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  • Alpha Gray
    Alpha Gray
    C.J. Primer
  • The Alpha's Slave Mate
    The Alpha's Slave Mate
    Danielle Bush
  • Bestfriends Shouldn't Know How You Taste
    Bestfriends Shouldn't Know How You Taste
  • Begin Again
    Begin Again
    Val Sims
  • Alpha Of Aberdeen
    Alpha Of Aberdeen
    Cc Lopez
  • The Trap Of Ace
    The Trap Of Ace
    Eva Zahan
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  • Fated To The Alpha
    Fated To The Alpha
  • Mated to the Alpha Twins
    Mated to the Alpha Twins
    Jane Doe
  • Alpha Asher
    Alpha Asher
    Jane Doe
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  • Rude Awakenings
    Rude Awakenings
    Turquoise Grace
  • Chosen By The Dragon Kings
    Chosen By The Dragon Kings
  • Alpha's Unhinged Mate (Hybrid Aria Sequel)
    Alpha's Unhinged Mate (Hybrid Aria Sequel)
Love Stories
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    She was a slave, everyone's plaything, had no parents, and the pack that she grew up in now treated her like she did not belong. But that all changed on her twenty-first birthday when the truth about her identity was revealed, soon after the revelation she left the pack, leaving everyone shocked and the alpha that enslaved her for the past ten years now turned the world upside down looking for her.
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  • Dragon's Misplaced Mate
    Dragon's Misplaced Mate
    Blaze is the black dragon, who is the king of the dark realm. The unknown realm in the Fairy. Only a few Fae know about the existence of the biggest realm in Fairy.Blaze is powerful, fierce, domineering, minds his own business and his word is a rule in the dark realm. He is intelligent and prefers to be alone. He doesn't lack the attention of a woman, but no one ever captured his attention for more than an hour.Isabella is a human girl, who was kidnapped from her home to replace her look-alike, Arabella.Arabella belongs to a rich family in fairy, whose mother is a fae and father is a human man. Her father forced her to participate in the bridal run, where a dragon claims a woman as his bride.Isabella wakes up in fairy, all disoriented. Before she could understand what is happening around her, she is being claimed by Blaze, who usually never participates in these runs, as his bride.Will Blaze find out that the girl he claimed is not who he thinks she is?Can Isabella go back home?Will Isabella's hate for dragons become a hinder to their love?What are the reasons behind her occasionally glowing palms?Where is Koni?Or, is it someone else from his family?Will he be successful in killing Bela?
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  • The Princes of Ravenwood
    The Princes of Ravenwood
    Riko: Another relocation, another private school. I'm used to it by now. At least this is the last time my dad's job can make me move and change schools. I just need to keep my head down and finish high school. I figured Ravenwood couldn't be any different than every other private school I've been set to. Oh, how wrong I was. No other school I've attended had guys like the Frost triplets. That's right, TRIPLETS! And I don't know why they've sent their icy sights on me, but they've ruined my plans of just going unnoticed and finishing senior year. Frost Triplets: Ravenwood has been a never-ending bore. Because we are Frosts, people kiss our ass from students to staff. They treat us like royalty. But, of course, we aren't, just from a very old and extremely rich family. None of them know us. Hell, they can't even tell us apart. Which usually suits us fine as we swap with each other for classes we don't like or even when dealing with girls. But it still pisses us off. It's been a long time since there was a new student at Ravenwood and who could blame us for deciding to tease her.
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  • My stepbrother
    My stepbrother
    Maija's mother has married the perfect man, now she has the family she has always wanted, except for one problem. She has the hots for her new stepbrother.
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  • Mated to the Dragon Twins
    Mated to the Dragon Twins
    A girl lost without her Dragon, Two Alpha twins, A crazed brother trying to kill her, Brother's girlfriend who's jealous as sin. All in a normal life huh? Aria's tale is full of pain, hurt and love but is she strong enough to weather the storm to find her happy ending with her mates, or will it be too much to break her?This is a fantasy romance novel with explicit scenes of sex and hard language so would recommend for readers 18+ This is the first novel written by the author so please don't expect perfection, helpful criticism is always welcome but hate will not be tolerated so please be mindful of the words you use and the effect they have on others!x.DanahLouise.x
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  • CEO Husband's Crazy Love For His Little Wife
    CEO Husband's Crazy Love For His Little Wife
    WARNING ~ NOVEL FEATURES MATURE CONTENTS} Forced her into a marriage. In that world, he gave her everything she wished for. Except she can't look at any other man, she can't love anyone but him. She is his; David is obsessed with Kate. One day, someone asked him, "Why are you so heartless?" Because I do not have my heart with me, I have already given my heart to my woman. Everyone was getting jealous. A few months later, people heard he had become an international magnate who ruled over three kingdoms: business, law, and the underworld. "You have more than enough power." Why build more of them? People asked him, He carried her in his arms and said, "I want to become king of power to make my wife the queen, to make the world bow in front of her." People understood he had become a wife spoiling manic, so they changed the target. They asked him, "Your husband said he was cold-hearted because his heart is with you. He wants to become the king of power to make the world bow in front of you. What's that supposed to mean? She laughed vividly. "Because my darling's heart is the treasure of my life, and his heart for me, only me, so it's ruthless to other women. What can I do? I'm the queen? Isn't that why he became king?" She boldly proclaimed. Everybody wanted to throw up blood because the husband and wife couple forcefully fed the dog food to every person in country S. {Note: This book is unedited. Grammatical errors or typing errors may occur! } * *Instagram: tsi-author-official, 
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Best Werewolf
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  • I reject you, Mr. Alpha
    I reject you, Mr. Alpha
    I sensed his presence before I ever saw him, my mate... I looked up to meet amber eyes gazing at me confidently. Zane Black, Alpha of the Blue moon pack, was gorgeous, powerful and just what every woman dreamed of… or so he thought. “Hello, mate...” he said with a smirk. I looked at him blankly for a moment before I slowly smirked at him. “I reject you, Mr. Alpha,” I said in a bored tone. His brows furrowed as he stared at me uncomprehendingly. Then slowly realization dawned and his expression changed to disbelief, pain and finally rage.  “You reject me? You think I am not worthy to be your mate? I promise you, the day will come when you will beg for my love. You will regret rejecting me. That day, I will be the one who will have the last laugh,” he vowed. “Let’s see, Alpha. I will just tell you one thing. I, Kayla Xanders, had never ever tasted defeat in my life till day,” I said confidently.  I watched his eyes go wide in shock as he heard my name. Before he could reply, I turned, and walked away from him. Bring it on, Alpha. Let the games begin. __________________ An unexpected rogue attack changed the life of Kayla Xanders. She lost her family as well as half of her pack. At just sixteen, she took over as the Alpha of the Crescent moon pack and vows to avenge the murder of her family. Seven years later, she had become a ruthless Alpha, feared and respected by all. When she meets her mate, Zane, a playboy with an attitude, she rejects him outright. Soon, they start their games against each other. Why did she really reject Zane? And will he ever win her over? 
