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  • A Night With The Billionaire
    A Night With The Billionaire
  • My stepbrother
    My stepbrother
  • His Promise: The Mafia's Babies
    His Promise: The Mafia's Babies
    Chay Tamika
  • The Alpha's Surprised Mate (Book #1 of Silver Moon Series)
    The Alpha's Surprised Mate (Book #1 of Silver Moon Series)
  • Taming FAYE  (Erotic Romance)
    Taming FAYE (Erotic Romance)
  • Alpha Of Aberdeen
    Alpha Of Aberdeen
    Cc Lopez
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  • Rude Awakenings
    Rude Awakenings
    Turquoise Grace
  • Alpha Asher
    Alpha Asher
    Jane Doe
  • Mommy, Where Is Daddy? The Forsaken Daughter's Return AC1
    Mommy, Where Is Daddy? The Forsaken Daughter's Return AC1
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  • The Moon's Descendant
    The Moon's Descendant
    Kay Pearson
  • Billionaire's Ex-wife is Mommy of Twins
    Billionaire's Ex-wife is Mommy of Twins
  • Payment To the Alpha
    Payment To the Alpha
Love Stories
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  • Billionaire's Sugar Baby
    Billionaire's Sugar Baby
    18+ MENTIONS OF GRAPHIC AND VIOLENCE. DYLAN GRAY, the Richest Billionaire in the Country, bought CELESTE KNIGHT for one night without knowing who she really was. A one night stand gone extremely wrong with Relationships taking new turns and secrets getting unfold. ~SNEAK PEEK “ Moan my name! ” He whispered, still kissing her neck and thrusting into her. He was pulling back slowly and thrusting back with great force, stimulating her in ways, she had never been stimulated before. “ I don-dont know your n-name! ” She stammered panting heavily, being close to her climax. “Dylan! ” He whispered and kept thrusting. He fastened his pace, driving her crazy, as she moaned his name, “ Dyl-Dylan Ahhhh...!” Everyone has a story of their own. Read to find Celeste's story.
  • Cold Showers
    Cold Showers
    To drown away her pain from a harsh breakup, Jayda went to a bar to get wasted. She met Sebastian Miller, The multimillionaire with the worst personality but incredibly sexy. She had a one night stand with him, creating a bond that binds them forever!
    WARNING: This novel is R-18 °°° As a handsome billionaire playboy, Devin had been wearing a charade of a ruthless CEO. Life was perfect for him that way until he realized he had a gem under his nose all this time.Innocent, kind, and compassionate Ren never thought she'd fell in love with her boss a.k.a the Devil. What will she do if he does something she could never forgive? Will her love for him be enough to forgive his mistake? °°° ''Ren! Wait!'' Devin's strode was huge enough to reach me before I could walk away from the mansion.The dawn was slowly breaking, boasting its beauty in my face as Devin wrapped his arms around me from behind. ''Please, let's talk this through.'' ''I have to go...'' to get as far away as possible from you. He buried his face on my hair and whispered, ''don't leave me, please. I love you.'' °°° photo credits to Crystal Shaw
  • The Kinky CEO: Part II
    The Kinky CEO: Part II
    Picking up right where the last book left off, Alex has returned with Haley and now must deal with her new life as a young, single mother, but, naturally, when you live next door to the older, super sexy, kinky, Roman Lewis, who happens to be your baby-daddy and parents best friend, Life is NEVER going to be simple... With old feelings and new drama's waiting around the corner, Will Alex and Roman ever be together again?... (This story ISN'T daily updated)
    Vampire Whore
  • Forbidden Love Stories
    Forbidden Love Stories
    **NOVEL ONLY FOR 20+ AGE** If you are not into Adult and Mature Romance/Hot Erotica then please don't open this book. Here you will get to read Amazing Short Stories and New Series Every Month and Week. There are some such secret moments in everyone's life that if someone comes to know, it can embarrass them, or else can excite them. Secretly you wish to relive these guilty and sweet memories again and again. So let me share some similar secret and exciting moments and such short stories with you guys that make your heartthrob and curl your toes in excitement. Let get lost in the world of Forbidden Love Stories. Check My 2nd Book: Forbidden Love Stories (Book 2) Join My Community 👉 bit.ly/avi22nash Like Facebook Page 👉 bit.ly/FLSpage
  • Billionaire's Secret Baby - Special Delivery
    Billionaire's Secret Baby - Special Delivery
    ♥♥A billionaire's secret baby. ♥♥The stars aligned the first time they met, and now she's carrying the result of that night of passion. What happens when they meet again?Her-Walking into the job of a lifetime, I never guessed that I'd come face to face with the one individual I never thought I'd see again. I hadn't even gotten his name, but I knew his body. Hell, I knew his taste. Now the secret I carried could be the ending of anything between us before it ever really started.Him-She should be off limits. Not only was she an employee, but I just insisted that she become my roommate. And she's pregnant!I had everything under control. So what if I had to disappear to rub one out a time or twelve? She was only an employee, nothing more.Now if I could only convince my heart of that.
