Noah Carter, a seventeen years old teen, who joins The Royal High School after being homeschooled for his whole life because of his blindness, finds himself a mystery man whom he falls in love with...
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  • Keep Me Warm
    Keep Me Warm
    In a world where judgment is so easily passed, how can love be free and true? Is there a world where two people can freely express their love for one another and show their true color? How can someone so sure about himself become so conflicted about everything because of a stranger he just met?
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  • The Prince and His Prisoner
    The Prince and His Prisoner
    Prince Aldridge Camionare, the seventh prince of the Holy Land, found out that he was a prince later than he should. With a mother who died, a father who doesn’t care for him and siblings who will never accept him is left to do his duties. Aldridge minded his ways until he met the Duke's son who he had fallen in love with. The two of them had their fun together until rumours spread about an affair which the Duke apparent immediately put an end leaving Aldridge distraught and helpless. During this time he uncovered a plot that threatened the crown and was granted three gifts, one of them allowing everyone who wanted to be with the same sex immunity from death. With this new law, Aldridge could do whatever he wanted as long as it was not against the crown and with daddy blessing, he went in search of someone who would never leave him. Shawn Seghatchian was found in the dungeon by Prince Aldridge to stand as his personal bodyguard. Being released and following the prince's orders, Shawn later realised that something unexpected was developing between the two of them but as things develop, the nobles cause troubles, so many troubles for the prince and his prisoner. But does this really affect the bond between the Prince who has a personality disorder and the prisoner who is as loyal as a dog? AND while they saved the kingdom one body at a time? Cover art by: Pen Guevarra
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  • Whispers of Love
    Whispers of Love
    Abigail a young intelligent staff was in love with her hard face boss Debbie. A love that most people wouldn’t accept nor expects, neither have they known that Abigail and Debbie overcame so many heartaches and trials before they’ve been so sure of what they’re feeling. When their worlds collide, amidst uncertainties they fought together and a new adventure of love begins. Different people have different love stories. The love between two people doesn’t come from snap of a finger and presto - two magical love relationships were born. For Abby and Debbie, a constant balance was their barometer for success. This goes to prove that emotions are not the only basis of love. True affection, commitment and respect must be present elements that will glue them together. Abby and Debbie’s love surpassed the test of time, characters and money. Within a year, they have acquired their own properties and eventually started living their lives together.
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New Arrivals
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  • My Mysterious lover- Hawk
    My Mysterious lover- Hawk
  • The Billionaire's Secret Lover
    The Billionaire's Secret Lover
  • Conflicted
  • His Doll
    His Doll
  • Billionaire's Secret Baby - Special Delivery
    Billionaire's Secret Baby - Special Delivery
    S. Cinders
  • Hidden in the Shadows
    Hidden in the Shadows
    Rachel Moss
Fantasy World
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  • Magnus: Dragon Prince
    Magnus: Dragon Prince
    A Fantasy Novel that brings Rex Magnus's struggle to life. After he was left by his birth parents, given to his grandmother, Iris who tries her best to shield Rex and bring him up to be the best he can be, he is constantly getting beaten down during his 17 years, soon he will be 18 and before he knows it, will unlock secrets he didn’t think could exist, he was part of a royal family of people who had mastered the skill of fusing their souls with dragons! This brings certain perks and power and he soon finds out, brings just as many negatives with it. He will meet new friends on his journey to claiming his birthright, some helpful and some with their own agendas and he hopefully can form a normal family after 18 years of separation. It isn’t long before he is challenged by creatures of shadow, beasts of legend and races of people that possess great power who want his for their own. Using his new found abilities and friends he will carve a path that will be remembered for centuries, being next in line for emperor over the land of Dracoterrum possessing the power of dragon should make it an easy task, right?
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  • Life as A Servant
    Life as A Servant
    ‘Life is cruel’, Such a saying can be applied to Bin, who’s a youth diagnosed with a strange terminal illness. He passes every day working various odd jobs to support himself and earn enough money for his young sister after his imminent death. However, his life gets turned upside down when he meets Jasmine Lemore, a girl hailing from a very rich family. "I've come for my money, but since you can't pay, I'll have you become my loyal servant. You have no right to refuse!"
