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  • Fated To The Alpha
    Fated To The Alpha
  • The Bully's Obsession
    The Bully's Obsession
    Angela Shyna
  • I'm His Mate
    I'm His Mate
    Kylie. G
  • Alpha king's Mate
    Alpha king's Mate
  • Chosen By The Dragon Kings
    Chosen By The Dragon Kings
  • The Trap Of Ace
    The Trap Of Ace
    Eva Zahan
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  • Mated to the Alpha Twins
    Mated to the Alpha Twins
    Jane Doe
  • Mommy, Where Is Daddy? The Forsaken Daughter's Return AC1
    Mommy, Where Is Daddy? The Forsaken Daughter's Return AC1
  • The Alpha's Slave Mate
    The Alpha's Slave Mate
    Danielle Bush
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  • CEO Husband's Crazy Love For His Little Wife
    CEO Husband's Crazy Love For His Little Wife
  • Rejected By My Mate
    Rejected By My Mate
  • Alpha Gray
    Alpha Gray
    C.J. Primer
Love Stories
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    Devin, a stereotypical playboy billionaire, wears a ruthless CEO’s charade. Life was perfect for him that way until he realized he had a gem in his office all this time. Innocent, kind, and compassionate Ren never thought she’d fall in love with her boss a.k.a. the Devil. The same man who made her life miserable for three excruciating long years. Love made their opposite worlds collide. Love surpassed the walls Devin and Ren surrounded their hearts. When obstacles arise, will love be enough to let forgiveness in? Can love mend the rift that is caused by the same passion that pulled them together? ~~ “Ren! Wait!” Devin’s strode was huge enough to reach me before I could walk away from the mansion. The dawn was slowly breaking, boasting its beauty in my face as Devin wrapped his arms around me from behind. “Please, let’s talk this through.” “I have to go...” to get as far away as possible from you. He buried his face in my hair and whispered, “don’t leave me, please… I love you.” ~~ [Mature Content] Cover by DobolyuV
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  • Rude Awakenings
    Rude Awakenings
    There's no one in her life that Kate Grayson despises more than Colton James; he's inconsiderate, rude, irresponsible and perverted, and yet he has an effect on her she can't even begin to explain. Determined not to fall for the resident bad boy, Kate falls into a vicious cycle of being pulled into his attractive charm before forcing herself to stay away. For his part, Colton finds Kate intriguing and when he warns his friend away from her, he realizes that perhaps her lack of desire for him only enhances his own desire for her.
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  • Babysitting His Baby
    Babysitting His Baby
    The story of a young woman named Melissa Brooks who has been through enough problems in her life to last her a lifetime. She applies for a job as a personal assistant but she was offered a job as nanny to the billionaire’s daughter instead. Javier Edwards was in desperate need of a nanny for his nine month old daughter, Lucy who has proven to be a handful. Fortunately for him Melissa happened to be there when his daughter was throwing one of her tantrums and she was able to calm her down when nobody else was able to. He made her an offer he knew she wouldn’t be able to refuse.What happens when they start having uncontrollable desires and feelings for each other? Will Javier be able to look past all her flaws and past?Trigger Warning: This story contains abuse.
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  • Nathaniel Lachlan
    Nathaniel Lachlan
    Stating that Elizabeth Paige had a huge crush on "The Nathaniel Lachlan" since high school would be an understatement but she was a shy and never handled it well. Nathaniel Lachlan was a lethal . Nobody ever messed around with him. He needed an assistant who would only be professional with him and not develop feelings for him.But yesterday, everything changed. As soon as she said my name I knew I had to have her, beneath me, moaning and begging. I wanted to bury myself inside her. I noticed whenever I was close, her breathing would alter and she will be at a loss of words. I didn't know I lusted after her so much. I never craved for women as much as I crave this . I also knew that I can't satisfy myself only by having her for a .(Billionaire Brothers Series Nathaniel Lachlan & Aaron Riverwood & Landon Chambers)
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  • The billionaire's fiancée
    The billionaire's fiancée
    Business. I hate that stupid word with a passion. I hate everything about it. Every time I see that awful word I turn the other way. How it made my family not to be a real family. How it made my brother busy with training. How it made my father always leave for trips. How it made me a human pincushion for my mother's fashion. How it brought me a marriage I didn't ask for. Business.- - - - - - - - - - -Bianca Harrison has had a wild twenty four years. Her brother, Blake, was always there for her. He would scare away boys who would come to take her on dates. He'd make sure she did her school homework. He did everything she expected from her father. Her nanny, Janet, from when she was a kid was always there for her. She was her shoulder to cry on. She'd make sure her room was clean and she had a good meal. She did everything Bianca expected from her mother.Bianca's boyfriend of four years just broke up with her. Bianca was heart broken. She went to her parents, who were home for once, and regretted it instantly. Her father said he had something in mind, but Bianca had no clue it would be this extreme. Having to marry her father's business partner Leon Bailey. The bachelor of New York. The man every girl swoons over. A thirty year old Greek God. Boy was she not excited.
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  • A Night With Mr President
    A Night With Mr President
    Adeline Monteiro, An humble, Smart, Beautiful yet extremely broke lady. Living in a worn out crabby looking one bedroom apartment in Manhattan and on the verge of being kicked out, Fed up and tired of her life, She goes to a club and drink her sorrow away. She ends up having too much to drink as she spends the night with The one and only Alexander McGuire. Imagine her surprise when she finds out that her one night stand is her boss? The President of the Ashford group of companies Is she fucked? No, she’s doomed! Alexander wants Adeline by all means and he won’t be giving up so easily.