    S. Cinders
Best Werewolf
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  • She's My Mate
    She's My Mate
    BOOK TWO: Sydney Wilde took on the Alpha role in the Green Forest pack at the age of twenty-one. Being half werewolf and half-human, no one took her seriously. Now at the age of twenty-five, still with no wolf and no mate, she finds herself running one of the biggest packs in the world with power and respect — earning every bit of it on a daily basis. And then someone comes to ruin that. What happens when a cocky yet prestigious Alpha from another continent claims to be Sydney's mate? How will she deal with everything that will now unfold and still take care of her very unique pack? _______________________________________ PLEASE READ BOOK ONE: P.S. YOU'RE MY MATE BEFORE READING THIS ONE SO THIS STORY MAKES SENSE!
    Kylie. G
  • Alpha Blake
    Alpha Blake
    "But what about Ty, why can't we send him instead? We can proclaim a new agreement with them. He's stronger, and he'll be a better warrior then she can..." Mom implores, hoping for a way out for me to get out of this mess and not have to leave."No, it's ok. ....mom..... I will go Alpha. If that will be all, may I have permission to leave?"Alpha Brock nodds.I began to stand, getting ready to take my leave."Question though, Alpha... if you don't mind?""Of course... what is it?" Alpha Brock responds"It's just... we still have, a few months before school ends, I'm supposed to graduate this year..... Will I not be allowed to even finish high school? Or how will this work?"He takes a long endearing sight, "Yes dear, our contract with them will only last five years. You will receive your high school diploma, and you will also have to attend a quick introduction to a career of your choice before coming back home. You will be given your diploma the day you return. While you are away, you must not contact anyone, no one may know of where you are. This has to stay a secret between us. No one must find out you are leaving, besides us.... everyone will think that you are away in college. Is that understood?""Yes Alpha." "Selene?" "Yes" "No one, not even Ty." He warns.
  • The Unloved Luna Queen
    The Unloved Luna Queen
    Darcy Elis Campbell is a 17 years old Alpha female of the Crescent Moon pack who only wishes to find her mate. She couldn’t help falling in love with the future Alpha King who never even looked at her once. But, she knows that her mate is one for her. The only love she ever felt in her life is from her twin brother. She is invisible to her parents and her pack doesn't care about her because she is not loved by the Alpha couple. The only thing that can take away all the sadness she has endured in her life is her mate. Colton Flynn Lawson the future Alpha King of the Royal Midnight Moon pack. He has always been attracted to Darcy but because of her shy and kind nature, he doesn't find her good enough to be a Queen and instead fell in love with the beta's daughter Patrina from his pack. He only wished to be mates with Patrina because he felt she is strong and straightforward and fit to be his Queen. After Patrina's 18th birthday he found out she was not his mate. However, he was still determined to make her his chosen Queen. On the day of his coronation ceremony, he found out that Darcy is his true mate and he was forced to take her as his queen. He ensured to hurt Darcy as best as he could. He left his mate and spent all his time with his girlfriend. But, this wasn't enough for Patrina and she started plotting to hurt Darcy. Will Colton continue to hurt Darcy or will he accept her as his mate? What happens when Darcy is wrongly accused of Patrina's actions and punished? Follow on this journey with us to find out.
    Claire White
  • Alpha Atlas
    Alpha Atlas
    Raelynn Tress had never been strong or proud like the other werewolves in her pack. Fate had different plans, pairing her with the young Alpha Atlas Andino. Tossed aside as Alpha Atlas chose another, Raelynn leaves the pack with her Mom by her side. With a new pack that accepts her, Raelynn flourishes. She hadn't a clue secrets from the past would draw her home, back into the clutches of the Alpha who once rejected her. The world is changing, just as Raelynn changed. Undiscovered enemies lurk in every corner. Will she find her place in this new world, or be devoured by enemies she never knew existed?