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  • Blood Wolf
    Blood Wolf
    Earn a few coins, find something to eat, hide at night, survive another day. Life was tough but simple enough for Adam. All he had to do was be a good man and keep his adopted sister safe. It was all good, until one day his peaceful life was disturbed. And in the moment of death, something decided to save his life, but at what cost?***Now Adam can never go back to the simple life he had. When he was forced to follow a new path or find his death. When he was forced to fight back against the world. When he was forced to protect the woman who made his life full of trouble. When the orphan boy who once hid from the night was forced to become the predator who rules the Shadows.
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  • The Dragon King's Obsession
    The Dragon King's Obsession
    " One of you three will become the Dragon king's wife ! " said the king .Without even knowing it , this one sentence would change Charlotte's life forever . From a forgotten princess to the wife of the most feared king on earth . The dragon king , Damien PenDraco ! He was ruthless , he was cold-blooded, he was a pure dragon with a scary appearance and skin similar to a snake . Charlotte was the second daughter of the king . Her mother was one of the king's concubines . Her father lost his favor towards her mother and her . Although Charlotte was a princess , she was never treated as one. They often got bullied and mistreated by the queen and her daughters . When the marriage offer came from king Damien , the palace was in shock . King Damien used the marriage as an excuse so that he could get his hands on the land where the crystal of power could be found .The king couldn't refuse him . Neither of his daughters wanted to marry him . The marriage proposal was the only way Charlotte could be free .In exchange for her mother's divorce from her father and freedom, she started her journey to king Damien's castle . ' Everywhere is better than this hell! ' thought Charlotte .King Damien was exactly as described, a real dragon ." If you don't want to be my wife, you will work as a servant in my castle! "said Damien looking at Charlotte's rejection ." No problem ! " said Charlotte .When the king learns about Charlotte's immense knowledge of archeology , he offered her the freedom she longed for in exchange for her help in finding the crystal of power .The two of them agreed and started their journey in finding the crystal power but after finding it , king Damien refused to let her go . " You're mine ! "
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  • Traveller Of Two Worlds
    Traveller Of Two Worlds
    What will you do if you somehow were able to travel between two world?. Harem? Wealth? Power? Adventure?... Sai Mies was able to travel between two worlds Earth and Fantasma, With that ability he swore to changed his mundane life to the better. Each steps he take will bring him closer to his aim, to become the most wealthiest and powerful man in both worldsP/s The image wasn't mine, i wil take it down if asked to. :) tq. also i was invited by the GoodNovel Team to post my works here, so i guess why not. I'm not an english speaker, jusy a heads up.
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  • Hunters: The Prequel
    Hunters: The Prequel
    "My heritage is a strange one, my destiny even stranger. My journey is not for the faint hearted, and even my friends cannot truly be trusted. Yet I will come out on top, for I am the Supreme"Our story starts on the planet of Zandor, as a young boy realizes that his path isn't as simple as it seems. Follow Mane as he strives to understand what it means to be a Supreme, and uncover the reason why so many gods want him dead.
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Vampire Diaries
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  • The Ancient Vampire and His She-Wolf (bk 2 of triplet warriors)
    The Ancient Vampire and His She-Wolf (bk 2 of triplet warriors)
    Godfrey, an ancient vampire and head councilor, of the Shadow Warriors is in pursuit of a powerful scent he cannot turn away from. He hunts it down, and finds a beautiful she-wolf who believes they are fated mates. Will Godfrey accept her as his intended and give in to his desires? Will he be able to be around a human, so intimately and possibly for the next few centuries and not hurt her, not drag her into his messy life? Many foes wish to get their revenge against Godfrey. He makes new enemies every day that he passes judgment in court. Will the witch Fiona come back to haunt him? Will his sister who has been out of the picture for centuries be a friend or foe? Godfrey gets a taste of love, of what it means to have feelings and happiness. To care for someone other than himself. But nothing lasts forever, and no one knows that better than an ancient vampire. Will the Shadows be able to keep their enemies at bay so love has a chance? Find out in the next book of the Shadow Warrior series, The Ancient Vampire and His She-Wolf.