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  • Alpha Erik
    Alpha Erik
    You never expect to lose your family and be a burden to your pack. The one thing I wanted more than anything was freedom. Things changed when our Alpha died. When I turned 18 I would leave, find myself, and find my mate, or so I thought. I didn’t know what the moon goddess planned for me but I didn’t see him coming. Our new Alpha is ruthless but something draws me to him. What would my life become being trapped in this pack. Would I embrace my werewolf or would I flee and follow my dreams
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  • Alpha Logan
    Alpha Logan
    Aurelia - I live a pretty normal and happy life. But nothing exciting ever seems to happen. I was getting restless. I wanted something new. I wanted an adventure. I don't even know why I picked Camp Okwaho'kenha to spend my summer. But something told me I needed to go there. But now that I'm here I'm starting to think I bit off more than I can chew. This isn't the adventure I thought I would get. I wasn't ready for all this. I wasn't ready for this danger. I wasn't ready for these secrets. And I certainly wasn't ready for him… for Alpha Logan. Logan - I am the Alpha of one of the largest packs in North America. I have proven many times over that I am a strong and capable Alpha. I don't need a Luna. I don't want one either. I loved once and ended up heartbroken. I will never love again. The moon goddess however has other plans. I came to Camp Okwaho'kenha to put an end to the poaching on my territory. I didnt expect to find my mate.
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  • The Alpha King's Slave
    The Alpha King's Slave
    BOOK ONE OF THE ALPHA KINGS SERIES. BOTH BOOKS CAN BE READ AS STAND ALONE If you don't find your mate by the age of 18, you are forced into slavery. Your fate is decided by The Alpha King himself. My name is Brinley James, I'm 18, and due to rejection: I am, mate-less, or should I say slave number 508.
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  • Return Of The Banished Alpha King
    Return Of The Banished Alpha King
    Book Two Of The Alpha King Series The Caputo kingdom is known to the world, and word of their son's Bloodthirst rage spread far beyond the kingdom. The King and Queen had no choice but to Banish him at the young age of fourteen, to the worst place any werewolf could end up.WOLFCO.
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  • The Beast's Slave
    The Beast's Slave
    "Crawl to me."River Arden is a slave born and raised. She knows nothing of the outside life. Her life of peace and servitude is disrupted one evening when werewolves attack her village. Captured, River is offered as a prize to the Lycan warlord, Hadrius King.
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  • The Exclusive Worker
    The Exclusive Worker
    Blessing D writes
  • Seducing the Single Dad
    Seducing the Single Dad
    Cassandra Davy
  • Sinful
  • Soft moans
    Soft moans
  • Taming FAYE
    Taming FAYE
  • His Slave
    His Slave
    White Butterfly
Mafia Romance
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    She is a drug, He wants to taste, She is deadly, But he wants her anyway, She is fire, He wants to touch, She's a killer, So is he. This woman was both the devil and an angel "A-I -Hi." He stuttered. She didn't bother responding, reaching over for two glasses of wine, she turned around. Only she didn't know there was a handsome stranger behind her, until she bumped into him, causing some of the wine to go on his black shirt. She looked up slowly, meeting the eyes of the person she bumped into. His dark brown eyes were sharp, his face was well defined, he had a faint smirk on his pink lips, shook her head snapping out of the trance she was in. She licked her dry lips and cleared her throat. "You should watch where you're going." She said, ready to move past him but he stopped her. Everyone was now watching the scene in front of them. "But you bumped into me." His voice sent shivers down her spine. "You were behind me, I don't have eyes at the back of my head, you know." He chuckled. "Could you at least help me wash this out?" "If you apologize." He didn't say anything. "Didn't think so." She drank her wine, well what was left of them. "Here." She shoved the glasses to his chest, he held them quickly before they could fall, she walked away.
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  • The Bratty Heiress
    The Bratty Heiress
    Olga...you're his daughter,you're the heiress,you're coming back to him.That was the nail to my coffin.That was my fate.That was my doom.********Luka,she's the boss's daughter,she's way above your league,she's never going to fall for you.That was the ugly truth.That was the reality.That was the fact.********She's a playerHe's a nerdHow will the two struggle?How will their love flourish?How will their relationship grow?Follow me for another malibu mafia love story... ️********Olga: I'm not sure with the title though... I'm perfectly nice and loving Luka: Why do you need to state the V thing author? As if being a geek is not enough?
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    "Uh,do you have a minute please!" She was standing in front of him"Go away I don't have time for your little games Aisha" He was pissed off."Can we talk for a minute please, it's very important" Her tender voice made him stop in between his action, he got up from his bed and asked his mistress who was lying naked on his bed to leave them alone , She followed his order and went out with her clothes in her hand."Make it fast!" he said standing in front of her in his naked glory, His hard glare was enough to make her shiver, Aisha turned her face to avoid looking at his privates."I..I Don’t.. I don’t want a divorce!" No sooner did she said that she received a tight slap across her face, printing all five fingers on her fair cheek.Pushing her roughly he walked out of not before remarking, "My work with you is done and now I want you out of my Life, get that straight in your thick Skull..!!"_______RAVAN is ruthless, cruel and vicious Underworld Mafia in India, his dark aura is well known to every individual, even law is scared to go against him, he solely rules on every gangster of India, RAVAN had forcefully married Aisha against her will, he was smitten by her beauty and boldness, however shortly after their marriage he changed his mind and now want a divorce from herBut little did he know that his wife had fallen head over heels for him and now she will make anything to tame him— his entire world is about to turned upside down.-CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT (18+), STRONG ABUSE AND WHOLE LOT OF TORTURE ACTS. KINDLY READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.
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  • Escaping The Mafia King
    Escaping The Mafia King
    Hope is running away from her cheating husband, a mafia lord whose family doesn't believe in divorce. There is either death or last breath together till the end. But what will happen when she comes face to face with her childhood lover who turns out to be the rival of her husband in the mafia world, and her new lover, who works as a Private Investigator and is adamant on keeping Hope to himself, and then... more than her past?
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  • Mafia Lord's Innocent Bride
    Mafia Lord's Innocent Bride
    Nathan Williams is dangerous. He can be your worst nightmare if you get on his bad list. He is a vicious, cruel, ruthless, merciless, and heartless killer. He is New York most dangerous mafia lord in the disguise of the most successful CEO.He is known as Scorpio in the underworld because of his obsession with the deadly animal.Sophia James was leading a simple vanilla life when all of sudden her world turns upside down. She is an innocent, sweet and pure soul but that’s what attracts the darkness the most. She is the source of light to brighten up his dark world and he has no intention of letting her go if it means to blackmail her to last extents.....