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Best Werewolf
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  • Mated to Brianna
    Mated to Brianna
    Brianna goes to school, has friends, and has a boyfriend, but when her dad dies and leaves her and her brother to fend for themselves, things start to unravel. When they move to start over, her life isn't what she thought her life was, nothing she thought was the truth, is, and she has some major secrets to keep hidden from some of her best friends. When her mate finds her and awakens her to the world of the supernatural, things get even more complicated. Is she even human? Does she want a mate? Will the heartbreak, the love, and the sacrifices be worth what the Moon Goddess has in store for her? *This book can be read as a stand-alone but it does contain a cross-over and spoilers from my first book "Timber Alpha". If you're planning on reading them both I would start with Timber!
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  • Conflicted
    Gunnar Hámundarson is brutal, ruthless, and cunning. His pack, is no different. They have little compassion for others and have zero tolerance for the weak. Gunnar and his warriors have made a reputation for themselves all over the world. A strong and heartless reputation. As the leaders in Mercenary work, they are not to be taken lightly. But when their Luna is finally discovered, that reputation is threatened. Will Gunnar side with his pack or with the mate that nature intended for him to have? Vanessa Hanes has never had a family of her own and her time is up for being adopted. Her 18th birthday has finally arrived, marking the end of her stay in the group home. But Vanessa has a plan. Her and her bestfriend, have high hopes for the future. Can they make it on their own, will they even get the chance?
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  • Awakening - Rejected Mate
    Awakening - Rejected Mate
    Book 1 - Alora Dennison is an orphaned child from a shamed bloodline surviving in her families old pack. On the dawn of her transition pushing her into adulthood she imprints on the mate she will be bonded to for an eternity, in an unexpected turn of fate.Only he isn't the man of her dreams. He is the only one in the entire state she would never have wanted to bond too.Colton Santo is the arrogant, dominant son of the Alpha from a rival pack which is set to unite the packs and reign in one kingdom. In years gone by his disdain for her and any from her bloodline has been prominent. Her treatment by his pack has pushed her to live in near isolation, fearful for her existence and now before all assembled, on the dawn of her awakening, they all just saw her imprint on their future leader.Fate has decreed it, but everyone around her is about to try and stop it.Fate isn't about to make it easy on her either, as a long forgotten war erupts in their lands, bringing an age old enemy with a thirst for blood back into the forefront of lycanthrope life.Will she survive long enough to ever find out why she has borne a black mark on her lineage her entire life? And why exactly, Colton's father is just so eager to see her dead.Will Colton step up and honour the bond, or will he be the one to deliver the final blow?(Part 1 of a 2 book series)
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  • Alpha's Slave
    Alpha's Slave
    Sold to a brothel by her aunt and uncle, Penny, a village hillbilly, is saved by Prince Ludwig Drozdov, the king of Lykae, strongest and most ruthless ruler of the world of The Ethereal Lands. His wolf wants to claim Penny, mark her, pin her in his bed, but his human wants to marry Zoe who is prophesied to be his queen and rule the world alongside him. Will Ludwig succumb to his irresistible slave? Will Penny get her freedom? Warning: THIS BOOK CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT. If you like this book, please take a look at book 2: Unwated Mate.
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  • Alpha's Unhinged Mate (Hybrid Aria Sequel)
    Alpha's Unhinged Mate (Hybrid Aria Sequel)
    You know how parent's always talk about the wild child, the bad influence. The person no one wants their kids hanging out with. Well growing up that was me. They called me unhinged, they weren't wrong. My life altered by a monster. My wolf altered permanently, uncontrollable, reckless. Not only destroying my wolf but also me. My father was is the Alpha of The Black Moon Pack and I am the only heir to take over. I never wanted to be Alpha, but not because I am weak, not because I'm not Alpha Material. No none of those things, but because I wasn't normal. When I was 6 years old my pack was attacked by hunters. They tested mutated genes on me, What Kade and the hunters had done, not only Altered my wolf but destroyed any chance of me being able to control my wolf. She is crazed, untamed and has no control once she takes over. My family tried for years to help me control her. But she was unhinged and now a danger to everyone. The older I got, the stronger she got. I feared my wolf and what she was capable of. Which made people fear me.We still don't know the effects the mutated gene will have on me, one thing we know is. When I turned of age, I didn't find a mate. I don't think I have one. How could I when my wolf had all bonds to the human part severed. So how is it possible to bond with another when she can't even bond with her human counterpart. I am glad though, I couldn't destroy someone like that, noone wants a broken mate. No one wants the unhinged Alpha.
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  • Timber Alpha
    Timber Alpha
    (Completed) Octavia Lennox has always looked forward to the adventure and freedom that her 18th birthday would bring. Finding a mate was never a priority, nor was discovering parts of herself that she refused to acknowledge. Being an Alpha's daughter, and then sister, however didn't come without responsibilities, and when she meets the Timber Alpha she has some choices to make. ***This story is completed, keep it in your library to be notified of upcoming additions and for Part 2***
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Mafia Romance
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  • Mafia King's Unbridled Love
    Mafia King's Unbridled Love
    Warning: 18+Camelia's life was destroyed when someone forcefully took her and married her. She was tired of living at the tender age of 18. Her days were more agonizing than death. She was saved by the mafia king Lucifer Martinez. Naive, innocent Camelia began thinking of him as her hero. But was he really her hero? Or he was worse than the worst villains? Was Camelia walking into a one-way road with Lucifer? Will her story end happily or she will be just a playtoy of Lucifer?Read this story and be a part of Camelia and Lucifer's journey.
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  • Dance with The Devil {A mafia story}
    Dance with The Devil {A mafia story}
    A Mafia love story. "I don't like to call it revenge, returning the favor sounds nicer." -Him. "I respect those who tell me the truth, no matter how hard it is."-Her. What if the hero of your story is actually The Villain! Crystal wakes up from coma after 9 months with no memories of the past. To her surprise, she has been married to Valentine Romero for 2 years. But, what if the marriage he portrayed as a fairy tale is the biggest curse of her life? The words she believed were actually lies? Dark secrets are about to be revealed and this time will Valentine be able to cage her as he wanted and make her dance with his demons? Read Dance with the Devil. A Dark Mysterious Romance.