    Jane Doe
  • The Alpha's Slave Mate
    The Alpha's Slave Mate
    Daphne is used to being hated. She has been hated since birth. Considered a slave, lower than an Omega her life is miserable. Her parents are the Alpha and the Luna of her pack, but they hate her more than anyone else. She dreams of escaping her life, but sees no end to the abuse. She has never dreamed of finding a mate, knowing that no one will ever really love or want her. So why does Alpha Caleb stand up for her?Caleb is one of the strongest Alphas of his time. His pack is known for their fearlessness, and strength. He has never wavered in his decisions. So why does he feel such a pull towards a slave? After saving her life Caleb can't get her scent off his mind. Could the Moon Goddess have really mated him with a slave?
    Danielle Bush
  • The moons gift
    The moons gift
    Olivia Morgan is a seventeen-year-old alpha's daughter, a Siren shifter. She has been dreaming of her mate to have a bond as strong as her parents do. Being a cheerleader and a little to the nerd side, she is well-loved by everyone, but the one person who was supposed to care for her and love her unconditionally, her own mate.Marcus Silverman is an eighteen-year-old, soon to be Alpha of the Blue Moon pack. He is an outgoing, athletic, quarterback star player of his school and a bad boy. Girls lay under his feet, as he is known as a player. As of age when shifters are to meet their mates, and being a werewolf himself, he hasn’t yet met his, and he is not feeling in a rush to do so. But when he finally does, will he embrace the bond or reject it?Could Olivia step up to her destined task and fight for her destined one against all odds?Will Marcus accept Olivia as his own and they will have their happy ending?If they embrace the bond, are they strong enough to face the great danger that is lurking in the darkness to see them fall?Is war once again about to rise by the consequences of their choices and actions?
    Amanda Steel
Mafia Romance
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  • The Martinez Mafia
    The Martinez Mafia
    In a world of crime, Mateo Martinez does the unthinkable and kidnaps an NYC hospital doctor; Callie Anderson. In need of a new doctor, he took a liking of Callie, wanting her to be his in any way. Having no choice, Callie had to leave her old life and live this new reality with Mateo. But what happens when feelings get involved between those two? * * * Cover by: @roxanne.janeblack on Instagram <3 ️Copywrite, senoradanah, 2019. All rights reserved.
  • My Mafia Princess: Stepping Into a Man's World
    My Mafia Princess: Stepping Into a Man's World
    Christian Caine, the heir to the Caine Crime Family, is the town's most sought after playboy that is set to break your heart the minute you find yourself on his side. He does not play by the rules; his game is the only one that you shall play. But…In enters Cassandra Cummings, a girl that has had to settle for the less finer things in life. Her path crosses with Christian one night while she is at a job that has her nervous every time as she sets her foot through the door. Then…She shows Christian the best moment of his life. From there, he is captivated by the excitement she brings into his life. But…There is more to what the eye sees, Christian and Cassandra were destined to come into each other's lives whether at their own hand, but then surely the hand of the people they care for the most. But…There are secrets and lies that threaten to tear them apart. But Christian shall not allow anything to happen to Cassandra; while he tries to make sense of all of these, he goes against what seems to be right and starts a Mafia War.Will Christian and Cassandra rise from this even stronger than before?Will Cassandra ultimately become his Mafia Princess?
  • The Mafia Bodyguard
    The Mafia Bodyguard
    Anastasia was born as the daughter of a Russian mafia godfather who lived her whole life in wealth and protected by her handsome bodyguard Alexander. All was well until she graduated college and was placed in an arranged marriage with a powerful man, Anton Chernikov in order to increase the wealth and power of the family. However during the courtship period between the arranged couple, Anastasia and Alexander fell into a secret affair between a young mafia daughter and her bodyguard. They kept their forbidden love hidden for long... Until they could not hide it anymore.
  • The Retired Gang Leader.
    The Retired Gang Leader.
    After he goes down for something his team was supposed to prevent, Antonio Rossi comes out a changed man. Determined to become better, he leaves his gang and opens his own company. He tries to live in normality but all is impossible when an innocent girl is thrown into his path and he has no other choice but to pull her out of the realms he himself tried to escape. It's never over.