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  • The Mafia's Nurse
    The Mafia's Nurse
    "Don't you see? EVERYTHING comes at a price mio il amore" Matteo Russo- The heir to the Russo Famiglia. At 26 he's accomplished more than men his age could ever dream of, in unconventional ways, of course... He's not just a man, he is the man. He runs New York nothing comes in without him knowing and nothing will most certainly get out. Ruthless, cocky enigmatic, and assertive. Just a few words to describe him. Talia Cruz- A trauma nurse in one of the richest hospitals in New York. Young and successful and she's so proud of herself. Well, she should be, made an orphan at just 13 her and her older sister Iris, never thought they would make it this far. Now that she's 22 with a supportive job Iris can finally move back to their hometown leaving Talia to take on New York by herself. When Talia sees something that she shouldn't see and is taken captive by Matteo Russo himself, does she crumble and fall or does she reveal her true self? Because after all, what's a crazy King without an even crazier Queen?
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Forever Young
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  • His Mission
    His Mission
    Emily has a mysterious secret. She's been beaten by her stepfather for a decade, but everything changes when she meets the town's handsome gang member, Jake Melvin. Jake rescues Emily from the toxic situation and makes her smile again. However, his mission has not finished. The two teenagers escape from one dangerous sea and end up drowning in another. When life consists of facing bloody danger, cruel betrayal and unbelievable heartache, where will their relationship go? And will Jake and Emily survive?A heart breaking teen fiction with a criminal element that will definitely blow your mind. Series Order - His Mission, His Miracle, His Heir. Spin Off - SUGAR
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    Oladele Anjola is an 100lvl student of Computer Science who just got admitted into Federal University of Technology, otherwise known as FUTA. She's extremely reserved and a big introvert. Although beautiful and intelligent, she has zero social skills. Adeleke Kolawole is your typical one of the most popular guys at FUTA. Cute, tall, handsome and brilliant and has more than half of the female population running after him. But Kola is the second definition of being snubbish and icy. He barely has friends and keeps to himself. Jola is totally smitten by Kola on their meeting and for the first time in Kola's life, he has a girl in his head. No matter how hard he tries to get her out of his head, she wouldn't budge, its not like he wanted her out of his head though. And so, an interesting love story starts. What will happen when Jola discovers that her very first friend in FUTA, Fisayo also has a huge crush on Kola. Will she give him up for friendship or give up her friendship for Kola. Its truly an hard decision, but sometimes before anyone else, we should come first.
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  • Blackmailed by the Bully
    Blackmailed by the Bully
    PART 2 - OWNED BY THE BULLY - IS OUT NOW! Alice only wanted to help her younger brother when she confronted his bully. She ends up agreeing to do whatever Adam wants in return for him leaving her brother alone. He goes one step further, befriending and protecting her brother, but only for as long as Alice agrees to follow his orders. Orders that become increasingly difficult for her to agree to.
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  • Excuse Me, I Quit!
    Excuse Me, I Quit!
    Annie Fisher is an awkward teenage girl who was bullied her whole life because of her nerdy looking glasses and awkward personality. She thought once she starts high school, people will finally leave her alone. But she was wrong as she caught the eye of none other than Evan Green. Who decided to bully her into making his errand girl. Will she ever escape him? Or is Evan going to ruin her entire high school experience?Find my interview with Goodnovel: https://tinyurl.com/yxmz84q2
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  • Dangerously His
    Dangerously His
    "And the sweet little angel couldn't keep her eyes off the devil."Sophia Watson is a normal teenager, who has a good relationship with her parents. She just moved to a new town and on the first day of school she runs into Axel Jarvis, an unlikable character, with whom she gets off on the wrong foot straight from the beginning.Axel also doesn't like Sophie. He lives a simple life in which there are many girls, but no commitments. He likes it that way, especially because he has a secret he can't have anyone knowing about. Things work great, until suddenly they can't stay away from each other.brokenheartedgirl69: i literally got tingles in my bellyRecklessDemon: ily 4 starting this bookreilly_styles: OMG this is so amazing and I love it so much please please please write more
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  • When Chloe meets Mason
    When Chloe meets Mason
    Chloe Brooks is the new kid who wanted to keep a low profile. All she wanted was to get through high school in peace and make at least one friend to help her through. That plan of hers was ruined when she ran into Mason Carter-the popular charming captain of the Football Team. Since then, her life has never been the same. Join Mason and Chloe as they maneuver their way through high school life, handle embarrassing situations and possibly fall in love along the way.
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  • Blank Slate (A Series of Secrets 1)
    Blank Slate (A Series of Secrets 1)
    Olivia Saxton
  • The Book Of You And I
    The Book Of You And I
  • I Met Myself
    I Met Myself
    Shianne De Kock
  • Love Like Heaven
    Love Like Heaven
    Raya raj
    Eghaghe aisosa conscience ice
  • Five Plus One Equals Done
    Five Plus One Equals Done
    Sola Sanya
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  • Ultra Gays Galaxy
    Ultra Gays Galaxy
    Jonel Hernandez, simpleng pangalan ngunit astig ang kanyang taglay na kapangyarihan. Ipinamana ni Kitsune ang kanyang kakaibang abilidad, samantalang ibinigay naman ni Meiji ang kakaibang lakas. Siya si Jonel Hernandez, ang miyembro ng Ultra Gays Galaxy
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  • Baby steps
    Baby steps
    Carter is a disabled 19 years old ex football player. After an accident one year ago, he was cursed to a lifetime in a wheelchair. Ryder is an antisocial 18 years old jock. He became the quarterback of the football team after his biggest rival, Carter Matvey, changed schools for a totally unknown reason. What happens when Carter's father employs the jock to be the boy's caregiver? Are the two quarterbacks able to go a few quarters back and score points into this crazy match of love? What about the fact that under his impenetrable shell of muscles Ryder hides a very soft core? After Carter breaks his walls will he transform into puddle? Follow their juicy trip of love and hate and you'll find out . "Ryder? I think Rider suits you better... in like... Cart Rider "
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  • Alpha or Omega
    Alpha or Omega
    "You stand your ground like an Alpha, you talk like an Alpha, you fight like an Alpha but... you smell like an Omega? Tell me, what are you really, Hunt?" "Tch! Just mind your own business, Lukeman!" "I would gladly mind yours instead, Nate. It just seems so interesting to me." "Argh! You're so annoying, Chris!" "You have to deal with it 'cuz starting now, I'm gonna keep questioning you about who and what the heck you are. Starting with; are you an Alpha or an Omega?" Nathan Hunt and Chris Lukeman were best friends since their childhood years. The two best friends love basketball and they have been actively participating in basketball clubs since middle school. However, they enrolled in different high schools, after graduating from middle school. Despite not having time for each other and hardly meet up, they were still contactable as close friends. Though, all of it changes when Chris finds out the real truth about his childhood best friend.