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  • The Bratty Heiress
    The Bratty Heiress
    Olga...you're his daughter,you're the heiress,you're coming back to him.That was the nail to my coffin.That was my fate.That was my doom.********Luka,she's the boss's daughter,she's way above your league,she's never going to fall for you.That was the ugly truth.That was the reality.That was the fact.********She's a playerHe's a nerdHow will the two struggle?How will their love flourish?How will their relationship grow?Follow me for another malibu mafia love story... ️********Olga: I'm not sure with the title though... I'm perfectly nice and loving Luka: Why do you need to state the V thing author? As if being a geek is not enough?
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    "Uh,do you have a minute please!" She was standing in front of him"Go away I don't have time for your little games Aisha" He was pissed off."Can we talk for a minute please, it's very important" Her tender voice made him stop in between his action, he got up from his bed and asked his mistress who was lying naked on his bed to leave them alone , She followed his order and went out with her clothes in her hand."Make it fast!" he said standing in front of her in his naked glory, His hard glare was enough to make her shiver, Aisha turned her face to avoid looking at his privates."I..I Don’t.. I don’t want a divorce!" No sooner did she said that she received a tight slap across her face, printing all five fingers on her fair cheek.Pushing her roughly he walked out of not before remarking, "My work with you is done and now I want you out of my Life, get that straight in your thick Skull..!!"_______RAVAN is ruthless, cruel and vicious Underworld Mafia in India, his dark aura is well known to every individual, even law is scared to go against him, he solely rules on every gangster of India, RAVAN had forcefully married Aisha against her will, he was smitten by her beauty and boldness, however shortly after their marriage he changed his mind and now want a divorce from herBut little did he know that his wife had fallen head over heels for him and now she will make anything to tame him— his entire world is about to turned upside down.-CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT (18+), STRONG ABUSE AND WHOLE LOT OF TORTURE ACTS. KINDLY READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.
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  • Married to the mafia
    Married to the mafia
    On Victoria’s 20th birthday she receives unsettling news: her father agreed to marry her to one of the most dangerous mafia leaders in the country. She has no say in the matter, there is no escape from this marriage. Her new husband, Dimitri Ivanov, is cruel, cold and controls her every move. Victoria has never been more frightened of anyone in her life, but she is going to have to learn to survive in the world of crime that she is now part of.
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  • Love Of The Mafia King
    Love Of The Mafia King
    Ever since Vexon Bevine first laid eyes on Ruby Gerund, he could not get her beautiful image out of his mind. Unfortunately, Ruby didn't notice him and disappeared while he was stuck in Mafia training. Years later, Vexon attends his elder brother's wedding, where he sees Ruby again. Even though he wants to make her 'his', Vexon tries to control his feelings. However, that night, someone drugs him, and he ends up marrying Ruby against her will, losing his control. Ruby can't forget the way everything was forced upon her, and out of hatred towards Vexon, she deems this a forced marriage and decides to never accept him as her husband. If Ruby hates Vexon from the bottom of her heart, will he be able to make her fall in love with him? Or will she just be the love of the Mafia King and never reciprocate his feelings? Besides, who drugged Vexon which made him forcefully marry her, when all he tried to do was control his undying love?
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Forever Young
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  • Spoiled billionaire's innocent Bride
    Spoiled billionaire's innocent Bride
  • Excuse Me, I Quit!
    Excuse Me, I Quit!
    Angela Lynn Carver
  • Across the Desk
    Across the Desk
    Kat Thomas
  • His lost love
    His lost love
  • The Bad Boy Thinks I'm Suicidal
    The Bad Boy Thinks I'm Suicidal
    Miss Sarcasm
  • Stuck with Adam
    Stuck with Adam
The Blessed Wolf
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  • The Lost Luna
    The Lost Luna
    TJ wakes with no memory of her past to find that she is apart of a supernatural world. A world where her mate had already been chosen for her long ago and a community where no one will tell her the truth about who she really is or what she really is.
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  • ZEBULUN: Her impossible human mate
    ZEBULUN: Her impossible human mate
    When the Alpha of Zebulun dies without an heir, the throne automatically falls to his sister, Hadiza, the mateless beta. But there's one problem. Female wolves cannot lead. Desperate to find her mate and keep the throne in her family, she joins a dating site that connects humans and werewolves. One mistake—a matchmake gone wrong leads Hadiza to an unexpected date with her mate, a human besotted by his long term girlfriend. * * * “Do you believe in soulmates?” she asked. He pushed one knee on his seat, twisted so she could see his face and nodded. “I do too.” His silence encouraged her to continue, she added, “You are my soulmate.” Without breaking eye contact, her hand settled on his knee. Sparks played on the spot, simmered under her palm and slowly spread to all parts of her body. Naza stiffened, she unfastened her seatbelt. “I know you feel it too, Naza. Don’t end us before we have a chance to start.”
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  • The Oracle and The Untamed
    The Oracle and The Untamed
    Summer Laurent could finally breathe freely, away from the hell that some called home. Carrying a secret on her frail shoulders, she managed to meander through life and thought that she had escaped her past. However, that changes when she meets Dorian King, an untamed alpha who is not ready to accept his fate. They say destinies are preordained, but is it really?