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  • Trapped Between Two Alphas
    Trapped Between Two Alphas
    "What's that?" I whispered to myself as I felt something moved very fast behind me. It was very dark at night and a dim-lighted lamp was the only source of light I had to see my way home! "Oh my God!! What could that be?" I whispered to myself again as it moved again, this time, I felt it getting closer to me. Suddenly, I heard a soft whisper close to my left ear "she's back and will spare no one". I became more terrified and decided to run. As I was running, I felt that something was running after me, something I couldn't see. Suddenly, my foot hit a stone on the ground and I fell down with a loud thud, shattering the only source of light I had to pieces! And as I was trying slowly to get back to my feet, I was startled by what I perceived in my nostrils. It was as if what was chasing me was right before my face but yet, I couldn't see it, I could only perceive the smell of warm human blood!
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  • Vampire Ruler's strong Bride
    Vampire Ruler's strong Bride
    He is charming , powerful , a prince and above all a vampire . She is a strong and naive girl. His charm is indifferent in her eyes. Her indifference breaks into his cold character and catches his interest . She is independent yet he wants to turn her into his pretty doll .Everything remains quiet at the beginning but many secrets from the past will emerge and Kiara's life will change dramatically . She'll have to face a lot of dangers and while solving the mysteries of her origin . The result of these changes will lead her towards a path with a lot of questions about the unknown .An ancient ceremony took place in the royal palace, in Sky's honor where he would be selected as the next Vampire leader and chose his fiancée between the three most powerful clans . This was a secret meeting that was known only by the leaders and close friends . The ceremony seemed to be going well but an accident occurred. The ceiling broke and Kiara fell into the magic circle of bloody moonlight power and was chosen as the fiancée of prince Eskylrious . She desperately tried to leave but there was no way to escape the claws of the crown prince of the Vampires . At the beginning she thought that as long as she could break this magical connection that bounded them , she would regain her freedom but after the magic was broken , the prince wouldn't let go of her .A bride who is hard to temper and a prince who is hard to deal with . How will they live together , as a married couple ? A story five hundred years old between the most powerful clans , a love that was supposed to have withered is transmitted to the heirs . Full of passion mixed with comedy and heir's love .
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  • The Vampire's Omega
    The Vampire's Omega
    Bella was the omega of the pack who got rejected by her mate, alpha Lucas, after he had abused her. That same night she was rejected, she ran away, she ran to the vampire's land, hurt and battered. Running into the hands of Blade Hemlock's men, the vampire king's men who were sent to guard the land. The goddess got her remated to the vampire king, Blade Hemlock. Would she accept her true found love, or would she run away and not accept her new found life in the vampire's pack, which was the werewolves worst enemies. When she heard that she had been cursed with another mate. Now let's roll into the mysterious tide, between these two mates, who had experienced a painful past. Would they overcome it, or would they allow their past destroy their sweet future.....
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  • The Alpha's Surprised Mate (Book #1 of Silver Moon Series)
    The Alpha's Surprised Mate (Book #1 of Silver Moon Series)
    Mykayla believed she was a normal human even if she lived in a world with supernatural beings. After moving to a new state and city for a fresh start with her younger sister she is into the supernatural world even more than before. After her new boss turns out to be her mate she finds she is the target of a revenge plot. However, what she doesn't know is that a much higher power is going to help her pack protect their luna. Soon family secrets are revealed and she finds out that she and her sister are the daughters of a god. Soon the pack has goddesses assisting to protect and the beta of the pack happens to be the mate of one of the goddesses. New allies join the pack and even more secrets and powers are revealed. While this alpha thought that he found his mate in an ordinary human woman, never did he in his wildest dreams know what surprises his mate had for him.