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    my Michael, the most gentle person in the whole school, was noted for his handsomeness, his blameless character, not only that, he is a brilliant fellow, a nerd to be precise. Out of the blues, he started admiring handsome boys in his class. At age 16, he discovered that all his classmates he admired were signs of him having same-sex attraction. He became mortified, guilty, feeling empty for having feelings for the same sex. He was lost in a battle, a battle of dealing with feelings for both the same sex and opposite sex. What will he do in this situation? Who can he trust with this secret and who will help him? What could go wrong when the same-sex becomes attracted to him? Will he give in to the sexual craving? Will he succeed in getting rid of it? Find out in WEIRD FEELING. AUTHORS NOTE: This novel is a good one as it will shed more light on same-sex attraction. I hope you drop your honest review as you read.
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  • The CEO's Little Secret
    The CEO's Little Secret
    Darien, a billionaire CEO used to have one big secret: his sexuality. Then he met Zach who discovered his secret. Instead of punishing him, Darien makes him an offer. If Zach can make him happy, he will give him anything he desires. It takes Darien less than one week to fall in love with Zach. Now his biggest secret is his love for Zach.
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  • One Night with Blaze
    One Night with Blaze
    #boyslove #bxb #lgbtq+ #TonightWeareYoungcontest Blaze Arden Vaughn is an heir of a huge empire, an ace student of medical faculty, very handsome, sweet and nice. His name signifies fire but his heart is as cold as ice. Ace Daxton Anderson is a known 'one night stand' guy and a bi. A gang leader who won't back down from a gang fight and is not afraid to be bruised just to prove his point. They are both in the same university but they have their own territory and never knew each other's existence. Until the day that the Ice Prince fixed his cold gaze on the very hot gang leader on the field. "You want me that bad...that your eyes are screaming it out loud..." Blaze announced with his challenging tone and a calm smile, making Ace's jaw clenched while their gazes locked. "I can smell your desire even from afar..." Blaze continued with a very subtle smirk, making Ace grit his teeth. "Who would not...you are Blaze Arden Vaughn...the epitome of perfection...everybody's dream guy" Ace sarcastically responded, a smirk grazed his lips. His jaw clenching in annoyance not with Blaze but with himself. "So Ace Anderson, want to try, a Blaze Arden Vaughn for tonight?" Blaze smirked as he casually ask, making the grim face of the gang leader dumbfounded. A one night stand offered by the cold and distant Blaze Arden Vaughn, just one night of pleasure… one night of curiosity. #happypridemonth
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  • Our Blank Canvas
    Our Blank Canvas
    Book two. Please read “Our Young Funny Voices” before “Our Blank Canvas”. Exactly one year ago, Vasilisa Krovopuskova left her life in Siberia, Russia behind to pursue a serious relationship with her American girlfriend, Francine Chirilova. Aside from the unwavering love Vasha feels for her lover, the emptiness of not belonging begins to wear on their relationship. With only Francine and their tight knit group of friends to rely on for comfort, a shocking message on Vasilisa’s VK social media account may bring her back to Russia on a temporary basis. Francine struggles to help Vasilisa overcome her insecurities, but they aren’t the only ones having a hard time. With Navy-woman Brody deploying on a two year long assignment, she’s not sure if holding onto what she has with Liza will bring them closer, or destroy everything. Only time will tell. The “more put together” couple of them all, Charlotte and Olivia, face a difficult situation after a drunken mistake brings back a toxic EX girlfriend from Charlotte’s past, and she’s not leaving without a fight. As Francine fights to keep everyone together, she continues battling Anorexia in secret. We’re all free to make our own choices, but we aren’t free from the consequences of those choices. 18 + Strong mature content All Rights Reserved (you know how it goes) Please don't attempt to steal any part of my work.
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  • Not All That Glitters
    Not All That Glitters
    *Hollis Bogard isn’t known for her commitment. In fact, she’s content leading a single, flirtatious life. That might change after meeting Whitney York, a free spirited artist thirsting for adventure.Having been cursed out, chased, and scorned by every broken hearted woman twenty eight year old heroin addict Hollis Bogard has slept around with, she’s not fazed at all by any of it. Always preferring to look for the next best set of kissable lips. Life as an emotionally unavailable bachelorette has served her well, and after all...everyone was warned before anything happened. Feelings were a big no. Hollis had seen what love did to her parents, and wanted nothing to do with the white picket-fenced lie. So long as her bed was warm when she needed it to be, that’s what mattered.Californian Whitney York is ready for a new start. While spontaneity wasn’t a strong suit of her’s, packing up everything she owned into her little black 2008 Toyota Prius and driving cross country to Auburn, Maine was the best idea she’d had all year. No more nagging mother, to hell with her father always comparing Whitney to her successful sister, Theresa. The one with the prestigious acting career, doting husband, and two all American poster children. She wanted to be free to figure out her own destiny. When elusive Hollis bumps into electrifying Whitney at a local bar on the outskirts of town, sparks fly between the unlikely pair.Disclaimer: Strong sexual content, graphic sex scenes, drug usage. 18+, please. This novel won’t be for you if you’re not comfortable with any of the above topics.2019 All Rights Reserved (you know how it goes) Please don’t attempt to steal any part of my work.
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  • The Midnight Sorceress
    The Midnight Sorceress
    Cassandra is summoned by a magical owl, and she discovers that another world exists in the middle of Siberia, where monsters, faeries, elves, and sorcerei fight for domination. She soon becomes inextricably involved in the affairs of this 'other dimension' that lies behind a magical mirror, and everyone in that realm is at the mercy of the blue moon. But Cassandra has never expected to meet a sorceress quite like Princess Vasilisa, not to mention, she is an actual legendary Vasilisa the Wise from the fairytale she has read as a kid. Vasilisa is also a daughter of an evil sorcerer Czar, and whose plan is to overrule the human world and the magical world with the help of an all-powerful dark lord, Koschei, the Deathless. When the night of the solstice arrives, Cassandra's mortal realm and the magical one will collide. If she doesn't help Vasilisa find the Golden Wand and stop her greedy father before the winter solstice, both their lives and everyone else's will fall into an inevitable apocalypse.
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  • Desiring Her
    Desiring Her
    Book 1 of Girls' Love Series | WARNING: R-18 | Mature Content Lexin Santos is a hot, filthy rich, and dominant gorgeous single mommy. She is the acting president of her family-owned company, Santos Corporation. When she chose to live in a small neighborhood, she was forced to show the goodness of her heart to her single and coffee-shop owner neighbor, Amaia Cruiz who got stunned by her morning fresh face. With their untold past, would they set aside everything and let love overpower the doubts and regrets they have been keeping for years?
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  • Why Are you Still In My Brain?
    Why Are you Still In My Brain?