  • Abducting The Mafia Romance Author
    Abducting The Mafia Romance Author
    Aysel Saat, a struggling webtoonist gets kidnapped by a powerful man on her date with her newly found crush. One mysterious name which could shake up the whole Europe _ Triple E boss. The man was unknown but the intimate touch between her thighs felt familiar. "W- what do you want from me?" She quivered while questioning him. "My dear, you have committed a big mistake by depicting me as an incompetent man, who couldn't even satisfy his woman." He trailed thumb on his lips as something evil flickered in his sharp silver orbs. "I want you to experience the truth, to write it accurately." Ekai stepped forward towards the wrist tied woman. (Editing is undergoing from scratch, don't read the last 25 locked chapters by the end of March. Apologies for the inconvenience.) Dated: 28-02-2021
    Aysel Inara
  • Protecting My Mafia Princess
    Protecting My Mafia Princess
    Colton Cruz is the best of the best; this bodyguard, with the soft hazel eyes, lives for the rush and excitement that the Mafia world provides. You might find yourself on his speed dial, but you will not be the one that will capture his heart. But… In enters Trinity Stone, the spoilt brat that becomes Colton's next assignment. She is a pleasure on the eye but an absolute nightmare to be around. This lonely and misunderstood girl is the heir to the Stone Crime Family. But… Colton soon finds him desiring what he cannot have, the daughter of one a Mafia Boss, who shall cut his fingers off if he even points them into Trinity's direction. Then… As they navigate their way through this new and forbidden love, they are faced with all the reasons why they are allowed to be together. But… There is always more to what meets the eye; they shall face secrets and lies that shall test the strength of their love. How far will Colton go to get what he desires the most?
Forever Young
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  • Across the Desk
    Across the Desk
    When Deanna finds out that she has to do one more thing to graduate she is taken by surprise. She has to go to the one professor she had a crush on years before and see if he will take her on as a TA. Max looks up to see the one student he wanted in the five years he had been teaching standing there asking for a job. After his internal debate he accepts but he finds he has certain conditions. Everything around the two starts to fall apart as they grow together.
    Kat Thomas
  • I'm A Model That's Undercover As The School's Nerd
    I'm A Model That's Undercover As The School's Nerd
    What would you do if you lived the life as Clover Thompson ? Nerd during the school day and Lucky, the supermodel after school hours. Clover has been a model since she was two years old, but her career really took off at age 15 when she started modeling for larger companies. At age eighteen, Clover has become the number one model in the world. But there's a catch to her high life, no one in school know's she's a model except her family, her best friend, Tori, and school officials. No one would suspect her secret when she wears: fake glasses, a wig, and some stage makeup pieces. To the world, she's known as Victoria Secret Angel, Lucky, to her school classmates, she's known as Clover Thompson. But as everyone knows, a perfect life can't last forever. So what happens when Clover's fourth and final year of high school she gets assigned to work on a project with the notorious player of the school, Andrew Carter? Questions can't help but arise, will he find out her secret? Will they be forced to spend more time together? Will her double life become too much to become hidden? Come and find out in, I'm a Model That's Undercover As The School's Nerd.
  • When Chloe meets Mason
    When Chloe meets Mason
    Chloe Brooks is the new kid who wanted to keep a low profile. All she wanted was to get through high school in peace and make at least one friend to help her through. That plan of hers was ruined when she ran into Mason Carter-the popular charming captain of the Football Team. Since then, her life has never been the same. Join Mason and Chloe as they maneuver their way through high school life, handle embarrassing situations and possibly fall in love along the way.
    Ramona Sage
  • Almost Yours
    Almost Yours
    When life turns its back at you, all you can do is turn your back and run. Emerald Dubrow did that just well, choosing a university far from home, but life’s more than a decision. All effort seems aborted when she meets an obnoxious ex in the same school just when she's putting herself out there. What’s worse; he wants her back. Caught in between a hot, sorry ex and shiny brown eyes that rolled his jeans way up to his ankles, Emerald must make a quick decision.
    Oladele Anjola is an 100lvl student of Computer Science who just got admitted into Federal University of Technology, otherwise known as FUTA. She's extremely reserved and a big introvert. Although beautiful and intelligent, she has zero social skills. Adeleke Kolawole is your typical one of the most popular guys at FUTA. Cute, tall, handsome and brilliant and has more than half of the female population running after him. But Kola is the second definition of being snubbish and icy. He barely has friends and keeps to himself. Jola is totally smitten by Kola on their meeting and for the first time in Kola's life, he has a girl in his head. No matter how hard he tries to get her out of his head, she wouldn't budge, its not like he wanted her out of his head though. And so, an interesting love story starts. What will happen when Jola discovers that her very first friend in FUTA, Fisayo also has a huge crush on Kola. Will she give him up for friendship or give up her friendship for Kola. Its truly an hard decision, but sometimes before anyone else, we should come first.
