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Love After Marriage

$2 Sold for Debt

January 17 , 2022 - May 18 , 2022

She, who used to be full of expectations for love, is facing a huge crisis: she has to accept a forced marriage with someone she doesn’t love at all! And the reason behind this is simple: MONEY. Is she in need of money herself? Or, is she sold by her guardians, even boyfriend who are heavily in debt? How will her fiancée treat her in this new relationship? Is he going to pamper her, ignore her, or even mistreat her for his own revenge? How will she cope with her new life and still get the love she craves for? Tell us your romantic, sweet and maybe chaotic love story of this sold-for-debt girl and her soon-to-be husband!


1. Only a story in accord with the theme given is eligible for the prizes. 2. ALL books reaching 30k views within the contest duration will get $200. 3. ALL entries must be written in English. 4. Books already signed with us are not qualified to enter this contest. 5. Books already entered any other contests on our site are not qualified to enter this contest.


  • Reborn with the Promiscuity System: Good Girl No More

    CL Wong

    Poison to death by her own betrothed, Agatha, after being reborn found herself bound to a system that constantly pitted her against her moral compass. Murdered by her cheating boyfriend and her best friend, Agatha Moore spent her last few breaths regretting the fact that she had been a people pleaser throughout her life trying to be nice to everyone. " If only I had a little ounce of ruthlessness in my person, they would never think of me as a pushover." Agatha found herself thinking out loud. Thus, in her dying moment, she swore not to be that good girl anymore in her next life.

  • Saved By The Alpha

    Ivy. J

    ”Rudina, do you trust me?” I feel my blood go still and the tongue tastes like sandpaper. He had been different from all the other men. He had been everything I had needed all my life and I had never doubted that I meant more to him than a weak wolf. But what was I supposed to do when I found out he only accepted me because his status was in danger? As a mere solution to a threat to keep his pride. It had shattered me. ”No, Volk. I do not.” I say in a husky voice. His green eyes glisten in the dark and I cannot believe what I see. I was making the Alpha of the Red crescent moon cry. Rudina and Volk can never be more different in ideals and values but fate has it that their paths must cross and the universe brings them together in the most unexpected place. Setting his pride aside, Volk intends to conquer the world for a woman he loves through whatever challenge he may be forced to face. See how a man and woman experience love for the first time. A blend of love and lust with demons lurking in the shadows.

  • Fated To My Sister's Widowed Mate

    Twisted Fate

    A FIVE-IN-ONE CAPTIVATING PACK... Lisa Osborne, on her quest to unravel the mystery behind her sister's death is encountered by her sister's widowed mate and pack leader, Kiran Silver. BOOK 1 - 5

  • Billionaire CEO's Euphoria

    Syanja J.

    Syanja eventually made a choice regarding her life after attempting numerous jobs and different careers. She waited for a chance while writing novels. One day, she received an email from a sizable business located distant from her hometown. She quickly accepted their offer and signed the contract with them without any hesitation. She joined that organisation mostly because she wanted to advance her profession and it is the top corporation in the world for authors. Jeong Jung-Hoon, the CEO's younger son, noticed her assisting someone one day. Jung-Hoon was awestruck by her acts and beauty, and his affections for her gradually grew. He was supported in pursuing her by his siblings and friends. They get close and fall in love after a few dates, but Syanja's ex Hyung-Shi returns to her life. He visited her and made an effort to reunite them. Due to their respective occupations, Jung-Hoon was likewise quite busy at work and barely found time to spend with her. They took a step back. Rumors started to circulate. They began to lose faith in one another, went their separate ways, and concentrated on their occupations, but neither of them knew what fate desired. Their love wasn't over after that. They encountered each other again, this time with stronger souls and no love but anger. They had transformed and strengthened their character. They made each other regret everything they had done for one another this time. They made every effort to bring each other down, but it just brought them closer.

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