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  • Fangs: Queen Luna
    Fangs: Queen Luna
    After they got married, Zane was haunted by the fact that she was not her parent’s real child, and the ghost of losing her child was stuck on her and it was slowly affecting their marriage. And now that the coronation for Queen Luna is approaching, she seeks to know who she is and where she came from. But who is this woman who is a bonafide princess of a werewolf tribe that hides thousand of years worth of secrets that no outsiders should know? Will Meiko, her wolf and the Moon Goddess ever return to her? Or will she be a wolfless Queen Luna? Fangs Trilogy Fangs: Alpha King (Completed) Fangs: Queen Luna (On-going) Fangs: Tale of the Moon Goddess (Soon) (SEXUAL, SUICIDAL, DANGEROUS, EXPLICIT) SCENES AND WORDS NOT SUITABLE FOR PEOPLE BELOW 18 YEARS OLD. READ AT YOUR OWN RISKS! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
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  • Finding My Mate: Book One
    Finding My Mate: Book One
    Riley was always considered a normal girl, until one night she gets kidnapped. What happens when she falls in love with the man who took her from everything?
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    "Little wolf, for your mistakes. You are gonna work as my slave from now onwards, agreed?" His gruff voice questioned. I gulped and quickly nodded my head in response. Not that I have a say or can refuse him anyways. My name is Serena. A weak and clumsy she-wolf, my clumsiness landed me in trouble with the CEO of the company I work for and now I will have to pay for my sins. But if only I knew working as his slave will turn out to be the greatest thing that ever happened to me, I wouldn't have been so scared of him in the first place. If only I knew the moon goddess was just trying to change me through him, I couldn't have ran away one day to infuriate him. *** Mr Zed Williams is a well known billionaire werewolf CEO all over Los Angeles. His fashion company is literally the best. He is hot, I mean smoking hot, he doesn't give a shit about the opposite gender. He dislikes the opposite gender a lot, reasons best known to him. He got pissed off by the newest female employee in his empire and now he is going to make her regret ever stepping on his toes. But if only he knew making her his slave was the goddess's way to change him, would he or would he have not made her his slave?
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The CEO and Me
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  • Dangerous Desire: The CEO's Hidden Woman
    Dangerous Desire: The CEO's Hidden Woman
    Young, wild, and alluring, that's how everyone viewed Scarlett Morris. Most women hated her appearance because she possessed those qualities that drew men's attention towards her. Social media posts often defame and humiliate her personality, but she only shrugged her shoulders on it. Her main focus was to earn more money to support her needs and her twin brother's education. No matter how hard life threw at her, she rose above it, she ignored gossip and humiliation, but people around her were vicious as their jealousy consumed their minds. She often ran into trouble, and someone who is out of her league become her savior. It was none other than the business mogul - Francis Sandler. Francis Sandler built a legendary empire with his talent in the business and his extraordinary networking skills– he handled with absolute perfection both gangs and the government. He came from the wealthiest Sandler family of Irving City- and he's the CEO of T.B.S Empire. His deep secret was buried as danger evolved around it. He was accustomed that most women crawl into his bed to warm his night. From his perspective, Scarlett was another young and wild woman who aimed his fortune. Their destiny collided when several times Francis became Scarlett's savior. That moment Scarlett's enchanting beauty caught his attention, yet his painful and failed marriage reminded him that a beautiful woman is only a trophy to display. He offered her a tempting business transaction giving everything life has to offer in exchange for becoming his hidden woman. Their journey to a rollercoaster relationship started when Francis showed his real intention. The danger is about to unfold when Scarlett's main reason for accepting his offer was a pure secret task that will be bound to destroy them.
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  • The Billionaire Alpha and His Human Mate
    The Billionaire Alpha and His Human Mate
    Being 35 years old and haven't found his mate yet, Oliver Kade, the billionaire Alpha, an arrogant, merciless werewolf, shares his bed with a different woman every single day. This ends one day when some unexpected innocent girl bumps into his office. Kylie Mathieson, a 25 years old who's working two part time jobs to support her brother in college and was always too busy for a love life, finds herself in an unexpected situation in the CEO's office. She's about to be introduced to worlds she never dreamt to exist. First, the world of billionaires, where money can buy just about anything. Second, the world of magical creatures, where humans are lowly weaklings. She's used to none and she is in great danger.
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  • Fall in Love with a Billionaire
    Fall in Love with a Billionaire
    “Oh my God! It’s Liam James!” I heard someone yell. From the expensive cologne I smelt, I knew that was definitely Liam. What was he even doing here? I was handling everything just fine. “He came to save his girlfriend, Cinderella.” A female paparazzi dreamily said. “That’s so romantic.” Another added. “Kiss, please.” I heard. That brought my eyes to abrupt shock. “Yes, kiss.” Another added. “Kiss, kiss, kiss!” They began chanting together. “Kiss, kiss, kiss…” They continued. My eyes drifted to his. I did all my best to signal to him not to do it. Liam immediately placed his soft lips on mine. Oops, seems I was too late! ¶¶¶¶¶¶¶ *From Zero to Hero* 20 year old Eleanor Reyes, dreams to be a model. She hates the rich, ever since her father dumped her mother after impregnating her. Thus, her mother raises her as a pauper. However, she believes that one day, she would make a breakthrough. With the help of her best friend, Chloe, she gets an opportunity to model for a big organization – Pink Moda. She is thrown into the world of the rich even without asking. And then came Liam James, an arrogant billionaire who has hots for her. Even if she can’t deny the intense attraction and chemistry between them, she ignores his every attempt to get her. She makes a bet with her friend, Chloe to never fall for an egoistical bastard like Liam. Can she keep this up? Not when she also needs to manage her modelling career? Or with the paparazzi interfering in her everyday life.
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  • A Night With Mr President
    A Night With Mr President
    Adeline Monteiro, An humble, Smart, Beautiful yet extremely broke lady. Living in a worn out crabby looking one bedroom apartment in Manhattan and on the verge of being kicked out, Fed up and tired of her life, She goes to a club and drink her sorrow away. She ends up having too much to drink as she spends the night with The one and only Alexander McGuire. Imagine her surprise when she finds out that her one night stand is her boss? The President of the Ashford group of companies Is she fucked? No, she’s doomed! Alexander wants Adeline by all means and he won’t be giving up so easily.