  • Glimpse of Hope
    Glimpse of Hope
    Ayomide, a once brilliant and studious girl, unconsciously drifted away from her dreams into the realms of nonchalant attitude towards her academics. This was due to the loss of her father to the painful hands on death, leaving only her single mother, who tried painstakingly to be the best for her daughter. But her best wasn't enough. She stumbled upon an unserious act who made the whole affair about her dead father bearable and she liked it there; in comfort.However, the cheerfulness didn't last long, before reality struck her and she was made to represent her supposed "class of dullards" in a Mathematics only competition.This story sees young Ayo, as she struggles with life's imbalance at the early stage of her life, to restore the once shining light in her; her hope.
    Hay Pen
Tame The Dragon
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  • Althea
    Their relationship was forbidden in their past life. He was a demon and she was an angel.He lost her even before he could confess his love.But they were given another chance in love.Can they find each other in this life. She is a human and he is a shapeshifter king.Will a king accept a human as his Mate?
  • The Dragon King's Obsession
    The Dragon King's Obsession
    " One of you three will become the Dragon king's wife ! " said the king . Without even knowing it , this one sentence would change Charlotte's life forever . From a forgotten princess to the wife of the most feared king on earth . The dragon king , Damien PenDraco ! He was ruthless , he was cold blooded , he was a pure dragon with a scary appearance and a skin similar to a snake . Rumors said that he fed on human flesh . In short , he was a monster both inside and out . Charlotte was the second daughter of the king . Her mother was one of the king's countless concubines . Not long after Charlotte turned eight years old , her father lost his favor towards her mother and her . Although Charlotte was a princess , she was never treated as one . Her mother and her lived under the mercy of the queen who had turned them into servants . They often got bullied and mistreated by the queen and her daughters . Her mother had begged the king for a divorce countless of times but he would always ignore her . When the marriage offer came from king Damien , the palace was in shock . The king needed his financial aid and accepted the deal . Neither of his daughters wanted to marry him . Charlotte had tried to sneak out from the palace but it was impossible . The marriage proposal was the only way she could be free . In exchange for her mother's divorce from her father and freedom she started her journey to king Damien's castle . ' Everywhere is better than this hell! ' thought Charlotte as she left with her mother . King Damien was exactly as described, a real dragon . " If you don't want to be my fiancee, you will work as a servant in my castle! "said Damien looking at Charotte's rejection . " No problem ! "
  • Dark Dragon
    Dark Dragon
    Madchen ia a sweet girl with a past she wishes to forget, everything changes though when she comes in contact with the powerful Andrei family and draws the attention of Drago, the handsome brooding dark middle son.Madchen soon realizes her destiny has led her onto a path that will change her whole world
    Rhea Lindsey
  • The dragons unidentified Mate
    The dragons unidentified Mate
    Dragons are the most ancient and powerful clans, which rule the world with an iron fist. Every other living beings are considered beneath them. Humans are considered the lowest of the low and are mostly invisible to the other clans. Nyra is a human with a past. Drake is the most powerful Dragon in history. He can make or break anything with just a flick of his eyes. Dragons have a rule. The person to whom they lose their virginity will be their other half and mate until death. Drake sleeps with Nyra on a passionate night under the effects of a drug. Nyra slips away before being noticed by anyone. But a tattoo forms on her lower back, as a symbol showing that she is a dragon's mate, which she is determined to hide. Drake is determined to find his unidentified mate. Who will succeed in their quest? Will Drake be able to accept Nyra as his mate, after finding out that she is a human? Can Nyra escape, when her past comes after her? Will Drake be able to save his mate?
  • Called by the Dragon
    Called by the Dragon
    The Empire rules on the wings of dragons. Riders are hand-selected for training from childhood, and Anzi is one of the rare few who wait to hatch theirs this year. Until she discovers the terrible truth that the dragon riders are not partners with their dragons: they're slavers. The dragons are bred in captivity and enslaved from within the egg, and they are nothing but mindless shadows of what their once-noble species used to be. After two hundred years, the surviving dragons in the wild are coming back to rescue their brethren. How they survived the Purge, no one knows, but they are angry and they are coming, in fire and in storm. And as she struggles to come to terms with the realization that the nation she loves so much that she would give her life for it may be nothing more than propaganda and illusion, she discovers something else: The dragons who survived the Purge are shifters, able to hide in human form. And Anzi has met one of them already. Her mate.