    Maia just graduated and starts her new journey. She met the love of her life who changes her to become someone she never expected. Maia is an innocent narcissistic woman who strives to be on her best behavior. Her girlfriend named Lena runs an illegal business followed her father and drags Maia into the cartel ring. Lena is a snarky, manipulative and street-smart woman, she has good survival skills, calms and usually has a good sense of humor when facing problems. Both Lena and Maia betray each other for personal gain, despite their feelings to each other. Lena is good at reading people and is perceptive. Maia experiences life chaos with her girlfriend, Lena. And that changes her became cruel, spoiled, and will be manipulative to get what she wants. But in the end, she just does what she needs to do to survive and protect the one she loves. Their adventure through love, pain, and sexual fantasies, remain loyal to each other across time, distance, and silence which changes the way we see the real love is. Both of them end up behind bars and Maia released before Lena. After her release, does Maia will waiting for Lena and be with her or start her new life? RATED 17+ This novel contains sex, nudity and violence.
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  • The Nerd DJ
    The Nerd DJ
    Claire is a typical nerd at school but a club DJ and a performer during weekends. She has been bullied since she started school with a particular girl named Samantha, their academy's Queen Bee and Head Cheerleader. But little did Claire know that her bully, whom she hates the most, feels something special for her since the first time they met.
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The Blessed Wolf
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  • Ruthless Fate ( Alpha' s Queen #1)
    Ruthless Fate ( Alpha' s Queen #1)
    Cynthia Michaels is an extra-ordinary she-wolf with a very special mate to her name but the catch is, no one knows about that, not even her parents. which makes her feel very hurt and troubled.It's not like she can go and announce to the world about her true potential and having the um-fortune to being mated to their alpha king herself, yeah! right, no one would even believe her, specially, not when the mate in question is highly stubborn and controlling. Things were not looking good for Cynthia but then on her 21st birthday alot of unexpected things happened, things that will change her life, for forever.
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  • Serving the Alpha at His Whim
    Serving the Alpha at His Whim
    Jessica-Lyn Kilian has a new Alpha and one would think it's sad that her Alpha is dead. He was her brother. After years of abuse and isolation, she has hope. Only it's dashed by this intimidating man. He tars her with the same brush as her brother. Blaming her for not alerting the authorities of their plight. He demands to take control as his right. Jessie's brother had attacked his pack and died. Alrick Johannsen of the Silver Ridge Pack has just returned from battle to save the Ruling Council(NARC). His pack is under attack by a fool and he dies. Alrick doesn't get the satisfaction of putting his miserable hide down. The law forces him to deal with the ruins of this pack. Victor of Iron Hill Pack has a sister. She claims not to know his illegal activities. Since she didn't inform anyone of those activities. Alrick is holding her responsible. He decides suddenly to punish her. She will serve him until he decides what to do with her. Jessie has three choices. Place herself at the mercy of NARC, accept his punishment, or leave. Leaving is death, her brother's actions saw to that. As a rogue, NARC or Alrick will kill her legally. Alrick told her there was no place for her in his pack or any other. What will she do? How will Alrick respond? Will their bond bloom into a soulbond? Or will the discovery of her brother alive destroy it? After all, Alrick must by law hunt and kill Victor. (This is a standalone novel from the world of A Black River Pack Series. It all starts in His Brother's Mate.)
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  • The Alpha's Toy
    The Alpha's Toy
    I had a really simple plan after dad was transfered to a new werid town again and i began my final year in a new high school * Finish kings bury academy * Get into my Oxford university * And begin a life for myself But one word from him, my fate is sealed for doom!!, he wants me, but i will never give in to him!. If he wants a battle am gonna give him a bloody war!! *** I push her to the wall and bang my hand on the space beside her head as i bring my closer to her face "I can have any i want in this danm school , so whats so special about yours?" "That you can't have it?" She spikes, her eyes flaring with anger Thats what she thinks, i will show her what it means to be the next alpha of my pack, no one defiles me and stays sane!! Humans are not welcome in wolves territory and she just invaded her space, if your ready for war, then by all means, show me what youve got darling May the best man win. *wink* ******* The Alpha's Toy is the book 1 in the blood wolves academy series, its a high school bully romance series as it involves a possesive alpha male and lots of near scenes, although the female enjoys it, but still it might trigger some emotions in most readers, its not recomended to anyone less than 17 or 18 due to its mature content But it you think you can handle everything this book offers.. Then be my guest..
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  • The Alpha's Half-Breed Mate
    The Alpha's Half-Breed Mate
    "I won't take you as my mate even if you begged." "You're telling me this after I have my face between your thighs?" Alpha Duncan could have chosen any female wolf in the pack. Then why did he choose Selena, the rogue half-breed who was running away after killing a Beta wolf? The unwilling Selena soon learned that she was no ordinary half-breed. The blood of a powerful witch ran through her veins. Can she fulfill her destiny with the powerful Alpha Duncan on her side, or will their enemies annihilate their pack?
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  • The Broken Alpha
    The Broken Alpha
    Lily is a Warrior Wolf who hates fighting. Her mate is the Alpha of the most fearsome pack around, and he rejects her - she's not fit to be his Luna. Lily goes on the run, leaving her pack behind to seek a cure for lycanthropy, so that she never has to shift on a full moon again. That's when she meets Elijah, her second chance Alpha mate with a fierce streak and gentle heart, who would do just about anything to protect her from the dangerous creatures she seeks.
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  • Taken
    Landon is an Alpha of Dark Moon pack. He is so fearless, so powerful and damn handsome. A woman who see her can't resist hos charm. The only thing he hate is Rouge wolf. And hybird. He doesn't like both creatures. But what happened when he find a woman in which his wolf got damn interested but she doesn't give in. Amelia is a lone wolf. She is not just a wolf but a hybird too. Her only job is to protect her sister from world. She is also hybrid but the thing is Amelia's Mate is not letting her go. Maxwell is Twin brother of Landon and he is a rouge. Everything changes when he came back to pack.
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The CEO and Me
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  • A Night With Mr President
    A Night With Mr President
    Adeline Monteiro, An humble, Smart, Beautiful yet extremely broke lady. Living in a worn-out crabby-looking one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan and on the verge of being kicked out, Fed up and tired of her life, She goes to a club and drink her sorrow away. She ends up having too much to drink as she spends the night with The one and only Alexander McGuire. Imagine her surprise when she finds out that her one-night stand is her boss? The President of the Ashford group of companies Is she fucked? No, she’s doomed! Alexander wants Adeline by all means and he won’t be giving up so easily.
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  • Sheltered by My Demon CEO
    Sheltered by My Demon CEO
    Hana never thought that on her wedding day, She would have to face the harsh reality. Hana's future husband, Valdo, had an affair with her best friend. Not only that, Hana, who had just handed over her late parents' company to Valdo, was kicked out from the company. Armed with anger, Hana decide to go to a company that was a rival of her parents company. The company is led by Delldora, a mysterious man who is on the list of most wanted men in the world. With all effort, hana managed to become Delldora's secretary. Even Hana managed to make Delldora willing to help Hana to get her revenge on Valdo. But, of course not for free. Hana must be willing to give everything to Delldora who turns out to be a Demon that had lived since several hundred years ago!!