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  • The CEO's Chance
    The CEO's Chance
    [BOOK 2 of the Gentleman Series] Michael Collin, a well-known sexy Casanova and business magnate, was on the verge of self-destruction. A man battling demons from his past and nursing a broken heart; and like every broken-hearted man, it was a woman who caused it. Cassie Stone, the beautiful and mysterious woman from his past, unwillingly crosses paths with him again. The woman swore never to love him again, because of an evil lie they both believed to be true. A woman who will do everything she can, to fight every attempt of desire and love, fate will build between them.
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  • The CEO's Serious Pursuit
    The CEO's Serious Pursuit
    After an unfortunate encounter at a restaurant, Ansel Adams has become obsessed with Elisa Campbell, a server at the restaurant who insults him then storms out of the restaurant in the heat of the moment, rendering him speechless. Ansel decides no matter what, he has to make her his. He even goes as far as tricking her into getting a job at his company. Elisa finally gives in to his advances which makes him even more confident and inflates his ego. However, everything is not as it seems. Elisa may not be the person he thought she was. And he may not be the only one who is good at scheming.
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Tame The Dragon
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  • Draco (The Last Dragon Prince)
    Draco (The Last Dragon Prince)
    "How dare you to run away from me?” he said in his cold dark tone, his voice seemed very angry, his hand kept tightening around Jasmine neck that she could hardly breath. She struggled and begged "Plee.. Please let me go… yo.. you are mistaken wit.. With me, I.. I.. am not who you think” "Is that so, huh? Are you trying to tell me that you don’t know me?” he said in dangerous tone "Nooo.. Noooo.. I don’t know you, please leave me” Jasmine lied and her dragon wing rune on her wrist started burning. "Then let me remind you who I am…” He said and in smashed his lips on her and before jasmine could struggle or push him away he released her neck and pulled her both hands above her head. His kiss was full on anger and dominance, he bit hard on Jasmine lower lip which made her open her mouth a little, taking that as opportunity he slid his warm tongue inside and started exploiting her mouth in every way possible. Couple of minutes later when he felt jasmine fainting because of lack of oxygen he pulled back "Now do you remember me?” He questioned her breathing hot air on her swollen lips. "Wh..o.. who are you?” Jasmine questioned him in her low voice trembling voice. He kept fanning hot breaths on her lips until “Draco” he said in his deep magnetic voice. -CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT (18+), STRONG ABUSE AND WHOLE LOT OF TORTURE ACTS. KINDLY READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.
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  • Azian (Prince of Dragons)
    Azian (Prince of Dragons)
    After her parents divorce, Kaya Reneé Joston moves to the small town of Torent. Spending her final year at Rodney high, all she wants to do is cruise through the year unknown, whilst keeping a large distance away from her father and his new step family. She believes she may survive this year as she already has a friend, but of course that takes a turn for the worst when she meets Azian, a boy with changing eye colors who seems way too beautiful to be human and keeps running into a clear eyed phone thief who calls her his Esteraiï. All she wants to do is survive this awful year away from her mother but how can she when gorgeous blue eyed Azian haunts her very realistic dreams, with his alluring golden eyes, a step sister who has everything she's ever dreamed of and an annoying thief who keeps finding a way into her closed heart. One things for sure, there is something mysterious happening in Torent. A mystery only she can uncover.
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  • She Belongs to Us!!
    She Belongs to Us!!
    Liza is a human female that has no knowledge of the dragons and wolves. She happens to be the mate to both the Dragon King and Wolf king. There was a great war between the shifters with many casualties on both sides. Both sides kept the war hidden from humans and decided it was best to never show their animal side to humans. Dragons are powerful and protected by magic. The King is a powerful CEO. Wolves are strong in numbers but since they aren’t protected by magic they won’t fight a dragon alone. Since the wolves animal forms can go undetected they’ve become the perfect assassin so they run the Underworld Mafia. Liza must decide if she wants to be the wife of a powerful dragon. Or Luna of the underground Mafia. She could also choose both. Will she be able to end the centuries long war and bring peace to the shifter community or cause another war? Who will she choose?
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  • Dragon Moon
    Dragon Moon
    Find the jewel, save the kingdom--and the dragons.Princess Nya Gould fears the Dragon Moon, the night each year when one young person in their kingdom is sacrificed to a dragon to keep him from destroying their lands. When it is her friend who is taken, she creates a plan to get him back.But when Nya discovers the dragon isn't feasting on the sacrifices and is actually using them to retrieve a missing jewel, one that can save his kind and restore his kingdom, she is torn between helping him and using this knowledge to the advantage of her own kingdom.It doesn't make things easier when she finds herself attracted to the dragon shifter when he's in his human form. Slate is a sexy beast of a man, with dark smoldering eyes and rippling muscles. Can he see her as anything more than the annoying, spoiled human princess who has infiltrated his lair?As Nya and Slate work together to find the jewel, their relationship grows, and Nya is left with a choice:Find the jewel and save the kingdom--or the dragon?
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  • Chosen by the Dragon
    Chosen by the Dragon
    For the first time in years, the imperial second prince was home, and it was on the week of the imperial dragon celebrations. To celebrate the event and the return of the prince. The king opened the doors to everyone in the kingdom to come and celebrate in the imperial arena. An orphan girl, last of her tribe, an excellent singer and dancer. Saw this as an opportunity for her to show people what she can do, she applied to be one of the dancers on the day. On the day, her turn came and as usual, she got lost in the music and dance that she only opened her eyes when a cold air fanned her face. The ice dragon was in front of her and she froze.