    Mana Sol
  • Chosen By The Dragon Kings
    Chosen By The Dragon Kings
    Warning. Contains Reverse Harem erotica content and mature themes. When I was a child, my grandma used to tell me stories, I never gave them much thought back then thinking they were just that, stories. Growing up, I soon realised that they weren't stories but memories of her past, memories of our ancestors before our world turned to shit. But what comes from legend, no matter how exaggerated the story gets, is a sliver of truth. You just need to weed out the fiction from fact. My grandmother used to tell me stories of the chosen one. The one who would save us all, I used to believe what she said was true. That eventually someone would be born like the oracle once said. Someone who could save our souls and bind us back to our magic. Once I grew up though and looking at what has become of our world, I no longer believe. The chosen one seems to be more of a prayer than reality. Some dream we wanted desperately to come true. Something we all prayed for. Something we needed to find hope when there wasn't any left. When our ancestors turned their backs on us, how were we expected to believe? When all we witnessed was death and carnage since the great war. Nothing except pain and poverty. I used to believe the stories, used to pray for the mysterious chosen one that would rid our world of its evil. Now though, I see it for what it is, just a dream of hope. Some out of reach fairy-tale. A story to create hope. Hope is dangerous, it makes you believe things will get better. I stopped hanging on to hope when I witnessed firsthand that it caused nothing but heartache.
Vampire Diaries
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  • The Awakening of a Blue Rose
    The Awakening of a Blue Rose
    As the only pureblood vampire of her generation, Esper was expected to choose a husband by the end of her 21st winter. It was something that she had been looking forward to since she had come of age. Some of the most sought after bachelors have traveled from around the globe just to compete for her hand. But she never expected to capture the attention of two suitors. Her heart is torn between the quiet but romantic Seraph Solar, the heir of the prestigious Imperial Guard, and the ever brooding Maxim Huiyan, the CFO of one of the oldest vampire enterprises: Xiafeng Legacies. How would she choose between them? And would the one she rejects give her away willingly to the other?
    Breyanna Davis
  • I am Human(book 1)
    I am Human(book 1)
    Emelia Clark has been under her parent's rule for her whole life until she went to university then it all changed. She met Keegan David. She thought she found the one until one dark night her whole life change. Trying to pick up the pieces of her life she met Derric Taylor Alpha of the Dark moon pack. She realized that werewolves, vampires, and fairies are no fairy tale. Will she be able to be the Luna she was meant to be?
  • Love over war(book 2)
    Love over war(book 2)
    Sapphire Cline is the daughter of the most powerful vampire alive. She is the daughter of the King of the vampires. Her father always taught her to keep the bloodline clean. How will she and her father react when they find out that she is mated to a werewolf?
  • Marriage Of The Vampire King
    Marriage Of The Vampire King
    An is an unpopular novelist, even his income from writing is very small. There are not many readers of her work, she can only reflect and see her writing full of love. She likes her own composition, chases to completion. The vampire king finally lived happily with his family. But something strange brought him to a familiar place. "Am I in my own novel world? This is amazing, and more beautiful than my real world!"
    Anita An
  • The Vampire King's Moonlight
    The Vampire King's Moonlight
    A vampire is known to be a blood-sucking creature who is cold and cruel. And a werewolf is a human that can shapeshift into a wolf, with big canines that can tear you apart. But what if they fell in love? Claude Montresor is cold, cruel, and arrogant. He's handsome, has a sharp jawline, snow-like skin, and mesmerizing grey eyes. He has these features that make women to be head over heels for him. He never takes no for an answer. He always gets what he wants, but what if he doesn't get this one thing or shall I say, someone?
  • In Love With The Coldblooded
    In Love With The Coldblooded
    Bella Cosgrove, daughter of a Sheriff and the nerdy Red haired of Belgrave High. Her life changes overnight when her best friend transforms into a werewolf and her savior is a 500 year old ruthless Vampire. Little does she know that her simple life would become entangled in the dangerous world of the supernatural from just that one night.
    Ladipo Michael
Fantasy World
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  • Enigmatic Resurrection
    Enigmatic Resurrection
    Lets witness the love saga of heaven and hell, angel and beast. How an ordinary girl, Hazel became the fated mate of Betrayed and banished prince of Wolf world? What will happen when she will know Xander's true identity? What will happen when she will know about her own identity?? Will the prince get his revenge and become the king of wolf world or again he will be betrayed like his father?? Are the wolf, vampires and all other underworld creatures going to accept a hybrid of Vampire and Werewolf, like Xander as their ultimate king of Underworld or there will be a fatal war which will shudder the whole secret world, killing numerous creatures????To know these answers read the story of love, betrayal, revenge and of a magical world. Instagram id-littlewing_rose. (Follow me there to know about more updates. )
  • Your Last Lie to Me.
    Your Last Lie to Me.