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  • Mated To The Alpha Kings
    Mated To The Alpha Kings
    Her name is Delaney. An addict! A girl who believes that no man on earth could satisfy her sexual cravings except herself... That's right, she's a masturbator. She hates the fact that she's that way but there's nothing she can do about it, her stepdad made it impossible for her to be with other men. Never once has she felt any kind of sensation whenever she's close to males, no matter how cute or handsome they are. No heart ripples nor butterflies dancing in her tummy, nothing! But all that changed when she met Knox and Rakel. Dangerous was the first thing that came to her mind the moment she met them. Everything about them screams danger. What happens when she discovers that they are both her mates?
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    Luciano Knight'Analise James'. A woman who owns my heart. She is not my only love but also light in my dark world. She is special and beautiful. When I first saw her in my club working as a waitress, I was mesmerized by her beauty. For once in my life I felt my heart was alive.I watched her everyday stopping myself from claiming her because she is too pure for my dark world. But one day when I saw someone trying to rape her.I lost it and claimed my beautiful angel. Now she is only mine to love and to possess...................................He gave her everything but stole her freedom and broke her soul.
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  • The Assassin's Destiny VII
    The Assassin's Destiny VII
    Argent is a seasoned assassin, trying to bring down an underground slave auction when he sees her. Penelope had moved to Brazil in hopes of starting over again after the death of her beloved uncle. With her best friend in tow, she is ready for a new adventure. Unfortunately, adventure comes in the form of a kidnapping, and a possible life as a slave. Hope is almost lost until she meets Argent's beautiful golden eyes across the auctioneer's platform. Neither expected to find love or to be caught in a web of lies that nearly keeps them apart. But there are no regrets when destiny is involved.
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  • Seduction & Betrayal
    Seduction & Betrayal
    Sierra Ryans has a rough past but has worked very hard to over come it. She has been a cop with the Klamath Police Department for quite a few years now with her partner and best friend Mack Stone. She is currently investigating a sadistic serial killer dubbed The God of Torture, who just so happens to have his sights set on he head strong Detective. Xavier Collans has been watching over Sierra for almost her entire life. He knew a secret of hers the she didn't even know. He figured that it was already going to be hard to protect her as she is a Detective but now with the added threat from The God of Torture, he would have to enlist the help of an old friend. His feelings for Sierra were making it harder for him to be her guardian and he knew that it was only a matter of time before he would succumb to them. He just hoped it would be clear headed in time to save her life!
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  • Psycho Mafia 2
    Psycho Mafia 2
    "You left me and trusted him You said I committed a sin You moved on, started a new life While I cried as you again stabbed my heart with a knife, You thought now everything's gonna be okay, everything's gonna be fine But how can you forget so easily that Rose, you're only mine" "Xa-Xavier?" "Did you missed me Rose?"
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  • Her Bidder (Savior or Villain) Book-I
    Her Bidder (Savior or Villain) Book-I
    A girl named "Swara" spending her life, by doing a job in one cafe in the city of "London." She was happy in her small world created by herself. However, her life changed when she got kidnapped one day while returning from her job at night. Later, when she opened her eyes, she found herself tied with a pole. And in front of her were standing the people, who were having the sight of vultures. "No...," she murmured in fear.
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  • The Assassin's Blood: The Confradia Assassins III
    The Assassin's Blood: The Confradia Assassins III
    Declan Archer is a trained assassin with no emotional ties or complications. But his life is about to change forever when a brother he never knew he had, finds him, and a woman he has only dreamt of shows him that emotional ties can be seductively sweet. Santana’s a determined woman trying to survive in a harsh world. As a young girl, she was burdened with the responsibility of caring for her stepbrother, Connor. Resigned to never fall in love, Santana focuses on making life easier for her and her stepbrother. That is until she encounters a mysterious stranger who makes her question her feelings. Too bad that she will never see him again─or so she thinks. When Connor finds a mysterious picture of a brother he never knew he had. He and Santana will find themselves pulled into the shadowy world of the Confradia, and series of events that will change their lives forever.