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  • Dragon Eclipse
    Dragon Eclipse
    *sequel coming soon* In this modern fantasy tale, a nonhuman named Nathan is trying to diversify the drowning company. While having a hard time being his assistant, Genevieve was caught in the chaotic of nonhuman exposure to the wolf race. Bottom line: fantasy creatures and wolves don't mix well...or so engraved in the ancient books. Genevieve must find a way to survive in this changing world, all while she tries to follow her own path toward saving her unborn child. During that journey, she must learn to accept who and why she should trust or else be stuck in a deadly cycle of fear and hate. 
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Son-in-law's Revenge
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    Adonis was deemed as the useless on in law by his wife wealthy family, treated as a nobody, he had to endure lots of pain and humiliation, his wife Vivianne also became a victim of the family's arrogance, they were cast aside and shamed...until they figured out who he was and all the tables were turned
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  • This Ain't A Fairy Tale
    This Ain't A Fairy Tale
    Anna Marie Marcelo is like any normal college girl who dreamed of a fairytale-like life but ends up accepting the reality that she is a farmers’ daughter and that’s just it. This made her study hard and work harder for the dream she wants to achieve shortly. Together with her friend Margie Rose Domingo, they both face the reality of their boring, normal yet contented life. A sudden change happens to Anna that causes a stir into her normal life. She will find herself wearing gowns, expensive dresses, and high-class pieces of jewelry and dine in the finest food chains and get to meet handsome but arrogant prince charming. Almost like a fairytale story… a Cinderella story, but THIS is not a fairytale story. Cole Lyrus Pilkin is a cold handsome businessman behind his parents’ back who always goes against his decisions. His relationship with his parents is not so well even during his childhood that he starts becoming a rebel to them. His life starts to get messed-up upon meeting the woman who is the heiress of their adoptive grandfather, their so-called cousin who grew up in poverty. With her appearance, all hell breaks loose yet Cole starts getting drawn to her. What will he do? Who will he choose between her and his parents? This is a story you will love, join Anna as she faces the trials of being the so-called heiress surrounded by many handsome princes that are ready to take her fancy just for her inheritance. Will she be able to find true love or not? Will she wait to be saved just like what those fairytale princesses did on all the fairytale books she had read?
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  • Mr. president, I do
    Mr. president, I do
    She was a Crown princess of the most powerful country. Kidnapped at a young age and thrown in the hands of an abused mistress of the weaver family. She becomes a mistress daughter. since her mother died, she was forced by her father to live with him and his second wife, they hate her. Kally, her stepmother, hates her because she was a mistress daughter, and her own father hates her. They troubled her so much that she is on edge, insecurity, loneliness, dread, emptiness, is all which she described her life. > Her father forced her into a business marriage, where she has no say in it, Her heart shuttered knowing that the little hopes she has left have gone. It was a business marriage with the prince of one of the five royal families who disguises himself as a CEO of a company. Rean Windsor.Whom she did not know. She thought her father forced her to marry a man who will be just like him . who will hate her, insult her just like her father. But she got just the opposite of what she thought. "Let me love you let me worship you let me cherish you " "you are mine", he whispers in her ears. "I will always protect you just give me a chance." "I will destroy everyone who bullies you, my precious wife" Will she find the truth about her real family after marrying the prince or will she die in the labyrinth of these royal families.
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  • His Revenge
    His Revenge
    Elijah, the handsome driver and the loser son-in-law of the Watson family who got a secret of his own. Sarah, the beautiful businesswoman and the least liked heir of the Watson family and also Elijah's wife. Mr King, the mysterious billionaire and Sarah's biggest client who for some reason showed interest in her. Lives will get tangled in the web of mystery and conspiracy. Insults will be thrown. Confusions will arise and get cleared. Secrets will be revealed. Revenge will be taken in the most face slapping way. An unwanted marriage, a mysterious billionaire and a revenge. Things are sure to get heated. ------------------------------------------------------------------ "If you dare to raise that hand of yours at my wife again, I swear, you will regret that action of yours for the rest of your life!" Everyone started to laugh after hearing the loser son-in-law talking. "Oh, now the cat knows how to meow." One cousin mocked him. "Oh, trust me, I am the karma and karma only bites."
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  • The Pride (English Version of Tentang Harga Diri)
    The Pride (English Version of Tentang Harga Diri)
    The Pride Nicko is an unexpected son in law in Windsor Family, who is rich and famous in Westcoast Town. Earlier, his Wedding with the beautiful Josephine is only a reciprocate to Mr.Gilbert Windsor, Josephine's grandpa. The one who always kind to him since he was a child. Even though Josephine always treat him nicely as a man and husband, but not her big family. Nicko is nothing but a trash for Windsor family. "So, you came here with an empty hand? How silly you are," Armando, his brother in law is mocking him as always. "Armando, dont you remember the fact that he is depending his life to Josephine and his parent in law? He just a poor unemployement," Damian, Josephine's cousin try to make him feel worse. That's Nicko's daily life, always being mocked and insulted anytime, anywhere. This also make Josephine's pride is getting lower among her conservative family. One day, a surprising day came to him unexpectedly. He met his biogical father, Phillip Lloyd, a man from the top social pyramid. Everything has change. Money is not a problem for him anymore. However, he prefer to hide his true identity. What is the reason behind? Find out and see Nicholas Lloyd's journey.
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  • Billionaire's Tender Love For His Little Wife
    Billionaire's Tender Love For His Little Wife
    Mable was forced to get married to a nonentity of the Sidney's family. There are many young and beautiful men in the sideny's family but Mable's grandfather forced her to marry Gerald, the poorest and the ugliest of all, even his face had been disfigured. "Gerald, a super handsome man in a Bugatti veyron offered a gift worth $10,000,000 to me but I refused." "Gerald, that same extremely handsome man appeared at the hospital and paid the $4, 000,000 for grandma's uremia, " "Gerald, I was promoted today to a chief marketting officer, I find out that the mysterious CEO is that same superhandsome man, " Many years later... Gerald: I am the superhandsome man, will you now allow us to consummate our marriage, sweetheart?