    **PLEASE NOTE** THIS STORY IS RATED 18+ READ AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION 'My Last Wish.' is Annabelle's favourite book, an unknown author and delicious sex scenes, what's not to love? Well...being the Villainess, Being the villainess is what's not to love! Annabelle, a partially celibate lawyer (Not by choice) with a knack for pole dancing on the weekends with her best friend, wakes up in the arms of a beautiful stranger in what she hoped was a vivid sex dream. But, sadly, it instead becomes her new reality! Annabelle is stuck as the Villainess of her favourite reverse harem romance story. Fated to be publicly executed by her contract fiancé, The crown prince of Envia. With no one to trust, and nothing but malice offered by the male leads, she has no one to rely on but herself, a few 'extras' and her skills to restore her lands to its former glory or at least clear her debt to escape the clutches of the first prince. Unfortunately, easier said than done, especially with the Prince's Knight constantly around her, her butler constantly watching, the Portburgh tycoon out for her blood and unknown prince's spies watching from the shadows, her plans are anything but hidden and her safety anything but guaranteed! *Quick note: The beautiful book cover isn't my art; all the credit goes to the artist. If I knew them, I'd credit them and if asked to take it down, I will.
    Undercover Ostrich.
  • Bound by the Moon, Fated by Destiny
    Bound by the Moon, Fated by Destiny
    Cameron Donnelly,a dashing young werewolf Alpha turned to a vampire at an early age,to escape death and ensure the survival of his pack,The Crescent Moon Pack.Davina Pierce, a beauty to behold, running away from her dark saddening past with a lot of secrets and pain.All he want is to rid his pack of this ancient curse stealing their lives,and causing mayhem.All she wishes for is to forget her true identity and the path she's destined for.Cameron wishes never to find his destined mate and she couldn't agree less,to her love was a complete waste of time.He lives a life,always chasing for answers while she seeks one of a normal,less interesting tale.What happens when something far greater than any of them has another plan that's quite different from what they have in mind?She's written in his destiny and he's fated to hers.What happens to this two opposite lives,when he discovers that she's the one who holds the answer to his curse and he's the past she desperately wants to avoid.
  • The Saga of the Unbroken
    The Saga of the Unbroken
    "I want to retire." One of the elites in the army, Luke, complained silently as he wanted to take a break from his job. Duty bound as a soldier and genius as a mage from a famous magic academy, Luke had achieved the rank of corporal in his younger age. One day on a mission, there's storm going on inside his country as conspiracies brewing in secret. 'Who cares about the country, go to hell!' thought Luke, as he avoided a barrage of bullets and ran away for his life before his body would be shred to pieces. In the last second before the explosion hit him, time stopped and some unknown force pulled him from the fabric of reality, placing him in a place far away from home. The mystic land of dragons, inner energy, and demons. "What the--"
  • Hunters: The Prequel
    Hunters: The Prequel
    "My heritage is a strange one, my destiny even stranger. My journey is not for the faint hearted, and even my friends cannot truly be trusted. Yet I will come out on top, for I am the Supreme" Our story starts on the planet of Zandor, as a young boy realizes that his path isn't as simple as it seems. Follow Mane as he strives to understand what it means to be a Supreme, and uncover the reason why so many gods want him dead.
  • Avalon City
    Avalon City
    Their death Haunts me, it is one thing to lose someone, but it's another when you not only witness it but you felt it. Felt the life being sucked from them, the fear she felt, the sadness of her own loss, the helplessness. The pain and betrayal. They say grief has stages denial, anger, depression, forgiveness then acceptance. Maybe after I'm done, I can accept their deaths. Maybe even forgive myself for my part, but first I need to find the truth, my truth. They died for me, died because they wanted to protect me. Leaving me to figure out the secrets of a past, I never knew was mine. My own coven betrayed them and by doing so destroyed me. Leaving nothing but the hunger and drive to destroy those that killed them, but unfortunately with betrayal it doesn't come from enemies. It comes from those you trust, those you thought you knew. They will never understand the damage they have caused until they themselves feel it, even if it kills me in the process and I lose myself to the darkness. In the end it will be worth it, to see the same fear on their faces that my mother felt. To watch the life drain from their eyes, their soul's being taken to the pits of hell. No one will stand in my way. I know what I'm capable of now. I know who I am, and I don't care if I have to kill those who I thought I loved and trusted. Revenge will be mine, even if it comes with the price of my own heart.
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  • Slave of the Mafia Boss
    Slave of the Mafia Boss
    Sebastian Darksky was a very popular singer. He had everything in his life. Money, cars, mansions and luxurious life. But what people didn't know, he wasn't a free man. He was owned by a heartless man who was controlling his life. Sebastian was a gay but he was never allowed to open that secret. He wanted to love someone and wanted to be loved by someone. But he wasn't allowed to have a relationship with a gay.He wanted to run far away and live his life the way he wanted. But it was impossible for him.
