Your favorite werewolf writing contest
is back again!

No matter what type of your alpha or his taste of a mate is, one thing is for sure -- love conquers all.

Let your main characters shower in the challenges fate has to offer, and let their love be their most powerful weapon in the battle with destiny for their redemption.

We want to hear the fascinating stories about all the forces trying to keep your alpha and his mate apart, where these forces all fail miserably in the face of their love, even if these forces are family feud, evil witches, or just a jealous ex.

Anything can happen in a magical world, and love always conquers all.

We will be at the finish line with the prizes... waiting for your story!

We've got a special surprise for you this time!
If your book has over one million views,
you will have your winning times

all the way up to TWENTY-FOUR!

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Here are some storylines we cooked up for you if you want to know the market trend~ A good idea is halfway to your success! Feel free to use any of these ideas but you can absolutely create something new!

The Cursed Lover

Admired and envied and by his pack, and yet the alpha has a burden that no one could bear for him: a witch's curse has kept him from finding his mate for all these years. He could be locking his own heart up; he might also face the risk of being cast out by his own pack. No matter what his decision is, one thing is sure: love always finds its way.

Inter-species Love

Sweetness turns sour when an alpha finally meets the girl of his life just to find out that she's not a werewolf. What's even worse is that the family behind her has been werewolves' nemesis for centuries. Love conquers all, of course, but the question is — how?

Rejected Mate

Werewolves' mates are destined, but there are ALWAYS those who would try to go against the Moon Goddess's arrangement and give us a fascinating story of a heart-aching rejection. Is he just too arrogant to be with anyone? Or maybe she's the one who does this for the pack's greater good. But in the end, after the heavy price being paid, love always wins.

The Wolfless Girl

The most special wolf girl meets the rarest yet toughest problem: missing her wolf. Your late bloomer's special feature can be anything. Born a witch hybrid or under a moonless night, maybe she's just the weakest cub. But one thing is certain: she will be rewarded with the most special wolf when she defeats her fate.

Here are also some keywords that might give you inspirations on composing an amazing book. Feel free to grab some of these and use them to make your story more captivating. Thinking about what core conflict and sub-conflicts the protagonists need to face can help bring the best out of your story!

AlphaSlaveEnemiesHybridShapeshifterTwinsRevengeWolflessPetInter-speciesRogueClaimingTamingPackDominantCold-heartedMarkingHunterCursedSoul mateHealingAngstyKnightPossessiveFated

For more guidance on writing a werewolf book, check our free course on How to Write a Werewolf Best-seller:


Books with at least one werewolf protagonist are qualified to enter this contest.


Books already signed with us are not qualified to enter this contest.


Books already entered any other contests on our site are not qualified to enter this contest.


All entries must have at least 60k words to be considered qualified for winning before the evaluation process begins.


Data including views and word count will be collected one month after the contest ends, which is on May 26, 2022.


The erotic content in a book cannot exceed 10%.


Poems, Fanfic or non-fiction are not eligible to be nominated for prizes.


Only English books are qualified to enter this contest.


What if my book doesn't have 60k words by the end of the contest?


You can still update your works after the deadline for entering. We will start the evaluation one month later, which is May 26, 2022.


Must I choose one of your storylines?


No, you don't have to. Those are just some of the ideas that we think reflect current market trend. We are also looking forward to seeing your unique stories.


May I know more about the judging standards?


A lot of factors will be taken into consideration including the design of the story and characters, language quality, as well as the book's view count and ratings, etc.


Apart from the prizes listed above, are there any other benefit I can get if I attend this contest?


All entries shall get special promotion on our app and website. Authors of exclusive entries can also get all benefits from our new Writer's Reward Plan, including a Signing Bonus of $100, Monthly Attendance Bonuses and a Completion Bonus. For more information, please refer to https://www.goodnovel.com/writer_benefit.


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