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  • Our Agreement
    Our Agreement
    Keith Aldebrando has everything he needs. Since his grandfather left him the position of leader of the mafia group Aldebrando, he is determined not to let himself fall in love with anyone. Until one day, an arrogant woman appeared in front of him and caught his eyes. Rosemarie Clark, the CEO of the fashion retail company—Clark Co.—appeared at his cafe and proposed to him right away. He hesitates at first until he knows Marie is one of James Hermann's grandchildren—the owner of an export-import company, Hermann Co. He decided to accept her proposal while hiding his identity as a mafia leader from his wife. Slowly, he fell for Marie and hesitates whether he should go with his original plan, or choose to enjoy his new life as a househusband with Marie.
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  • Desiring Her
    Desiring Her
    Book 1 of Girls' Love Series | WARNING: R-18 | Mature Content Lexin Santos is a hot, filthy rich, and dominant gorgeous single mommy. She is the acting president of her family-owned company, Santos Corporation. When she chose to live in a small neighborhood, she was forced to show the goodness of her heart to her single and coffee-shop owner neighbor, Amaia Cruiz who got stunned by her morning fresh face. With their untold past, would they set aside everything and let love overpower the doubts and regrets they have been keeping for years?
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  • Ex-wife
    She stared at him with nothing but emptiness holding in her beautiful grey eyes. "What are you doing here." She mumbled in a blank tone waiting for him to spit out the reason of him showing up. "Amy I-I am sorry I just." His throat contracted in a painful way as he couldn't find the right words to speak further. "It's Amelia. And I already forgave you. Didn't I then why are you here." He shook his head stepping forward which only caused her to step back from him. "Please Amy I want you back. I know what I did was wrong but it was a mistake and." His words cut short with a small laugh that escaped from her lips. An empty painful laugh. "Wrong. You call this wrong. A mistake. Destroying someone's life isn't a mistake Mr. Stone. It's a sin. An unforgivable sin. And a forgiveness to a sin is God's right not mine. This is the last time I am giving you a warning. Stay away from me or I will forced to contact my lawyer." A one wrong accusation turned their lives ups and down. One wrong step snatched everything from him. One wrong decision made the only person who loved him purely hate him the most. Here's the story of a Ex-Wife Amelia Kales. And the broken man Liam Stone. WARNING: IF YOUR LOOKING FOR A TYPICAL DRAMATIC EX WIFE STORY THEN KINDLY THIS STORY ISNT FOR YOU. LASTLY IF YOU WANT A PATHETIC FEMALE LEAD THEN PLEASE EXIT. THANK YOU.
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  • The Billionaire Alpha and His Human Mate
    The Billionaire Alpha and His Human Mate
    Being 35 years old and haven't found his mate yet, Oliver Kade, the billionaire Alpha, an arrogant, merciless werewolf, shares his bed with a different woman every single day. This ends one day when some unexpected innocent girl bumps into his office. Kylie Mathieson, a 25 years old who's working two part time jobs to support her brother in college and was always too busy for a love life, finds herself in an unexpected situation in the CEO's office. She's about to be introduced to worlds she never dreamt to exist. First, the world of billionaires, where money can buy just about anything. Second, the world of magical creatures, where humans are lowly weaklings. She's used to none and she is in great danger.
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Tame The Dragon
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    **Warning: Mature scenes ahead.***A woman with military training and outstanding credentials, Rayna Chase was the very definition of a badass chick. She was on the top of her career and the top of her game until she was assigned to babysit and guard an enigmatic CEO in the form of Axel Windstorm. It wouldn't have been a problem—certainly a piece of cake really—if not for the sudden unexplained visions she soon received; visions of a growling creature speaking unintelligible words, of golden diamond eyes and starry, windy skies. Yes, it wouldn't have been a problem too if she wasn't suddenly stalked by an alpha predator with midnight black fur, sharp claws and deadly fangs. And with a scent that teased her nose and muddled her brain. 'All is fair in love and war,' John Lyly, a famous poet said. Unfortunately, for Rayna, she couldn't agree, especially when love and war meant two opposing ancient creatures as powerful and mysterious as the sun and moon. All Rights Reserved J.M. Felic Books 2021 Exclusive only on Goodnovel.
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    Two different worlds, two separate lives are fused together in this surreal tale of the supernatural. A world unknown to her and a world he runs from. An unending war between their worlds leads them down the same path with their destinies aligned. What will happen when the fate of their worlds hang in the balance and they have to make a choice?
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  • A Symphony of Frost and Flame
    A Symphony of Frost and Flame
    On the verge of a great war between the realms of humans and of dragons, Larice Whitewind, a female dragon hunter who has an extreme fear of fire, journeys out to find the dragon who burned her village and her parents alive; but when she realizes who the real enemy is, she must learn to face her greatest fear before she loses all the people she cares about ... including the "dragon" she loves. *** Meanwhile, Raeherys Alagor, the last Hyborn of the Dragon Realm who's afraid of making his own decisions, travels out to the human realm to find the Orb of Phlareus, the only heart of magic that can save them from the humans trying to annihilate their realm; but when he realizes that not all humans are bad, he has to learn how to make his own decisions to lead his brethren before he loses the entire dragon race for good.
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  • The Dragon King's Obsession
    The Dragon King's Obsession
    " One of you three will become the Dragon king's wife ! " said the king . Without even knowing it , this one sentence would change Charlotte's life forever . From a forgotten princess to the wife of the most feared king on earth . The dragon king , Damien PenDraco ! He was ruthless , he was cold-blooded, he was a pure dragon with a scary appearance and skin similar to a snake . Charlotte was the second daughter of the king . Her mother was one of the king's concubines . Her father lost his favor towards her mother and her . Although Charlotte was a princess , she was never treated as one. They often got bullied and mistreated by the queen and her daughters . When the marriage offer came from king Damien , the palace was in shock . King Damien used the marriage as an excuse so that he could get his hands on the land where the crystal of power could be found . The king couldn't refuse him . Neither of his daughters wanted to marry him . The marriage proposal was the only way Charlotte could be free . In exchange for her mother's divorce from her father and freedom, she started her journey to king Damien's castle . ' Everywhere is better than this hell! ' thought Charlotte . King Damien was exactly as described, a real dragon . " If you don't want to be my wife, you will work as a servant in my castle! "said Damien looking at Charlotte's rejection . " No problem ! " said Charlotte . When the king learns about Charlotte's immense knowledge of archeology , he offered her the freedom she longed for in exchange for her help in finding the crystal of power . The two of them agreed and started their journey in finding the crystal power but after finding it , king Damien refused to let her go . " You're mine ! "
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  • Draco (The Last Dragon Prince)
    Draco (The Last Dragon Prince)
    "How dare you to run away from me?” he said in his cold dark tone, his voice seemed very angry, his hand kept tightening around Jasmine neck that she could hardly breath. She struggled and begged "Plee.. Please let me go… yo.. you are mistaken wit.. With me, I.. I.. am not who you think” "Is that so, huh? Are you trying to tell me that you don’t know me?” he said in dangerous tone "Nooo.. Noooo.. I don’t know you, please leave me” Jasmine lied and her dragon wing rune on her wrist started burning. "Then let me remind you who I am…” He said and in smashed his lips on her and before jasmine could struggle or push him away he released her neck and pulled her both hands above her head. His kiss was full on anger and dominance, he bit hard on Jasmine lower lip which made her open her mouth a little, taking that as opportunity he slid his warm tongue inside and started exploiting her mouth in every way possible. Couple of minutes later when he felt jasmine fainting because of lack of oxygen he pulled back "Now do you remember me?” He questioned her breathing hot air on her swollen lips. "Wh..o.. who are you?” Jasmine questioned him in her low voice trembling voice. He kept fanning hot breaths on her lips until “Draco” he said in his deep magnetic voice. -CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT (18+), STRONG ABUSE AND WHOLE LOT OF TORTURE ACTS. KINDLY READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.