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Fantasy World
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  • Ice Monarch
    Ice Monarch
  • Saving Daylight: Beyond Human
    Saving Daylight: Beyond Human
    South Ashan
  • I'm the Immortal Business Tycoon
    I'm the Immortal Business Tycoon
    SATOU, D.
  • Shading Black
    Shading Black
    Chibuzor Victor Obih
  • Ascenders: Rising From Zero
    Ascenders: Rising From Zero
  • Perer Ford: Diary of a Stranger
    Perer Ford: Diary of a Stranger
    Chibuzor Victor Obih
Vampire Diaries
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  • Marriage Of The Vampire King
    Marriage Of The Vampire King
    An is an unpopular novelist, even his income from writing is very small. There are not many readers of her work, she can only reflect and see her writing full of love. She likes her own composition, chases to completion. The vampire king finally lived happily with his family. But something strange brought him to a familiar place. "Am I in my own novel world? This is amazing, and more beautiful than my real world!"
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  • Faded Dreams
    Faded Dreams
    Gaia spends her nights lost in ecstasy within a world she doesn't believe exists, alongside her gorgeous vampire master, Sebastian. But reality comes crashing down around her when Sebastian reveals the truth; their months together have been anything but faded dreams.Faced with the revelation of a lifetime, Gaia wonders if she can trust in Sebastian’s declaration of love, and the love she feels in her traitorous heart. Meanwhile, with the growing need to keep Gaia safe from the horrors threatening his kind, Sebastian attempts to deny his heart's desires before it's too late.Yet a force beyond their control binds them, and Sebastian’s denial has far-reaching consequences.When fantasy and reality blur, will Sebastian and Gaia escape with their sanity and lives intact?Read Faded Dreams today, and get lost in the heat and danger lurking inside.
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  • Vampire Gone Wrong
    Vampire Gone Wrong
    "Xander. Please, have pity" she pleaded miserably at my feet.Disgusting. I thought and scowled....Her pitiful state did nothing to me.Seeing her lying in her own filth, crying in pain and on the brink of death brought a little bit of satisfaction to my distorted empty heart.......Crossing the threshold of her cell, I turned my head and looked one last time at the pitiful mess that was my mother. *******Meet Alexander Rage.Sociopath, psychopath and neighborhood villain with a secret agenda. You could say his behavior is influenced by his horrible past or just the fact that he's a sad miserable vampire.But then again,he might just be really evil deep down. Elite vampire. *******Meet Elle Rivers.Not so quiet,shy, straightforward kinda girl.Middle class vampire.Isn't too fond of the elites and prefers to stay at home taking of her father and serving as the village doctor.Do they find love in each other in the mad chaos that is their lives?This is a cliché-ish vampire book. Read at your own risk. Though some unexpected twists and turns are promised.
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  • Vampire Ruler's strong Bride
    Vampire Ruler's strong Bride
    He is charming , powerful , a prince and above all a vampire . She is a strong and naive girl. His charm is indifferent in her eyes. Her indifference breaks into his cold character and catches his interest . She is independent yet he wants to turn her into his pretty doll .Everything remains quiet at the beginning but many secrets from the past will emerge and Kiara's life will change dramatically . She'll have to face a lot of dangers and while solving the mysteries of her origin . The result of these changes will lead her towards a path with a lot of questions about the unknown .An ancient ceremony took place in the royal palace, in Sky's honor where he would be selected as the next Vampire leader and chose his fiancée between the three most powerful clans . This was a secret meeting that was known only by the leaders and close friends . The ceremony seemed to be going well but an accident occurred. The ceiling broke and Kiara fell into the magic circle of bloody moonlight power and was chosen as the fiancée of prince Eskylrious . She desperately tried to leave but there was no way to escape the claws of the crown prince of the Vampires . At the beginning she thought that as long as she could break this magical connection that bounded them , she would regain her freedom but after the magic was broken , the prince wouldn't let go of her .A bride who is hard to temper and a prince who is hard to deal with . How will they live together , as a married couple ? A story five hundred years old between the most powerful clans , a love that was supposed to have withered is transmitted to the heirs . Full of passion mixed with comedy and heir's love .
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  • In Love With The Coldblooded
    In Love With The Coldblooded
    Bella Cosgrove, daughter of a Sheriff and the nerdy Red haired of Belgrave High. Her life changes overnight when her best friend transforms into a werewolf and her savior is a 500 year old ruthless Vampire. Little does she know that her simple life would become entangled in the dangerous world of the supernatural from just that one night.
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  • My Pretend Marriage to the Vampire Billionaire
    My Pretend Marriage to the Vampire Billionaire
    *COMPLETED*Trisha is a hardcore gamer stuck in an office job that she loses. With the last of her funds she goes out for a final treat which ends up being far more special than she'd ever believe. She gets the Hollywood star Ryan Rosewood's meal, and a proposal she'll never forget. He wants her to pretend to be his wife for one party, one night.But when Trisha stumbles onto his secret, will be she able to keep it hidden? Will Ryan be able to win her heart? Or will it be Logan the hot model? Or Nakuni the devoted butler? Or Ryan's best friend Kanda?
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    Lucian is the crown prince of the kingdom of Virtus. His father, King Ayaan the Second is on the deathbed, and his only wish before dying is that his son finds a wife or a husband as soon as possible. For this purpose, starts selection among all the young singles of the kingdom. Axel is a poor peasant, living only with his mother, who suffers from an illness. To help her get cured, he leaves his lover and his work to himself to the selection, hoping to be among the royal family. Once Lucian chooses him to be his husband, his life changes as well as his feelings. Will their marriage be successful? And what happens once Axel's lover gets involved?