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Chick Lit
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    She's given him a baby... An IVF clinic mix-up means eternally single Michaela 'Misha' Roberts is now carrying the child - no, the ROYAL heir - of Massimiliano ‘Maxim’ Federico Arturo di Montbéliard, Prince of Carpathia! Now he'll take her for his wife! Maxim gave up on the hope of fatherhood a long time ago, but now the ruthless ruler will seize this surprise second chance. However, tradition is high on the Prince's agenda, and he'll never stand for an illegitimate heir... Michaela is about to find out that royal marriage is a command, not a choice! Maxim placed his hand over her belly again. His expression was pretty intense. “This is my baby that you carry, Michaela. Our baby. I couldn’t feel it more if you had conceived in my .” His accent was thicker than she’d ever heard it, and his voice had a husky rasp that made her pulse pound. “The attraction between us is very… convenient.” “Convenient?” Michaela's felt thick and clumsy, her mind still clouded by passion. “Of course. How could it not be convenient for me to feel desire for my future wife?”
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    It only took one Summer Night, two years ago, for her life to completely be turned upside down. She had to make a decision then, alone and now 2 years later, she still lives with the feeling of something missing in her life. When she crosses paths with Reece Cullen, the man who left her out in the cold, all because to him, that night was nothing more than a mistake, she vows to never fall weak in front of him and give an insight of how affected she was, when he compared her to the others and demanded, that he get rid of the ' mistake.' One thing she can't do, is fall. No, never again.
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  • Girlfriend By Accident
    Girlfriend By Accident
    Henry Payne has everything, the looks, the money, the name, the good grades in Oxford university and always a beautiful girl wrapped up around his arms. He thinks he has it all until he sees the new girl at a party. She is unattainable, wild, and doesn’t care for his attempts to conquer her. Abbey Hardy arrived like a hurricane into Henry’s life, and she turns his head upside down. She becomes his little obsession when she turns him down. Henry makes a bet with his friends, and Abbey is the ultimate prize. Abbey could cost Henry more than just his sanity, and she can cost him his relationship with his father. Will Henry be willing to give it all up for Abbey, or will he chose money and family?
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  • Grieving Hearts
    Grieving Hearts
    Agustin DeLuca looked at the photos infront of him, rage burning through his veins, as he watched his wife in someone else's arms. ~~~~ He was one of the most renowned businessman of the country, know for his ruthlessnes and arrogance. He prided himself for being good at reading people like an open book, he thought nothing goes unseen from his scrutinizing eyes, yet the irony, he couldn't see the truth of his own wife when innocence was written all over her face, vulnerability swirling in her doe eyes, silently begging for him to believe her. He lost everything that mattered to him two years back, because he chose to trust the wrong person, but now that he knows the truth, there is nothing he won't do to get her back, nothing. 'Get ready Onika DeLuca , I am coming,' he said to himself, determination shining in his orbs, holding a dark promise. ~~~~ "I promise you, the face I remember before dying will be yours, the last thing I will wish to see will be you, whether it is today, tomorrow or fifty years from now.It will always be you, Onika". -Agustin DeLuca.
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  • New Year's Eve Baby
    New Year's Eve Baby
    When Elena Thunder finds the most perfect man to kiss at midnight on New Year’s Eve, she thinks its fate. But little does she know that Knight Blaze isn’t as simple as he seems and that the only reason he spends the night with her is because he has something entirely different on his mind. Come morning, Knight leaves Elena feeling hurt and betrayed and with something she’d have never anticipated from a one-night stand with a stranger, a baby conceived on New Year’s Eve. But Elena isn’t weak and she doesn’t let heartbreak bring her down. She decides to raise her child without a father. But fate has other plans for her as she accidentally bumps into Blaze once more during a fashion show and this time, he’s determined to make her stay.
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  • His Billionaire Wife?
    His Billionaire Wife?
    She was my boss's only daughter. A soon to be billionaire. Zoya Ali, daughter of the renowned Billionaire Rehmat Ali placed a tough contract before me. I, Abrar Zafar, a simple guy with an ugly income couldn't digest her offer. However, I was forced by her to save my job by pretending to be her husband. She hid the actual reason for that contract from me. Unaware of the truth, I started falling for her. I didn't know what the actual reason was behind a billionaire girl offering a low middle-class boy for a fake marriage? But her one decision changed my life completely. I fall in love for the first time and destroyed by love. I realised my first mistake was to love her also the last mistake was loving her madly.