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  • Billionaire's Teenage Crush
    Billionaire's Teenage Crush
    What if one day your teenage crush come home to ask your hand to marriage? Anybody would scream in happiness doing the victory dance but not the 21st century independent woman, Yerin Sench. She rejects the renowned business tycoon and the eligible bachelor of NY, Arthur Knight in front of his family and her life turns upside down.
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Son-in-law's Revenge
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    Adonis was deemed as the useless on in law by his wife wealthy family, treated as a nobody, he had to endure lots of pain and humiliation, his wife Vivianne also became a victim of the family's arrogance, they were cast aside and shamed...until they figured out who he was and all the tables were turned
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  • This Ain't A Fairy Tale
    This Ain't A Fairy Tale
    Anna Marie Marcelo is like any normal college girl who dreamed of a fairytale-like life but ends up accepting the reality that she is a farmers’ daughter and that’s just it. This made her study hard and work harder for the dream she wants to achieve shortly. Together with her friend Margie Rose Domingo, they both face the reality of their boring, normal yet contented life. A sudden change happens to Anna that causes a stir into her normal life. She will find herself wearing gowns, expensive dresses, and high-class pieces of jewelry and dine in the finest food chains and get to meet handsome but arrogant prince charming. Almost like a fairytale story… a Cinderella story, but THIS is not a fairytale story. Cole Lyrus Pilkin is a cold handsome businessman behind his parents’ back who always goes against his decisions. His relationship with his parents is not so well even during his childhood that he starts becoming a rebel to them. His life starts to get messed-up upon meeting the woman who is the heiress of their adoptive grandfather, their so-called cousin who grew up in poverty. With her appearance, all hell breaks loose yet Cole starts getting drawn to her. What will he do? Who will he choose between her and his parents? This is a story you will love, join Anna as she faces the trials of being the so-called heiress surrounded by many handsome princes that are ready to take her fancy just for her inheritance. Will she be able to find true love or not? Will she wait to be saved just like what those fairytale princesses did on all the fairytale books she had read?
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  • Mr. president, I do
    Mr. president, I do
    She was a Crown princess of the most powerful country. Kidnapped at a young age and thrown in the hands of an abused mistress of the weaver family. She becomes a mistress daughter. since her mother died, she was forced by her father to live with him and his second wife, they hate her. Kally, her stepmother, hates her because she was a mistress daughter, and her own father hates her. They troubled her so much that she is on edge, insecurity, loneliness, dread, emptiness, is all which she described her life. > Her father forced her into a business marriage, where she has no say in it, Her heart shuttered knowing that the little hopes she has left have gone. It was a business marriage with the prince of one of the five royal families who disguises himself as a CEO of a company. Rean Windsor.Whom she did not know. She thought her father forced her to marry a man who will be just like him . who will hate her, insult her just like her father. But she got just the opposite of what she thought. "Let me love you let me worship you let me cherish you " "you are mine", he whispers in her ears. "I will always protect you just give me a chance." "I will destroy everyone who bullies you, my precious wife" Will she find the truth about her real family after marrying the prince or will she die in the labyrinth of these royal families.
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  • His Revenge
    His Revenge
    Elijah, the handsome driver and the loser son-in-law of the Watson family who got a secret of his own. Sarah, the beautiful businesswoman and the least liked heir of the Watson family and also Elijah's wife. Mr King, the mysterious billionaire and Sarah's biggest client who for some reason showed interest in her. Lives will get tangled in the web of mystery and conspiracy. Insults will be thrown. Confusions will arise and get cleared. Secrets will be revealed. Revenge will be taken in the most face slapping way. An unwanted marriage, a mysterious billionaire and a revenge. Things are sure to get heated. ------------------------------------------------------------------ "If you dare to raise that hand of yours at my wife again, I swear, you will regret that action of yours for the rest of your life!" Everyone started to laugh after hearing the loser son-in-law talking. "Oh, now the cat knows how to meow." One cousin mocked him. "Oh, trust me, I am the karma and karma only bites."
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  • The Pride (English Version of Tentang Harga Diri)
    The Pride (English Version of Tentang Harga Diri)
    The Pride Nicko is an unexpected son in law in Windsor Family, who is rich and famous in Westcoast Town. Earlier, his Wedding with the beautiful Josephine is only a reciprocate to Mr.Gilbert Windsor, Josephine's grandpa. The one who always kind to him since he was a child. Even though Josephine always treat him nicely as a man and husband, but not her big family. Nicko is nothing but a trash for Windsor family. "So, you came here with an empty hand? How silly you are," Armando, his brother in law is mocking him as always. "Armando, dont you remember the fact that he is depending his life to Josephine and his parent in law? He just a poor unemployement," Damian, Josephine's cousin try to make him feel worse. That's Nicko's daily life, always being mocked and insulted anytime, anywhere. This also make Josephine's pride is getting lower among her conservative family. One day, a surprising day came to him unexpectedly. He met his biogical father, Phillip Lloyd, a man from the top social pyramid. Everything has change. Money is not a problem for him anymore. However, he prefer to hide his true identity. What is the reason behind? Find out and see Nicholas Lloyd's journey.
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  • Billionaire's Tender Love For His Little Wife
    Billionaire's Tender Love For His Little Wife
    Mable was forced to get married to a nonentity of the Sidney's family. There are many young and beautiful men in the sideny's family but Mable's grandfather forced her to marry Gerald, the poorest and the ugliest of all, even his face had been disfigured. "Gerald, a super handsome man in a Bugatti veyron offered a gift worth $10,000,000 to me but I refused." "Gerald, that same extremely handsome man appeared at the hospital and paid the $4, 000,000 for grandma's uremia, " "Gerald, I was promoted today to a chief marketting officer, I find out that the mysterious CEO is that same superhandsome man, " Many years later... Gerald: I am the superhandsome man, will you now allow us to consummate our marriage, sweetheart?