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  • Follow Your Dreams
    Follow Your Dreams
    Liam Patrick Owen, a 17 year old gay young man, who has been homeless for the last two years of his life; living on the streets and doing what he has to do to survive in life from day to day; moment to moment and second to second. Riley Aegon Grayson, a 23 year old bisexual man who is the president of the motorcycle club, The Gray Rebel's since he was 18 years old. Most people view these clubs and the members as bad but that isn't true for all. Once of Riley's Patch holders finds Liam and brings the young man to his brother to figure out what should be done with Liam. Liam is usually terrified of everyone especially men but he has an instant connect with Black Jack and one of the women in the club. What will Riley do with Liam and will Black Jack allow it.
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  • The Art of Life and Love: The Second Symphony
    The Art of Life and Love: The Second Symphony
    Tony and Dillon have just entered 2011 and the next year of their love and lives. No matter what the world has in store to throw at them, they will make it through just fine regardless. The Second Symphony is the next book in the line of eight that will show how close two people can become. Walk with both Tony and Dillon again as they grow together while at the same time grow into individuals. Love, even an unconventional one like theirs, has the potential to weather any storm.
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  • Our Young Funny Voices
    Our Young Funny Voices
    *Abandoning ship isn’t my style. It wasn’t hers either, but our circumstances ripped us apart. Now it’s not just a literal ocean standing between us. Francine Chirilova has no direction. After coming out of the closet leaves her without a family at age 18, the quick witted 25 year old has been forced to survive on her connections and kind personality. Throw in a rapidly decreasing appetite and a tendency to gravitate toward abusive women for a epic shit show. While recovering from her latest 4 year long mistake, she makes a strong, yet unlikely connection with her virtual best friend. Que in recovering alcoholic Vasilisa Krovopuskova, aged 26 from Siberia, Russia. After surviving a grueling upbringing on her own, trust is a difficult concept to grasp. Already having experienced heartbreak once before, she wasn’t looking for anything serious when Francine crash landed into her life via an online sanctuary for lesbians. With an ocean separating the two, neither Francine nor Vasilisa know which direction to swim in. Will they stay on their side of the world, or drown trying to get to the other? *Disclaimer* - Strong mature content. 18+, please Book one. To follow is book two: “Our Blank Canvas.”
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  • FWB
    "I'm homiesexual. That means I fuck my friends platonically." Mateo and Kieran are best friends with benefits. It's not a big deal - until they start to catch feelings.
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  • How to Destroy a Badboy
    How to Destroy a Badboy
    When certified straight fuckboy Valentine kissed the closeted Dominic, he began craving for more.Confused feelings will force Valentine to pursue Dominic. Little did he know, Dominic was on his mission to destroy him.How to Destroy a Fuckboy1. Steal his attention.2. Make him kiss you.3. Make him want moooooore.4. Surprise him.5. Make him ask you on a date.6. Make sure that your first date will be memorable.7. Seduce him and leave him hanging.8. Make him introduce you to his parents. 9. Make him ask you to be his boyfriend.10. Destroy him.Note: Don't ever fall in love with him.
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New Arrivals
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  • Damien`s Obsession: The Billionaire Payne Brothers
    Damien`s Obsession: The Billionaire Payne Brothers
    Billionaire Damien Payne stopped dating a long time ago because of his experience with gold diggers. However out of the blue, a young woman captures his attention after he saves her from getting hit by a car. Her name is Ava, and she had already sworn off men before meeting Damien after being cheated on. However a one-night stand and a surprise job opportunity at Payne Enterprises, Ava is shown how far Damien is willing to go to have her.
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  • Light of His Heart
    Light of His Heart
    Erin is a sweetest but an ideal husband to his wife but she turns out as a cheater and breaks Erin's heart into pieces. he seeks a help from a young Lawyer who finalizes Erin's feud with his wife. but Erin falls in love with him, will he confess his love to a guy?
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  • Emotional Pressure
    Emotional Pressure
    Two individuals with different stories, different emotions and different problems... They meet in a high school, one as a student, the other as an intern... How can they balance their views?
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  • Moonlight's Love
    Moonlight's Love
    "Don't you understand that I don't want anymore whores here?" Kayden said angrily "She is highly reputed professional doctor Kayden "Mr.Velkov said defending me "Yeah whatever, either way I don't want to see her " "Well if you want to continue being a singer you have to" And with this they were gone . I was standing in front of door still remembering the words of that jerk .tears started filling my eyes as I opened the door. SO GUYS THIS BOOK IS ABOUT A LOVE STORY STARTED FROM HATERNESS BETWEEN A FEMALE BEAUTIFUL DOCTOR AND LEADER OF FAMOUS SINGING BAND . IT'S A SWEET LOVE
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  • Broken and Pregnant(Book 1)
    Broken and Pregnant(Book 1)
    *COMPLETED* Lucy Mason is a girl with a dark past to her relationship with Kent Oliver Stone. He was the man who broke her heart. Years passed and they met again but in an intimate situation. Both of them got drunk and even spent one night in her house. For Lucy, she thought everything happened for a reason but it's all just a dream. What if the man she still in love with after ten years was happily married to her best friend Eloisa? Will she still loves him and willing to be his mistress for the sake of her love for him? What if she was willing to let go but found out that she was pregnant with his child? Will she takes the risk? Is loving a married man sin or a curse?
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  • After The Engagement
    After The Engagement
    Perfect is boring. What's life without our secrets? It's what makes us who we are. But, Janelle doesn't know that. She has a perfect life. She's the best fashion designer . She has the sweetest parents, the best Nanny, her friends are to die for and the love of her life is one of the city's most eligible bachelors. But did everything have to fall apart when she least expected it? Perfect isn't normal, after all.
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    The Cold Alpha and His Mate
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    My Boss Is Clueless
    Angela Lynn Carver
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    Loathing Logan
  • Dragon's mate
    Dragon's mate
    ocean wide
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