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  • You Are My Secret
    You Are My Secret
    #ATouchofRainbow #mxb #boyslove Once upon a time... He did something to survive university. He became a sugar baby to a wealthy sugar daddy. Several years later, he fell instantly in love with a boy... who happens to have a very hot and gorgeous father. Will he win the boy's heart or his intimidating father? Or can he be selfish and have them both? Will his shameful past prevent him from his happy ending?
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  • The Male Omega's Awaking
    The Male Omega's Awaking
    For the last two years, Kane has been dreaming of the day when his mate finally turns 18 and they can finally claim each other. However, his world suddenly comes crashing down and his dream is instantly destroyed when the alpha announces that his son (Kane's mate) has found his mate, who is the daughter of a neighboring pack's alpha. However, he can't bring himself to say anything. He has kept this a secret for two years and he was waiting for another few months until his mate's birthday, but that day is never coming now. He can't stand seeing his mate with another, and he can no longer handle being in his pack. He can't let his father know either, since he is the pack's Beta. What can he do? The only thing that he can think of.... He will keep his secret and run as far away as possible. He will no longer be Kane, but he will become a new person, with a new name. Blake. That sounds nice. It also reminds him of black, which is what his past is now.
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  • One Night with Blaze
    One Night with Blaze
    #boyslove #bxb #lgbtq+ #TonightWeareYoungcontest Blaze Arden Vaughn is an heir of a huge empire, an ace student of medical faculty, very handsome, sweet and nice. His name signifies fire but his heart is as cold as ice. Ace Daxton Anderson is a known 'one night stand' guy and a bi. A gang leader who won't back down from a gang fight and is not afraid to be bruised just to prove his point. They are both in the same university but they have their own territory and never knew each other's existence. Until the day that the Ice Prince fixed his cold gaze on the very hot gang leader on the field. "You want me that bad...that your eyes are screaming it out loud..." Blaze announced with his challenging tone and a calm smile, making Ace's jaw clenched while their gazes locked. "I can smell your desire even from afar..." Blaze continued with a very subtle smirk, making Ace grit his teeth. "Who would not...you are Blaze Arden Vaughn...the epitome of perfection...everybody's dream guy" Ace sarcastically responded, a smirk grazed his lips. His jaw clenching in annoyance not with Blaze but with himself. "So Ace Anderson, want to try, a Blaze Arden Vaughn for tonight?" Blaze smirked as he casually ask, making the grim face of the gang leader dumbfounded. A one night stand offered by the cold and distant Blaze Arden Vaughn, just one night of pleasure… one night of curiosity. #happypridemonth
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  • My Alpha
    My Alpha
    Ash just wants to feel love, as an omega, he never feels true love. So what happens when he meets a pureblood Alpha.Alex, a name which sends shiver in everyone spin, he usually doesn't trust anyone because of his past, he also has a limited number of friends. But what happens when he meets most beautiful and innocent omega, will he take a risk again. Will he protect the omega at any cost.This story mostly focus on Alpha and Omega dynamic and how society threat the ones whom they find weak and worthless.
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    Indebted since twenty-year-old, Eden struggles between taking care of his wife and child and studying at university. The loan sharks follow him every day and everywhere, putting his family in danger. One day, the CEO of a big company offers him a job as his son's bodyguard. Harvey is careless, has no responsibility and cherishes his social life. But what would happen once he meets his handsome bodyguard? And worse, how could he seduce him when he has a wife and a five-year-old son?
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  • How to Destroy a Badboy
    How to Destroy a Badboy
    When certified straight fuckboy Valentine kissed the closeted Dominic, he began craving for more.Confused feelings will force Valentine to pursue Dominic. Little did he know, Dominic was on his mission to destroy him.How to Destroy a Fuckboy1. Steal his attention.2. Make him kiss you.3. Make him want moooooore.4. Surprise him.5. Make him ask you on a date.6. Make sure that your first date will be memorable.7. Seduce him and leave him hanging.8. Make him introduce you to his parents. 9. Make him ask you to be his boyfriend.10. Destroy him.Note: Don't ever fall in love with him.