    Hira Baig
  • Soul Shard Captor [BL]
    Soul Shard Captor [BL]
    [New on Goodnovel!] After Noah's much-awaited ascension, what greeted him was an AI system calling itself Black, offering him a job working for the World and Soul Management Bureau.  He has to transmigrate into different worlds, using an identity of some unfortunate soon-to-be-dead dude, and live out the remainder of his new life there however he wanted. Easy-peasy! ...Right? ...Ok, sure, there are a few small kinks here and there... like terrorist attacks, murder plots, zombie apocalypses, and the like... but one should always look at the bright side! Noah: "...Blackie, is it just me, or is this good brother of mine looking at me like a hungry wolf seeing a juicy piece of meat?" (°△°|||) Black: "Don't worry, host. He is just a bit excited due to nearly losing his life back there. You know, adrenaline." (¬‿¬) Noah: "…are you sure that's what's really going on here?" Black: "Absolutely!" (≖‿≖) … Noah: "Blackie! His-his-his little brother is poking me in the ass!!" 😱 Black: "It's just morning wood." Noah: "He just took it out of his pants!!" щ(゚Д゚щ) Black: "Relax! Bros often help each other out with these things." … Noah: "Oh god, Blackie! He is putting it in!! Help!!" QAQ Black: "Don't panic. Relax and follow my instructions." (︶^︶)ノ Noah: "Speak! Hurry!" Black: "You've got this. Breath in, breath out. Relax your muscles." Noah: "How is this helping?!" Black: "It'll hurt less that way." ╮(╯∀╰)╭ Noah: "…Whose system are you, mine or his?!?" (ノ꒪Д꒪)ノ︵ ┻━┻ ~ Many worlds later ~ Noah: "This secret mission that you can't tell me about… it can't possibly be to get fucked by the target?!" (°ㅂ°╬) Black: "Of-of course not! Ho-how could that possibly be, eh?" (; ゚ 3゚ )~♪ ML: Right, right, that's just a very (not so) coincidental bonus. Ψ(╹ڡ╹ )Ψ Author Note: There are no abusive domineering asshole MLs here! All fluff, no angst! Warning! Expect occasional explicit, kinky smut.
    Lucy Pan Dora
  • When Destiny Denies A Love Story (A Gay Romance Story)
    When Destiny Denies A Love Story (A Gay Romance Story)
    Ashley is back into his hometown to settle down for good only to have the misfortune of living with this obnoxiously handsome CEO of Potent Club Brewery, Trent Xavier Easton who also happened to have a secret identity of his own.Read as feelings bloom and emotions gets ahead of these young men and as secrets of their past intertwine with one another with fates controlling the flow of their lives.Will they reach a happy ever after? Or will their love story be denied by the destiny... again?
  • Sweet Kitty
    Sweet Kitty
    Lonely, sex-deprived, and horny could pretty much sum up the lives of Preshy. Preshy desired to be licked in places guys never knew existed. Preshy wanted all of her misery to be sexed away, while Liz was a girl that wanted to have fun. Mike is nothing more than a vivid fantasy that comes equipped when answering the calls of sex – starved, lonesome bodies needing attention.*You can also read Wild Girls (A Sequel of Sweet Kitty)
    Gift Ebeluhi
  • Falling, Fallen.
    Falling, Fallen.
    COMPLETED | Roy Blanche dosen't do love and cares less about how others view him. But a chance encounter with a freshman of his college, Jeremy Dahl, changes everything. Jeremy can evoke the long dormant emotions in Roy and hence Roy has started thinking otherwise. You know it, the feeling of being in love, just beautiful.
    Sarah. S. Malin
  • The Moon Goddess' Sins [BL]
    The Moon Goddess' Sins [BL]
    The Moon Goddess and the king of the forest fell in love, but their love was that of a forbidden love. Separated by the rulers of earth they lived on but she bore his sons and daughter. Afraid that she couldn't care for them she cast them off into the clans beneath her along with her Wrath, Sloth, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Pride and Greed. Because they were her children they suffered in many ways but they knew that they were the chosen ones and needed to endure all the sufferings so that one day, they could be happy. * Loyal to Wrath * For Their Sake * Honey and Mate (Sloth) * 8th Sin (Vampire x Werewolf) * Extra's - Envy's Lust * Lust & His Woman * Greed the Rogue * Pride's Lonely Road * Gluttony's Dance
    Vanessa Nicole
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