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Fantasy World
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  • Life as A Servant
    Life as A Servant
  • Shading Black
    Shading Black
    Chibuzor Victor Obih
  • Saving Daylight: Beyond Human
    Saving Daylight: Beyond Human
    South Ashan
  • Ice Monarch
    Ice Monarch
  • The Illusionist
    The Illusionist
    Judith O.
  • Fictitious Reality
    Fictitious Reality
    Apratyashita Thakur
Vampire Diaries
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  • Beloved Huntress
    Beloved Huntress
    One vampire. One Vampire hunter. A forbidden bond. Isabelle Howell seems like your average everyday girl, but I'll let you in on a little secret. She's actually a Slayer and a very good one at that. She spends her nights tangling with the somewhat unsavoury supernaturals that roam the earth, feasting on innocents. Committed to her job and unknown hero to the average humans who walk around blissfully unaware. Isabelle is over the moon when she is given a high priority assignment, something she has waited for, for so long. The chance to prove she can handle herself, the chance to work her way up to the elite team and go on the really dangerous assignments. Her target, you ask? Cassius Lockwood. Powerful pureblood vampire. As handsome as he is cruel. The blood- fiend, well known for his merciless ways. His reputation doesn't put her off if anything she finds the challenge exciting. That is, however, until she has him (or who she thinks is him) cowering before her. At a time where she should be thrilled, it just isn’t right and what he says to her will haunt her for the rest of her days.
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  • The other one
    The other one
    Her twin gets missing on her eighteenth birthday. The Fae court seems to be hiding something about her sister disappearance and her recluse father acts like he doesn't care. Left with no option, A powerless Fae journeys to find her sister. Discovering secrets and even secrets admirers on the way.
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  • The Vampire King Mate
    The Vampire King Mate
    Vince never planned to see his mate but he did and now he has to handle a relationship with his mate and at the same time try to find the threats against the Vampire world which wants to destroy it.
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  • Vampires and Vampire Hunters
    Vampires and Vampire Hunters
    He was a monster, brimming with red hot rage and violent tendencies. She was a hunter, full of arrogance, hate, and secrets. So, what happens when the worlds of the beautiful hunter, Katerina Drackon, and the dangerously gorgeous vampire, Haydon Veneziano clash?The words "I love you" have never been more dangerous.
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  • Alpha's human mate
    Alpha's human mate
    Emelia Clark has been under her parent's rule for her whole life until she went to university then it all changed. She met Keegan David. She thought she found the one until one dark night her whole life change. Trying to pick up the pieces of her life she met Derric Taylor Alpha of the Dark moon pack. She realized that werewolves, vampires, and fairies are no fairy tale. Will she be able to be the Luna she was meant to be? --- Book1: The Alpha's Human Mate. Book2: The werewolf and his princess. Book 3: Traveling the world to find my mate
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    "They say enemies are the best in bed. Let's see if that's true." ~Amanda, after witnessing a murder, was placed by the police department in the Witness Protection Program. It would have sounded good, yes, until she found out she was staying inside a mansion filled with vampires and owned by a vampire master with enigmatic eyes...Genre: Vampire-Romance, Mystery, EroticStatus: CompleteAll Rights ReservedJMFelic Books 2020
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New Arrivals
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  • The Dragon's Mighty Heart.
    The Dragon's Mighty Heart.
    It was said that centuries ago, a dragon was casted down on earth. To protect the creatures of night and to protect the world that only woke up at night. They were bestowed with unlimited power and wisdom. But until the source of that power was stolen from the kingdom.It became the Destiny of the future king of the kingdom, Mountainia to find the dragon's Mighty Heart. The one who came from heaven and whose powers were protected by the angels. But it was near to impossible because he did not know who his enemy was and who his friends were. Will Landon be able to free his people? Or will he fail to find the mighty heart?
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  • Entice the Moon to Fall
    Entice the Moon to Fall
    Rational and intelligent, Ella always sees the world with the objective eyes of a scientist. She uses her knowledge to navigate her way through life and believes that hard work and patience would pave the way to her success. When lack of funding threatened to derail her research, a handsome CEO offers his help. Then, after one night of unexpected passion, she uncovers a different reality that her scientific mind could not explain. The world is not what it appears to be. Dragons and werewolves exist, hiding in plain sight. They are locked in an enduring conflict that had gone on for centuries and Ella is caught in the middle of the fiercest battle that could end it all. Ella always relied on her rational mind, but in a world where her reality collides with ancient creatures of legend and myth, where her decisions could tip the balance between two opposing forces, would she let her heart prevail?
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  • The Mafias Revenge
    The Mafias Revenge
    Elena Shaw is the twenty-three-year-old, ambitious woman who has had tough cards dealt to her through life. Ashton Carlson is the twenty-five-year-old multi billionairere who is also the boss at the company Elena wants to intern at. Elena and Ashton met when Elena was seventeen. She was forced to make a choice, it was either his heart that had to be broken or that of her family. Three years later Elena applies for an internship at Carlson enterprise. A company she was certain that Ashton never wanted to be a part of. Only to be met by the love of her life as the boss. Ashton was to be the heir of the American mafia, but instead comes face to face with the woman who broke him.
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  • Don't Leave Me #3
    Don't Leave Me #3
    There will be revenge, there will be innocent people, and otherwise, and top of it a love story with a path which none of them expected to pass through. Note: Not a sequel or anything but just a third series in the Don't leave me franchise with complete different characters from the previous two series.
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  • The Transferees
    The Transferees
    After his girlfriend's death, Hero left his gangster life and vowed not to use his fist for violence again. But Casa de Oro was hometown to many notorious gangs, that his identity as Morsons' mighty red-haired leader would have been revealed if not for Max, the transferee woman gangster who saved him. But what if he discovered who Max really was? Could love be able to erase the painful past that they both shared and wanted to forget? Or would they become heart-broken once again?
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  • The Fall of a Guardian
    The Fall of a Guardian
    It's already passed 10pm when she walk along the narrow street to go home from somewhere. While she's walking on the side walk, she suddenly passed on a strange nearby abandoned building near the rainforest not too far from where she is. She stopped from walking when she notice that there was something different on the sky, she didn't know if she was just hallucinating or she just saw a light from it. But in a moment of realization, there was really a light on the sky that opened which she can't bear to stare. It's so painful in the eyes and it's really glamorous. A moment later, the light was vanished and there was a faint cry. The cry bacame louder until she notice that it was a voice of a man. A man who obviously suffering from the most painful thing. She composed herself from what she just saw earlier as she started to walk slowly to the direction where she heard the cry. Her legs brought her at the back of the abandoned building when she heard a heavy breathing behind the big tree as her heart begin to pound. "Is anybody here?" She said as she walk closer to the big tree, when she felt something who passed through her. She didn't recognize if what was it because it was too fast. When she reach the big narra tree, she took a peek on it that made her heart pound more. There was nothing behind the big tree but a blood on the ground with a soaked silky gray beautiful feathers.
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