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Science Fiction
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  • The Liberal Assassin
    The Liberal Assassin
    Many galaxies away on a frigid planet called Spxtro, humans are nearly extinct. It is up to the survivors of The Great Combustion to build a new society. 800 years later, under the rule of a corrupt Parliament, humanity is once again divided. The rich lived in the Inner City while the poor lived in the Slums where supplies were scarce. Out of curiosity and mischief, Titus sneaks out of the Academy and the Inner City to visit the Slums. There he met a former hitman who taught him the way of the Slums. When Mia Elliot's body turned up in the wastelands near the Slums, Titus vows to find and punish the ones responsible for her gruesome death. Some digging revealed the Parliament's involvement and human experimentation. Can Titus bring down the corrupted Parliament and free Luna from the system? Full Book Available on Amazon, weekly updates.
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  • Bred by the Alien King
    Bred by the Alien King
    Megan Harding has just landed her dream job on the Elite space station, but her dreams quickly turn to disaster when gravity pulls her in crash landing into the King of Altundral's spacecraft, where she finds herself falling for the handsome Alien king Halturian.Can Megan save the Altundral people from extinction? Will the universe bring them together to save his people?
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  • Fictitious Reality
    Fictitious Reality
    ##WELCOME TO THE YEAR 2075## The Future is here.Sia Zen gets separated from her parents at the tender age of seven when she hides in a boat that was destined for Sentinel islands. She is brought up by Mr. Roy who guides and supports her. She goes on to become the sole librarian of the island. One day she wakes up to realize that she doesn't remember anything that happened in the past few days. After a long struggle when she regains her memory she is faced with a dilemma. She has to choose between saving her lover and saving the human race. Will she find the courage to the one who has gone against his own kind to save her life or would she choose to ignore the destruction that is lurking?It is easy to choose between right and wrong but the real challenge is making a choice between 'GOOD' and 'BETTER' ; 'BAD' and 'WORSE'.
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  • Dark Worlds
    Dark Worlds
    Not everyone is born strong, Some are soft like the cotton candy clouds, like the first rays before dawn. Some are unaware of the dark thoughts and the cruelty that exists. Like an enchanting pearl in an oyster..protected. There comes a day they realise that even the sweetest red roses have thorns and then they begin their journey from virtue to sin. And just like that they have to change. "He took my virginity, broke my heart... stomped on it like it was the easiest thing to do. What goes around comes around too because that's what I represent.... Karma." This is a tale of Revenge.
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  • I'm the Immortal Business Tycoon
    I'm the Immortal Business Tycoon
    "Days that you need to change back isn't that impossible with a Time Machine." Bold letters were written from the machine itself. ... One day I got lucky! I found a time-travelling machine! No one knows where this time machine came from. So I did was to try this machine. At first, I don't believe it but it worked! If God sent me this heavenly machine then I won't eat noodles again! Never ever in this life anymore! I can be the best of all! To be continued... Satou, D.
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    This is the age of exotics and technology. Due to the discovery of the wonder mineral resource referred to as exotics, humanity was plunged into an era of war. A vicious circle of killing each other for this rare resource began as technology improved tremendously due to it. Your neighbor country of yesterday is now your rival for exotics. This led to the great battle of supremacy as the world became submerged in war heralding the 3rd world war. After the great battle, the world changed tremendously as the big 5 organizations came to power. The Mercenary Alliance, The Apocalypse Military Organization, The Sea Farers Alliance, Araga, and Oakland came into power as the tyrants of this era. Clark Pendragon was born into this cruel era where the ones with the biggest fist speak. After his parent's death, he enrolled in a cadet training course, where he graduated to become an exceptional Spartan soldier; the best in his batch. With the help of his country Sparta, his wife Sonia, and a lot of other factors Clark gradually fought his way to the peak of power as an elite grade soldier. Join me as we witness Clark's legendary and meteoric rise to power, and how he'll conspire against and overthrow the rule of the big 5 to stabilize the world again.
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